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Introducing some of the most famous sights of Torqabeh

Torqabeh has long been one of the most famous summer spots and is still witnessing We are famous among the people of Mashhad as well as tourists. This area has been considered due to its dense vegetation, orchards and also the pleasant climate. In ancient times, it was used as a summer and today we see the construction and development of tourism in it; So that the wonderful restaurants as well as various tourist sites serve tourists. With us in the article Follow the famous sights of Torqabeh To introduce you to the most famous attractions of Torqabeh. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the top tourist attractions of Torqabeh.

Torqabeh is located 18 km from Mashhad and ends in the Binalood Mountains from the west and Takht-e Rostam Mountain from the north. Due to its location in the highlands, Torqabeh has always been a rainy region and this current has caused us to see numerous rivers and springs in this region. This area has cold winters and mild summers. Other factors that make Torqabeh famous are the many first-class restaurants in the area. The most popular local food you can order in Torqabeh is stone daisy and shish kebabs.

If you are traveling to Torqabeh and looking for a great adventure, you can start your tour from Kong Falls , located 28 km from Mashhad, start. This waterfall is located in the heights of Binalood and has created a great view in this area. Kong Village show other special architecture and houses They are built on top of each other step by step.

This village is located 25 km northwest of Torqabeh. This is one of the famous sights of Torqabeh, because it is located in the depths of a beautiful valley, it is known by this name. Rich vegetation and orchards have made the village a popular summer destination in the region; So that tourists have a special interest in spending their time in this village. Other attractions that have made this village a special destination are the ski slopes that are set up in the highlands in winter.

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