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Introducing some of the most famous souvenirs of Baku

One of the scenic areas of our neighboring country is Baku which has many handicrafts Beauty includes carpets, copper utensils and pottery. Join us in the article of the most famous Baku souvenirs to introduce you to some of the best Baku souvenirs. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous souvenirs of Baku.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, like Iran, has the art of carpet weaving and has a lot to say in this regard. The carpets woven in this country each represent a specific pattern and map of each region of this country. The art of carpet weaving has been popular in Azerbaijan for many years and has been passed down from generation to generation. If you would like to get more acquainted with the types of carpets of Azerbaijan, be sure to visit Visit the Baku Carpet Museum . Also, if you want to buy original carpets, you can buy it by visiting Ichry City.

There are many beautiful carpets in this area that are spread on the ground or hung from a height. You may think that this will ruin the carpet, but it is not like that at all, and it makes the carpets look older and increase their value. Of course, you are not allowed to buy carpets from the streets and take them out of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Only, you can buy a small sample of these carpets and you can take it with you as one of the best souvenirs of Baku.

Armodo is known as the national cup of Azerbaijan. These cups are slim and beautiful waist and they are used for tea. Those who come to this country, during their trip, must prepare a handful of these cups for themselves. These are the most famous souvenirs of Baku, priced based on the material and designs on them. Some of these cups are made of crystal, which are cheaper than silver. Some Armodos are hand-painted, which increases their price.

White cherry jam is one of the strangest jams that is eaten with tea. If you bought Armodo in this country, be sure to buy a few bottles of white cherry jam so that you can have an Azerbaijani-style tea party in your country. This famous Baku souvenir can be found in all supermarkets and grocery stores in Azerbaijan. These jams come in factory packaging and sturdy cans and can be easily carried.

One of the national projects of Azerbaijan is called Bateh Jaqa, which is used in the design of various products. If you see the design of the idol for the first time, you think it looks like a drop of water, but if you look closely, you will notice that it is a flame. You can find this design on a variety of desktops, blankets, capes and women’s clothing. Desktops that have this design are usually decorated and embroidered on a thick fabric with a golden color. These desktops are one of the best souvenirs of Baku.

In the old city of Baku, there are shops selling a variety of copper utensils, and the products you can find in their shop are a variety of trays, bowls, cups and plates, some of which are decorated with the art of engraving. They are very beautiful. You can even find samovars in these shops.

One of the best souvenirs you can make in Azerbaijan and at a very low price is a magnet. Glass magnets are the best souvenirs of this country and you can take them with you.

The country has always enjoyed economic and commercial prosperity due to its location on the Silk Road. One of the most beautiful souvenirs that you can bring with you from Azerbaijan are silk scarves that have different patterns and motifs. Decorated bags are also another great option to buy.

Another famous handicraft of Azerbaijan, which is decorated with special and beautiful designs, is pottery. Pottery exists in most countries, but it is the designs and patterns that create the beauty and difference between the pottery of the countries. Pottery that can be found in Azerbaijan, each has very beautiful designs with attractive colors and you can get them from stores. One of the beautiful symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the pomegranate and the Pomegranate Festival will be held in this country on November 2. At this time, you can buy pomegranate as one of the famous souvenirs of Baku with the best quality.

Azerbaijan’s most important source of income is black gold, ie oil, and it has access to the largest crude oil reserves. Instead of using oil paints, artists living in this country have used crude oil to create a new experience for them. Crude oil painting is not common in the art world at all, and this can make crude oil paintings one of Baku’s most famous souvenirs.

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