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Introducing some of the most popular restaurants in Mashhad

Eating food, especially local and famous food of any city or country can be one of the travel attractions. With us in the article The best restaurants in Mashhad Join us to introduce you to some of the most popular restaurants in Mashhad. Definitely, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous restaurants of Mashhad.

Ashkdeh Yaran Mashhad It is a great choice to eat ash on a trip to Mashhad. You can try a variety of delicious and varied dishes from the most popular restaurants in Mashhad. Noodle soup, Qalamkar soup, eggplant, yogurt, tomato and Mashhadi soup are present in this soup. So, if you are interested in Ash, be sure to visit Ashkadeh Yaran Gonabad on Moallem Boulevard, before reaching Danesh Square. This shed has been working since 2010 and has been able to gain extraordinary popularity until today, so that you will never see the front of this shed alone. The variety, taste and quality of the dishes here is so high that it was able to win the Simin Bowl Award from the National Ash Festival.

Padideh Shandiz is one of the famous restaurants in Mashhad to eat shish kebab. It can be said that you can find one of the best skewers in Iran here. Padideh Shandiz restaurants are located in a pleasant area, 36 km from Mashhad. There are a variety of Iranian and international restaurants in this area. Summer restaurant and bird garden are among the other things you can see in this area. The restaurants in this area offer the best and highest quality food and you have to pay a high price to eat here.

Karim Boys Restaurant was run by the late Karim Ghasemzadeh from 1300 to 1356, and after that, his sons took over the management of one of the best restaurants in Mashhad. Now two more restaurants have been added to Karim Boys and this restaurant in Alton Tower و Morvarid Complex It has a branch, but its main branch is located at 23 Khayyam Boulevard. Chloe Goosht and Chloo Meoshe Karim Boys are the most popular dishes of this restaurant and the reputation of Chloo Goosht Karim Boys is so complex that it makes you go there and enjoy its delicious food. You should know that you have to stand in line to eat in this restaurant, because it is always crowded and full of customers.

inDaisy House Sayed , Daisy is loaded in stone containers with plenty of meat early in the morning and you You can enjoy a delicious and greasy daisy with yogurt and pickles in a wonderful environment. The menu of this restaurant also includes kebabs and other dishes, but we suggest that if you pass by, do not miss Daisy. You will definitely eat one of the best daisies of your life in this place. Seyed Restaurant was established in 1995.

If you want to eat pizza, bread or burger, we suggest you visit Persepolis restaurant. This restaurant is a fan of one of the most popular football teams and everything in this restaurant is red. If you are lucky, you may be able to see one or two players there as well. The dishes of this restaurant are named after the tastes of Persepolis fans and you can order Sultan Pizza or Red Pizza. In general, everything is Persepolis and red. So if you are a fan of this team, do not miss the Persepolis pizza.

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