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Introducing some of Venezuela’s most famous attractions

Venezuela is a country full of scenery from the coast to the mountains Beautiful; Waterfalls flow from the high mountains, the coastal cities and islands offer a pleasant tranquility to tourists, the Andes Mountains provide a wonderful backdrop for some of its colorful and vibrant cities, and the Orinoco Delta is home to many species. Of wildlife. With us in the article Most famous Venezuela Attractions Stay tuned for some of Venezuela’s most spectacular tourist attractions. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of Venezuela.

Angel Falls is one of Venezuela’s most famous attractions. The height of this waterfall is 979 meters and it is known as one of the tallest waterfalls in South America and the world. This stunning location is located in a remote and inaccessible part of Canaima National Park. Rainy seasons are the best time to see the waterfall, between May and November. In these seasons, water is abundant and does not disappear as dust before reaching the bottom. In the warm seasons of the year, the water may be a few drops, so visitors sometimes prefer to check the waterfall water before traveling. The waterfall can usually be visited in two ways: either by sightseeing flights or by a three-day boat trip starting from Kanayima.

Boat trips, which include a walk in the jungle at the bottom of the waterfall, are by no means a luxury trip, and only basic accommodation is provided along the way. During the dry season, due to the low water level, it may not be possible to travel to this one of Venezuela’s most spectacular tourist attractions by boat.

Stunning beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs, low development and the absence of tall and dense hotels attract travelers to this interconnected island complex. The archipelago is called Los Rogos National Park, but most people call it Los Rogos. This is a place where people take refuge to avoid crowded streets, large complexes and large crowds of tourists. The small fishing village of Grand Rouge, located on the island of the same name, is the central residence and includes one-story houses in bright colors.

One of Venezuela’s most popular tourist attractions is the small island of Cayo de Agua, which can be reached by boat. The island is home to one of Venezuela’s most beautiful beaches, and its shallow turquoise waters are great for swimming and snooker. To get to this famous Venezuelan landmark you have to board a plane from Caracas, as there is no shipping service on this route.

Margarita Island is one of Venezuela’s most spectacular tourist attractions, almost It is located 40 km north of the mainland and is suitable for sun lovers. The island’s main attraction is its soft sandy beaches, which are popular with both foreigners and Venezuelans. Many planes fly to Margarita Island from various international sources. You can also get to the island from Porto Lacrosse.

Morocco National Park is located along the coast and is a two-hour drive west of Caracas. The park is known for its white and sandy beaches and coral reefs. For those who spend more than one day at the beach, diving is one of the main hobbies. The park is home to a large number of birds; From eagles and parrots to flamingos and red storks. Some of the most popular islands in this area are Cayo Sombrero, Cayo Borracho, Cayo Sal, and Cayo Peraza.

Canaima National Park covers an area of ​​three million hectares and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the most famous attractions in Venezuela, including the high plateaus of La Gran Sabana and more than a hundred mountains that are more than 1000 meters above the ground. A trip to Gran Sabana and Kanayama National Park is a unique experience and does not even have to include a visit to Angel Falls. Among the sights of this region, we can mention numerous waterfalls, especially in the Gran Sabana region. Swimming in the lower part of the waterfall is a good way to get rid of the heat.

Roraima Mountain has a flat peak and is very attractive for nature lovers and adventurers. After climbing the surrounding valleys, you will see Roraima as an island in the sky. Roraima has been and is very attractive to people for centuries because of the strange shape of rocks, waterfalls and carnivorous plants. The mountains with flat peaks even inspired Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novel The Lost World. Roraima Kay is one of the most popular and famous hiking trails. Of course, this walk lasts for several days and the temperature decreases with increasing altitude. Therefore, travelers should go to this mountaineering with equipment and preparation.

The Orinico Delta in northeastern Venezuela is very scenic and offers a completely different experience for travelers. The river delta is home to many interesting wildlife species such as monkeys, parrots and carnivorous fish. The huts by the river hold multi-day tours for guests and accompany tourists by boat to see the wildlife. Some camps also have night shifts. The quality of the cottages by the river is different, so it is better to do the necessary research before staying.

Although few people plan to spend a lot of time in Caracas But this city has many valuable sights. One of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions is the small town of Gallipانn on Mount Avila in northern Caracas. It is possible to travel by car, but the road is so winding that it will not be possible to look around. On top of these hills, vendors sell a variety of goods and some of the most delicious local food at reasonable prices. In Caracas the National Church is an important place. This building was built after the earthquake of 1812.

Madonna de Coro National Park has amazing views. The sand dunes, called Madonna in the local language, create a beautiful landscape with many twisting and curving lines. The height of some sand dunes reaches 40 meters. Among these hills, there are wetlands that have been created by floods for many years.

This one of Venezuela’s most famous landmarks covers part of the coast. The main tourist attraction of this park is the beaches and diving in the sea and boats from Puerto La Cruz, Santa Fé, Mochima can be reached. You can also explore a part of the park by bus or car and stop in small villages and bays along the 9th Coastline. The area around the park is very quiet and there is almost no traffic.

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