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Introducing the best amusement parks in Tehran for children and adults

As spring begins and the day gets longer, fewer people want to stay home. The city is more vibrant and people tend to spend more time outdoors. Keeping children at home also becomes the biggest challenge for families. In such cases, Tehran amusement parks are one of the best options for spending time to spend a spring evening with joy and excitement.

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we introduce you to the best amusement parks in Tehran.

How many branches does Tehran Fun Time have?

This amusement park has two branches; One of the branches is located in Arg Tajrish Shopping Center and the other is located in Palladium Shopping Center.

What are the indoor amusement parks in Tehran?

Sabamal amusement park, Chamran game world, Jupiter amusement park, Van Land (or Diamond amusement park) are all of Tehran’s indoor amusement parks.

Where is the address of Eram Amusement Park?

4 km of Tehran-Karaj highway, after Shahid Sattari highway, next to the right passage of Shahid Bakri highway bridge (Kondro line)

Tehran amusement parks that are open

Know the most important open-air amusement parks in Tehran.

Eram Amusement Park

Eram Tehran Amusement Park became the oldest and largest amusement park in Tehran after the destruction of its famous Chamran and Gorilla-Anguri amusement parks in 2006.

Eram Park was established before the revolution and in 1350 by Rahim Ali Khorram, and for this reason it is also known as Khorram Park among the ancients. At that time, it was not as big and prosperous as it is today, and gradually, with the purchase of new equipment, it was able to upgrade itself. Today, with 3 amusement parks (Luna Parks 1 to 3) and 73 diverse and exciting devices, this complex is a recreational option suitable for all ages and all family members.

پارک ارم Lunapark 1 is mostly for children and teenagers under 14 years old And Luna 2 and 3 (which are not very separable) are suitable for adults.

Eram Park complex, next to 3 amusement parks with a large zoo, boating and fishing lake, telegraph, indoor game hall (magic castle), food and food stalls, ship reception halls, Green and woody areas for picnics and outdoor swimming pools for women can offer you a great variety of entertainment.

شهربازی خوب تهران Address: km 4 of Tehran-Karaj highway, after Shahid Sattari highway, Next to the right passage of Shahid Bakri Highway Bridge (Kondro Line)

Eram amusement park on Google Map

Wonderland in Tehran amusement parks

Wonderland indoor complex is one of the most famous indoor amusement parks in Tehran, which is also called the first carded amusement park in Tehran.

Wonderland is located on the top floor of Circulation Passage and has about 300 games to entertain. Most games are for children and teens, but for adults, there are an acceptable number of exciting computer games and bowling alleys.

شهربازی های تهران

Address: Second Sadeghieh, Ashrafi Boulevard, Isfahani, before Shahid Hemmat Bridge, Circulation Shopping Center

Wonderland on Google Map

Tajrish and Palladium VanTime Citadel

Phantom is an international company that came to Tehran and Tabriz after launching amusement parks in Istanbul and Izmir. Tehran Time on the third floor Arg Tajrish and Palladium is one of the best amusement parks in the north of Tehran, which creates happy moments for people 2 to 70 years old with about 125 games updated and with world standards.

Most of the games in this indoor amusement park are computer games. Formula One racing simulator, aerial train simulator, warplane simulator, striking machine, Frisbee, carousel, carousel, handball, etc. are among the games in this series. In addition to computer games, you can use the make-up and photography room. You can also celebrate your child’s birthday at the Phantom Birthday Salon.

فان تایم تهران

Address of Tajrish Branch: Tajrish Square, Saad Abad St. (Maleki), Arg Tajrish Commercial Complex, third floor, Van Time amusement park

Saffron Branch Address: Saffron (Holy Ardabili), after A Square, next to Aroozi Alley, Palladium Commercial Center, third middle floor

Tajrish FunTime Arg on Google Map

Van Land or Heravi Diamond Amusement Park in Tehran Amusement Parks

If you live in the east of Tehran and you are looking for an indoor amusement park, we will introduce you to Fanland among the amusement parks in Tehran. This three-storey complex is located in Heravi Diamond Shopping Center and was established in 2015. This collection separates you from the outside world for a few hours with about 250 various and exciting games.

شهربازی های تهران Address: Square Heravi, Heravi Diamond Entertainment, Sports and Commercial Complex, Third, Fourth and Fifth Floors

Tehran Land Fan on Google Map

Address: Street South Kargar, below Hor Square, Sabamal Commercial Complex

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