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Introducing the best restaurants in Tehran with live music

Sometimes it is not bad to have a meal in a restaurant for fun, to change the mood of family members and to leave the housewife. Look at every corner of Tehran these days; You will definitely find one or more restaurants. But any restaurant may not be the one we want. Choosing the right restaurant with excellent service and food is hard work, and in addition to all this, the environment that the restaurant provides for customers must also be considered. Music in the restaurant is one of the best restaurant options.

Most restaurants, coffee shops, and fast foods use music distribution systems to create a relaxed environment for customers, but there are also restaurants that serve traditional live or pop music. There are many such restaurants in Tehran. If you would like to know more about Tehran restaurants with live music, follow this article by Ali Baba Magazine.

If you are looking for a restaurant with live music in the west of Tehran

The following restaurants will come in handy.

1- Narenjestan International Restaurant

Narenjestan International Restaurant is one of the restaurants with live music and of course it is expensive in the west of Tehran. This restaurant has two sections, Iranian and French. The western part is located on the 11th floor and the Iranian part is located on the 12th floor of the cypress tower, making it possible to see a beautiful view of the city of Tehran. Stylish and modern atmosphere, high food variety and use of quality food, having educated staff and fluency in different foreign languages ​​and performing live music along with serving food have made this restaurant have a special place among its customers.

رستوران های تهران نارنجستان

Narenjestan Restaurant Address: Tehran, Saadatabad, between Sarv and Kaj Squares, Shahrdari Square, Sarv Complex

2- Shahrbanoo traditional restaurant in Gharb town

One of the most luxurious and luxurious traditional restaurants in Tehran is Shahrbanoo traditional restaurant, which is located in the northwest of Tehran. This restaurant from Tehran sights has two separate sections: dining room and coffee shop. The interior architecture of the restaurant is traditional, but its equipment is completely modern and luxurious. Breakfast is served in Shahrbanoo restaurant as a self-service, including 20 types of hot food and drinks. You can enjoy listening to pop and traditional music every night from 8 to 12 in Shahrbanoo restaurant.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده شهربانو

Address of Shahrbanoo Traditional Restaurant: Shahrak-e Gharb, Dadman Blvd., Derakhti Blvd., Persian Gulf Commercial Complex

3- Sarvestan Traditional Restaurant

Another restaurant in Tehran with live music is Sarvestan traditional restaurant. In this restaurant, organic food is served in an open and pleasant atmosphere with live music. In the restaurant area, there are various stalls such as fast food, northern food stalls, Jagarki, Turkmen stalls for selling Turkmen handicrafts and souvenirs, and a photography studio.

رستوران سنتی تهران سروستان

Sarvestan restaurant address: Tehran, Hemmat Gharb, Shahid Kharazi, exit of Chitgar Martyrs Lake

4- Traditional Cypress Night Restaurant

Quality food, a pleasant atmosphere, and live music are the hallmarks of this traditional dining room. In the restaurant menu, you can see a variety of grilled kebabs, salmon and shrimp. The traditional dining room of Shabhaye Sarv is one of the best restaurants in Tehran with live music, whose live music is performed every night from 20:30 to 23:30.

Address of the traditional dining room of Sarv Nights: Tehran Saadatabad, northeast side of Sarv crossroads, No. 79, below the Tourism Bank

Restaurant contact number: 22353985-021

5- Traditional Saiman Restaurant

The beautiful atmosphere of this traditional restaurant, which is designed with wood, becomes more attractive despite the live music. The quality of the food, the reasonable prices and the polite and regular staff will make you enjoy this restaurant. Hookah is served in this restaurant. Of course, there is a separate section in the restaurant for those who are not interested in hookah.

All these features together make Saiman one of the best restaurants in Tehran.

Address of Saiman Restaurant: Sadeghieh, Sattarkhan, North Khosrow St., corner of Sazman Ab Street, next to Ilidiz Confectionery

6- Shamron Cafe (Bamland)

This is the largest cafe in Bamland and from is the best cafe in Tehran whose beautiful second floor balcony has a beautiful view of Chitgar Lake and around the lake and doubles the pleasure of eating food, especially breakfast. he does. Shamron Cafe is one of the restaurants in Tehran with live music that reminds you of old Tehran with its special architecture. This cafe has two large halls, enough space to receive guests.

The sliding roof of a part of the restaurant helps to regulate the ambient temperature. Live music performances in this cafe start every week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 pm and continue until the end of the cafe working hours.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده کافه شمرون

Address of Shamron Cafe (Bamoland): End of Hemmat Gharb, beginning of Kharazi Highway, lake exit, Moj Square, Moj Street, Bamland Commercial Complex, Block 7

7- Saadatabad Rizoto Restaurant

Risotto is one of the Tehran restaurants with live music in Saadatabad that has many fans. Comfortable furniture, experienced staff, calm and pleasant atmosphere and good cooking along with live music and delicious food will make you come back to this restaurant.

رستوران لوکس تهران ریزوتو

Address of Saadatabad Rizoto Italian Restaurant: Saadatabad, above Kaj Square, 3rd Alley

In addition, the restaurants Milad Tower of Tehran are also very famous.

What are the restaurants with live music in the north of Tehran?

The following restaurants will come in handy.

1- Excellent traditional restaurant ‌Qapo

Aali Ghapoo Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Tehran with live music and Iranian architectural style with the atmosphere of old Tehran. This large restaurant has a capacity of 250 people. For this reason, it is a good place for family parties, birthday parties and business meetings.

رستوران های تهران عالی قاپو

The high quality of the restaurant’s food along with the traditional decoration, music performance, friendly staff and excellent service are the reasons for the restaurant’s popularity. From the excellent food menu, you can order a variety of traditional Iranian dishes, including kebabs, shish kebabs, leaves, fish, chicken, bean pilaf, salads, soups, yogurt or pickles. Of course, the price of food in this restaurant is almost high.

Address of Aliaqapo Restaurant: No. 55, between 23rd and 25th Alleys, South Gandi St., South Haghani St., Vanak, Tehran

2- Gilar Restaurant

Gilar Restaurant is a traditional Gilani restaurant with architecture and decoration in the style of rural and northern houses and is one of the best restaurants in Tehran with live music. This restaurant has attracted many customers with a menu of the most popular Gilani dishes and kebabs and Iranian dishes, stews, soups, salads and desserts of Gilani such as noodles, cookies and rice halva along with live performances of local music.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده گیلار

Address of Gilar Restaurant: Niavaran, towards Tajrish, not far from Mojdeh Crossroads, Gilar Restaurant

Restaurant contact number: 22741665-021

3- Barbad Restaurant

You can experience the original taste of Iranian food, decoration and traditional design and music with Iranian instruments together in Barbad restaurant. This restaurant with two separate floors and a large space is suitable for family parties, friendly get-togethers and business appointments.

رستوران های تهران باربد

In the mirror hall of Barbad restaurant, it is possible to use the hookah service with a variety of drinks, tea and drinks for those who are interested. The menu of this restaurant includes a variety of Iranian kebabs, barberry pilaf with chicken, bean pilaf and other Iranian dishes. All these foods are prepared from high quality and fresh ingredients with the highest quality.

Live music is played every night from 8 am to 12 pm. In terms of price, this restaurant is in the middle category of restaurants in Tehran with live music, but keep in mind that to go to this restaurant, you have to pay a fee as entrance, which includes live music, tea with candies and dates, fruit and ordo. .

Rastvan Barbad Address: No. 57, Sheikh Baha’i Square, Vanak, Seoul, Vanak

4- Traditional Pool Restaurant

The traditional restaurant of Hozkhooneh, with a history of 40 years, is one of the good restaurants in Tehran with live music, which is designed in the style of Iranian architecture. This two-story restaurant with a large space is suitable for holding crowded dinners. The restaurant’s dishes are served in copper dishes. There are a variety of drinks on the restaurant menu. On the lower floor of this restaurant, it is possible to order hookah with tea and durchin.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده حوضخونه

Address of Hoz Khooneh Restaurant: Valiasr, North Side of Saei Park, No. 1

5- Nayeb Saei Restaurant

Nayeb Saei Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran with live music, which was opened 52 years ago by a person named Iraj Nayeb in Tehran. Saei Naeb Branch has a luxurious and calm environment and is suitable for holding family parties and epochs.

رستوران تهران نائب

This restaurant serves guests three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Free internet, free food delivery, salad bar, parking and live music are some of the main reasons why Nayeb Saei restaurant is so popular.

Address of Nayeb Saei Restaurant: Valiasr St., below Saei Park (new entrance from Mostofi St.)

6- Rozfer Restaurant

Rozfar Restaurant is a luxury classic Iranian restaurant with live music and Yazdi interior architecture that offers Yazdi-style food to customers. In most of Rozfar’s dishes, saffron is used, which has given a pleasant aroma to the food. Alley of Violence and Reconciliation, Pigeon Lounge, Yazdi Windbreaker and Bicycle along with traditional music increase the pleasure of eating in this environment a hundred times.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده رزفر

Address of Rozfar Restaurant: Zafaranieh, Sarollah St., not far from the square

If you decide to go to a restaurant with live music in the south of Tehran

The following restaurants will come in handy.

1- Cashmere Traditional Restaurant

Termeh Restaurant in Ferdowsi Hotel is one of the best restaurants in Tehran with live music that offers a variety of Persian and French dishes to its customers with a traditional environment. In the interior design of the restaurant, elements of old Iranian houses such as blue pool, colored windows, large samovars have been used, which is especially attractive for foreign tourists. The live music of this restaurant is performed in 5 sections with different styles and singers along with playing black and playing the daf and reed every night from 7:30 to 12 o’clock.

رستوران سنتی ترمه

Address of Termeh Restaurant: Imam Khomeini Square, at the beginning of Ferdowsi St., Kooshak Masri St., Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

2- Fakhr al-Muluk Nun and Salt Restaurant

Fakhr al-Muluk Noon and Namak Restaurant with a luxurious and energetic atmosphere is one of the most attractive restaurants in Tehran with live music, which has been built in an old house related to the Qajar period, which is about 120 years old. The brick walls of Fakhr al-Muluk’s old house next to the blue pool in the middle of the courtyard, attractive vases, stained glass and traditional and old layout, have created a calm and lovely atmosphere.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده نون و نمک

In this restaurant, you can order a variety of delicious Iranian dishes such as kebab, daisy, barberry pilaf, stuffed stew, eggplant curd, etc. and taste the original taste of Iranian food in copper dishes. The basement of this house is very cozy and suitable for holding parties and birthdays or wedding anniversaries. On weekends, restaurant dishes are served to customers along with live music. این رستوران جزو رستوران‌های گران قیمت تهران با موسیقی زنده است.

Address of Fakhr al-Muluk Noon and Namak Restaurant: Baharestan Square, Mostafa Khomeini St., below Sarcheshmeh Crossroads, Nasrollahi Alley, Javidi Alley, No. 114

In the center of Tehran you will find a good restaurant with traditional music

The following restaurants will come in handy.

1- Shabestan traditional restaurant

Shabestan Tehran traditional restaurant is located in the center of Tehran with a very beautiful traditional space and decor. This restaurant serves a variety of delicious Persian dishes with live music for guests. Among the reasons for the popularity of this restaurant among the restaurants of Tehran with live music, we can mention the great variety of food, friendly and experienced staff and the use of quality raw materials. Live music in this restaurant is performed in 7 sections with different singers every night from 8:45 to 12.

Address of Shabestan Restaurant: Ostad Nejatollahi South St. (Villa), Somayeh and Taleghani St., No. 90

2- Daloon Deraz Restaurant

This very traditional restaurant was opened in 1350 and is one of the first restaurants in Tehran that has a license to perform live music. The interior consists of domes and columns decorated with moqarnas. In this restaurant, you can enjoy tasty food with live music at a reasonable price.

Address of Daloon Deraz Restaurant: North Kargar St., Amirabad, in front of Heart Hospital, No. 417

3- Sinbad ship restaurant

The interior decoration of Sinbad ship restaurant has been designed by the famous decorator Abbas Mehrpooya in the shape of a ship. Wooden dining tables and walls are decorated with lanterns and rudders, and the food is served by waiters dressed as sailors.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده سندباد

In this restaurant, live music is performed every night in several sections, which has attracted more customers to this restaurant. The camp table and various Persian and French dishes, the warm and exceptional environment and the good history of the restaurant have made Sinbad ship one of the most famous restaurants in Tehran with live music.

Address of Sinbad Ship Restaurant: Valiasr St., Taleghani St., Opposite to Jihad Sazandegi, No. 23, Parsa Hotel

4- Bagh Saba traditional dining room

Bagh Saba Traditional Dining Room is one of the traditional and luxurious dining rooms in Tehran with Safavid architecture.

This restaurant is one of the restaurants in Tehran with live music that also has a photography studio. On the ground floor of this restaurant, the main part is the cafeteria, where a variety of Persian dishes are served. Bagh Saba Tea House is another part of this restaurant, where you will be served with a variety of simple and flavorful teas. Along with these attractions, traditional Iranian music makes the environment a hundred times more pleasant.

Address of Bagh Saba Restaurant: Shariati St., in front of the property, Bagh Saba Restaurant Complex

Eating romantic food in restaurants in East Tehran with live music

The following restaurants will come in handy.

1- Baba Ghodrat traditional restaurant

Baba Ghodrat traditional restaurant and dining room is one of the best restaurants in Tehran with live music combining modern and traditional architecture. With a capacity of 170 people, this restaurant is a good place for family parties, birthday parties, business meetings, etc. Baba Ghodrat Restaurant is on the list of restaurants in Tehran with expensive live music.

رستوران تهران باباقدرت

Address of Baba Ghodrat Restaurant in Tehran: Heravi Sq., Vafamanesh St., corner of Shams Alley, No. 53

2- Rain restaurant

Baran Restaurant has been set up with three separate sections including a traditional dining room, a restaurant and a coffee shop on 3 separate floors. Among the features of this restaurant that has made it one of the most famous restaurants in Tehran with live music; Using fresh and high quality ingredients for food preparation is a calm and pleasant environment with stylish and traditional design and live music.

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده باران

Address of Baran Restaurant: Pasdaran, Heravi Square, Golzar Boulevard (Panahinia), No. 52

3- Persian Gulf Dining Room

Tehran Persian Gulf Canteen is a completely traditional and quiet place in Narmak neighborhood of Tehran. A variety of delicious Persian dishes, fish and delicious daisies are served in the calm and pleasant atmosphere of this restaurant with live music.

Address: No. 12, Ghaneh Ebadi Ustad St., Damavand St., Haft Houz Sq., Narmak

4- Restaurant and dining hall of the mansion

رستوران های تهران با موسیقی زنده عمارت

This restaurant with a quiet and family atmosphere is located in Tehran-Pars Tehran. Persian food, coffee shop, tea and hookah with live music are the features that distinguish this restaurant from other restaurants with live music in East Tehran. Live music of this restaurant every night in two parts from 7:30 to 11:30 pm

Runs. Of course, you need to pay ten thousand tomans for each person to use the restaurant environment and live music.

Emarat restaurant address: Tehran ‌ Pars, between the second square and Tirandaz, corner 162 west, next to Parsian Bank

5- Chehelston Resalat Restaurant

Chehelston Traditional Restaurant and Cafe with 15 years of experience is one of the restaurants in Tehran with live music in the east. In this restaurant you can experience the Iranian taste of all kinds of kebabs and daisies along with traditional and pop music. Chehelston Restaurant with a capacity of 400 people has also provided outdoor dining for guests.

Address of Chehelston Restaurant: Resalat, Delavaran St., corner of North Rangers, No. 171

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Food with a pleasant musical taste

One of our Iranian pastimes is going to restaurants and eating food and enjoying the luxurious and different restaurant environment. The people of Tehran are pioneers in this regard. In Tehran, restaurants can be found for all tastes and flavors. But sometimes you can shoot with a double arrow and eat delicious food and enjoy listening to live music. There are several restaurants in Tehran that are licensed to perform live music, but it is a bit difficult to find. For this reason, here we have introduced a number of restaurants in Tehran with live music so that you can have an easier choice.

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