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Introducing the most beautiful mosque in Shiraz with all the sights

Every time I opened the history books and reached the Qajar period, I saw nothing but “incompetence of the officials and…”, but every time I read about a beautiful historical work, a place of work ended up with the Qajar people. Today, when I wanted to write about the Moshir Mosque, I came across the name “Mirza Abu al-Hassan Khan Moshir al-Mulk” as if he had built this beautiful mosque between 1265 and 1274 AH. Mirza Abolhassan built this mosque in one of the old neighborhoods of Shiraz called “Sang-e Siah” neighborhood next to the Armenian bazaar so that the bazaars would not be unaware of Razoniaz. Well read this article to see how much interesting information I have written about this mosque and how beautiful it is here.

Where is Moshir Mosque?

Fars province, Shiraz, Sang-e Siah neighborhood, Qaani street, Darband Moshir alley, next to the Armenian bazaar

When is the best time to visit Moshir Mosque?

The best time to visit Shiraz Moshir Mosque is spring, especially in May, next to the orange scent of Shiraz.

What are the most important sights of Moshir Mosque?

One of the most important sights of Moshir Mosque is its 170-year-old clock, pearl arch, rectangular pool, courtyard shape and the main altar of the mosque.

If you have not yet experienced a trip to Shiraz , my suggestion is not to procrastinate and In addition to seeing the extraordinary views of the beautiful Shiraz of Iran and its historical and attractive buildings, after in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine Moshir Mosque I have described it to you in detail and accurately, you can definitely put this historical and spectacular mosque in the list of places you should visit in Shiraz.

مسجد مشیر شیراز Introduction of the Old Black Stone Mosque

Moshir Shiraz Mosque, a masterpiece of Qajar architecture in Shiraz . The mosque is located on North Qaani Street, near the Armenian Bazaar and the Armenian Quarter. In fact, Mirza Abul Hassan Khan Mushir al-Molk, who was the minister at that time, decided to build this very beautiful building here between 1227 and 1236 AH, so that today one of the Shiraz sights .

معرفی مسجد قدیمی سنگ سیاه The architecture of Moshir Mosque dazzles the eyes of every viewer and the original Iranian-Islamic architecture can be found in it beautifully. According to experts, Moshira al-Molk Mosque is not similar to Vakil Mosque in terms of strength, its courtyard and stone columns, and is unrivaled.

Moshir Mosque, located in Sang-e Siah neighborhood of Shiraz, is one of the old neighborhoods of this city that has been preserved since the time of Karim Khan Zand. At that time, the neighborhoods were smaller and the city wall was narrower and merged with the Darb Kazerun neighborhood. Since then, these two neighborhoods have been called Black Stone.

معرفی مسجد قدیمی سنگ سیاه

Also in this neighborhood of Shiraz, which is a historical and spectacular neighborhood, Imamzadeh Bibi Dokhtaran, Ilkhani Mosque, Ilkhani Bath, Shiraz Armenian Bazaar, Black Stone Church, Kurdish Hosseiniyah, Forough Al-Molk House, Saadat House, Rezaian House, Haj Bazaar Zainal and the tomb of Sayyid Tajuddin Gharib are located. Now why is this neighborhood called Black Stone? It has been known as Black Stone since the tomb of the great scientist Omar Ibn Oman, known as Sibouyeh, was placed on its grave. It was a completely black stone.

معرفی مسجد قدیمی سنگ سیاه Shiraz has several naves and several two-story rooms, which were used in the past for students of religious sciences. He has also dedicated himself to the alphabet.

One of the special attractions of Moshir Mosque, which will definitely give you a pure historical feeling when you visit it, is that the old dishes left from the Qajar period are kept in the corners of this spectacular mosque and can be visited. Is. Of course, it is said that these dishes were used for Muharram and Safar mourning ceremonies.

دیدنی‌های شهر Moshira Al-Molk Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Shiraz after Vakil Mosque in terms of type of construction as well as carved stone columns, its architecture, luxurious decorations and naves. Also, this building was registered as one of the National Monuments of Iran on May 15, 1351, with registration number 911.

A look at the different sections of Moshir Mosque

Every part of Moshir Mosque that you look at will fascinate you with its mystery and mystery, but in general, the small north nave of the mosque and its colorful tiles and moqarnas are extremely beautiful in front of the eyes of every spectator and also above. This nave, two garlands with unique tiling, doubles the glory of Moshira Al-Molk Mosque.

The design and architecture of Shiraz Moshir Mosque is so spectacular that it has caused many domestic and foreign tourists to travel to Shiraz to see its beauty and elegance.

نگاهی به بخش‌های مختلف مسجد مشیر Mosque entrance

The entrance of Moshir Mosque and its main door, which is located on the eastern side of the mosque and opens from the Armenian bazaar, was connected to a very special porch that, in addition to overlooking and overlooking the courtyard of the mosque, leads the way in two ways. Has also shared.

ورودی مسجد

Yard and Pond

As we said, after entering the entrance door of Moshir Mosque, you can see the courtyard and in the middle of the courtyard there is a rectangular pool 25 meters long and 10 meters wide, which is made entirely of solid stone and in the past was made of water. Charity is full.

حیاط و حوض Altar

The altar of Moshir Mosque is uniquely tiled and inside it is a marble stone on which Surah Tawhid is written in Naskh script. This part is one of the most spectacular and spiritual parts of Moshir Al-Molk Mosque.


In the northern part of Moshir Mosque, there is a small nave which is decorated with colored and beautiful tiles; The roof of its two northern corners is masonry with other tiles. The forehead of this nave is a high arch on which Quranic verses are written with large lines of the great third, and also on top of this nave, there are two extremely beautiful tiled garlands.

شبستان به شبستان قسمت North It is also said that it is located on four stone pillars and on the south side of this nave, a tiled altar and in the middle of it, there is a large and deep water well that cools the space during the summer season.

Of course, on the east side of the Moshir Mosque in Shiraz, there is a tall arch that is uniquely made of Mogharnas tiles and an inscription in the third line of the Quran is written on it, and behind this arch, there is a large corridor and door of the mosque that leads to the Armenian bazaar. Opens.

مسجد مشیر

In general, Moshir Mosque has three naves for different seasons:

    • Western Nativity , which is a summer nativity scene; On the east side of this nave, there is a large and beautiful porch that blocks the sun from shining on this nave. Also, the roof of this nave is two-layered and prevents the midday sun, and the western wall of the nave, due to being two-layered, prevents the evening sunlight from entering.
    • South Nativity is a spring nativity scene with several doors and windows. There are also windows on the roof to cool the space.
    • North Nursery is a winter nursery, and in very cold winters it is fully heated by just lighting a few coals. This nave of Moshir Mosque was built without any windows and has only two small doors at the end of the corridor. The floor of this nave is 60 cm higher than the main floor of the mosque, and this model of construction has helped to maintain the internal warmth of the nave.

There are several holes in the roof of this nave to let out the smoke from the braziers, but this nave does not feel any wind flow in front of it due to the height of the north porch of the mosque.

مسجد مشیر Female and Male Emperors

Around the Moshir Mosque, stairs have been built and located in several places, which reach the second floor of the mosque and some of those stairs also reach the roof of the mosque. On the second floor of the Moshir al-Molk Mosque, which is built only on the north and east sides of the mosque (south side of the mosque), there are rooms, most of which are interconnected.

شاه‌نشین‌های زنانه و مردانه The skylights of these second floor rooms are located on the ceiling and are made of glass with a height of 50 cm to 80 cm from the roof floor.


The men’s teahouse is located on the right side of the mosque when entering and the women’s teahouse is located on the left side of Moshir Mosque. In fact, it has been a place of reception for people, especially in the month of Muharram and Safar.


In the northern, eastern and western parts of the courtyard of Moshir Mosque, very beautiful and very creative porches have been built. The north porch of Moshir Al-Molk Mosque, known as the Four-Bow Arch, is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of Iranian-Islamic architecture, which is decorated with tiles, moqarnas, beautiful inscriptions, altar and stone plinth. It is embedded.

ایوان‌ها In the front part of the north porch, Quranic inscriptions There is also the upper third line, below which the date 1270 AH can be seen. In addition to their unique beauty, the porches of this porch have a heating function for the winter nave. The north porch of Moshir Mosque is also known as the Pearl Arch.

گچ کاری های مسجد In front of the west porch and adjacent to it, there is an east porch which is decorated with tiles and moqarnas and Quranic inscription and the east porch through the corridor And a large gate leads out of the mosque. But the western porch, in addition to all these decorations, is behind the large nave of the mosque, which is covered with the arch and dome of this nave on 10 integrated stone pillars. These columns are twisted.

درب های تاریخی زیبا On the south side of the west porch there is a tiled altar on which the words »Has been written.


Through the various steps installed in Moshir Mosque, you can first reach the second floor of the mosque and its royal part and then the roof of the mosque. The light of the royal rooms is also provided by the glass located on the roof of this mosque, which has given a special effect and beauty to this space.

Masjid Moshir Hour

The clock of Moshir Mosque, which has made this mosque famous in addition to all its beauties and architectural points, is in fact the first clock that has entered the city of Shiraz. This watch is made in England and every 15 minutes an alarm rings and the number of the alarm rings every hour.

 Moshir Mosque Clock Moshir Mosque Clock Alarm Clock The city was heard and mostly had an informational aspect. The dial of this clock can also be seen from the west and east of the mosque.

The numbers of Moshir Mosque clocks were initially English, but due to Mirza Abul Hassan Moshir Al-Molk’s attention and emphasis on Persian language, they turned them into Persian numbers, which makes this historical clock more special.

 Moshir Mosque Clock The area around this clock, which is more than 170 years old, is decorated with tiles and mosaics, and It has given it a very beautiful appearance. It is also not unkind to know that this clock is the oldest clock in Shiraz and during the Qajar period, only 2 hours were installed on top of its historical monuments, one of which was the clock of Moshir Al-Molk Mosque and the other was the clock of Shahcheragh shrine.

So it is not without reason that this fascinating watch has become one of the sights and tourist places of Shiraz that tells us the history of longevity in simple language!

 Moshir Mosque Hour The best time to visit the mosque Consultant

Perhaps it is better to say that the best time to visit Shiraz, which begins with spring and the smell of orange in the city, especially in May, is the best time to visit the Moshir Mosque and its beauties, which can be easily visited in the spring nave, depending on the season. Enjoyed this fascinating trip and the historic mosque of Shiraz.

Visiting hours of Moshir Mosque

Moshir Mosque is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and is visited for 1 hour.

 Mosque Decorations Moshir Mosque Address

Moshir Mosque is located in Fars province, Shiraz, Sang-e Siah neighborhood, Qaani street, Darband Moshir alley and next to the Armenian bazaar.

To access Moshir Mosque, you can also use the Shiraz metro map.

Shiraz Moshir Mosque on Google Map

Moshir Mosque, the last technology of the Qajar era!

It is not possible to travel to Shiraz and it is not obligatory to visit the Moshir Mosque along with dozens of other attractions of this historical and extremely attractive city. A mosque that was once famous for its British-made clock on its porch, which was considered one of the latest technologies of that time, until now, the sleeping clock on its arch is one of the most basic technologies of our century!

 Moshir Mosque Clock Languages. As you do not have to be an architect yourself or know anything about architecture, as soon as you see the ceilings, arches and walls of this mosque, you will be amazed by its beauty!

In fact, Shiraz Moshir Mosque, along with Nasir Al-Molk Mosque and Shahcheragh Shrine, can be one of the unique sources of tourism for a true understanding of Iranian-Islamic architecture, along with the smell of Shiraz orange and its many secrets!

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