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Introducing the most famous restaurants and fast foods in Shiraz

Having fun in restaurants and cafes is an important part of your trip. Imagine going to Isfahan and not tasting its brioche taste or thinking about eating Qatough and sour lentil beans while traveling to the cities of Gilan province. A trip to Shiraz is not limited to visiting Hafeziyeh and Shah Cheragh and shopping at Vakil Bazaar. Colorful foods such as Shirazi cabbage pilaf, two onions, dumplings, Shirazi liqueurs and Shirazi syrups give real color and zinc to the trip, and tasting their taste is a wonderful experience for any traveler and traveler. You may ask, what are the best restaurants in Shiraz to taste the real taste of Shiraz food? The answer to this question can be found in this article Alibaba Tourism Magazine.

What is the best barbecue in Shiraz?

According to customers, Barbecue Diaco is the best barbecue in Shiraz, followed by bread and court barbecue, our own barbecue and Shiraz golden liver barbecue.

Where is Sharzeh Shiraz Restaurant?

Sharzeh Shiraz restaurant is located in Taleghani St., Masjed Vakil St., Vakil Complex, Zand underpass.

Where is Bagh Raz Restaurant in Shiraz?

Bagh Raz restaurant can be found in Shiraz, Qasrdasht, Shahed Boulevard. This restaurant has two garden sections with traditional food and a roof with restaurant food.

Customers consider these six restaurants to be the best restaurants in Shiraz

Here are some of the most popular restaurants to choose from.

Shiraz Haft Khan Restaurant and food with the pleasure of flying in Haft Aseman

Near the Quran Gate is one of the best restaurants in Shiraz called Haft Khan Restaurant. This restaurant, like its name, has exactly seven different readers. Do not worry. You do not have to go through seven difficult readings to eat your favorite food. In fact, this restaurant consists of seven different restaurants, each of which serves a specific style of food. Ferdowsi Shahnameh has been used for naming restaurants. Froud Restaurant (ground floor), Nofel Restaurant (second floor), Sindakht Restaurant (ground floor), Gracioz Restaurant (rooftop), Blian Fast Food (first floor), Gicia Coffee Shop (second floor) and Zarir Coffee Shop (floor) First, each with its own design offers a variety of foods from traditional to fast food and Western dishes to customers.

In Foroud Restaurant, you can choose traditional dishes such as Daisy for Haft Khan, Bob for Foroud, Chicken Mullet Chicken Feed, Chicken Teat, Meat and Eggplant Teat, Chloe Demi with Chicken or Meat, Halim Eggplant and many more.

Nofel Restaurant serves everything from kebabs and fish to pizza, pasta, penne and sandwiches.

The menu of Sindakht restaurant also includes Persian food, but it is more limited than Foroud restaurant. Dill Beans with lamb, chicken shashlik, fish shashlik, vegetable pilaf with milk fish, chicken kebab with bones, shredded chelokbab, bean pilaf and shredded lamb kebab are on the menu of this restaurant.

Gracioz Restaurant serves a variety of kebabs, Lebanese shawarma, chicken and special burgers. Blician Fast Food and Gicia Coffee Shop have a variety of pizzas, pastas, salads and breads on their menu. Zarir Coffee Shop also serves a variety of hot and cold drinks, ice cream, cakes and desserts for guests.

Address of Haft Khan Restaurant: Shiraz, Quran Boulevard, Haft Khan Restaurant Complex

Restaurant contact numbers: 07132280000 and 07132270000

رستوران هفت خوان شیراز Parhami Traditional House Restaurant; A place with the taste of grandmother’s food

Imagine you have gone to the bazaar and the mosque of Vakil and Shahcheragh. This is where you should head to Parhami traditional house. This old house is one of the best restaurants in Shiraz in a traditional style that completely conveys the old feeling to you.

Beds in the yard, pool and goldfish, eating a traditional Shirazi food will relieve all your fatigue. Every day, four models of traditional food are served in this restaurant, of which kale is one of the most famous.

Address of Parhami Traditional House Restaurant: Lotfali Khan Zand St., after Ahmadi Three Ways, Good Arab, side of Nasir Al-Molk Mosque

Contact number of Parhami traditional restaurant: 07132232015

خانه سنتی پرهامی

Parhami House on Google Map

Bagh-e-Raz restaurant complex, a meal in the heart of nature

Bagh-e-Raz restaurant, despite being far from the city center, still has the title of one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant and entertainment complex has two separate menus with garden menu letters and roof menu. In the garden menu, which is offered in the green and traditional part of the restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of traditional Iranian dishes, especially Shirazi.

However, if you are not a fan of traditional food and you are looking for a delicious modern food, a variety of fast foods are served on the roof menu of Bagh-e-Raz restaurant. A variety of teas, noodle soup, natural spirits, traditional music and the excellent behavior of the restaurant staff have also made this restaurant special and popular.

Address of Bagh Raz Restaurant: Shiraz, Qasrdasht, Shahed Boulevard

Restaurant contact number: 07136234000

باغ راز از بهترین رستوران های شیراز

Secret Garden Restaurants on Google Map

Unparalleled description of Khosha Shiraz restaurant

Beautiful and cozy atmosphere, loud music, quality food, regular service and… all you will find in one of the best restaurants in Shiraz called Khosha Shiraz. This restaurant has two indoor and outdoor sections and serves a variety of Iranian and traditional dishes for guests.

The chefs of this restaurant are all efficient and professional and use the best ingredients for cooking to entertain their guests with the best food.

Address of Khosha Shiraz Restaurant: Sanaye Blvd., in front of Goldasht Hafez

Restaurant contact number: 07136504324

رستوران خوشا

Khosha Shiraz restaurant on Google Map

Next to Zandieh’s memorabilia in Emarat Fil restaurant

Elephant Mansion is in fact a traditional residence related to the Zandieh era, whose restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant shows all the beauties of an old house, it is completely traditional and written in writing, and the quality of the food shows the quality and freshness of the raw materials and the skill of its cooks.

Address of Elephant Mansion Restaurant: Elephant Bazaar, 11th Alley, Elephant Street

Contact number: 07132231466

عمارت فیل بهترین رستوران های شیراز

Elephant Mansion on Google Map

Experience eating in the oldest restaurant of Shiraz, traditional restaurant of Sharzeh

Sharpah restaurant is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Shiraz with a traditional theme. This restaurant is located near Vakil Bazaar and Zandieh Hotel, and despite its long history, it still maintains the quality of its food, so that it has won the title of the best barbecue waiter. Traditional environment, hot and fresh bread, live music and a variety of traditional foods and kebabs have made Sharzeh restaurant popular among tourists in Shiraz.

Address of Sharzeh Restaurant: Taleghani St., Vakil Mosque St., Vakil Complex, Zand Underpass

Contact number: 07132241963

رستوران شرزه

Sharzeh traditional restaurant on Google Map

The best fast foods in Shiraz

Eating a great fast food meal in one of the best fast foods in Shiraz is an experience that you should not miss on your trip to Shiraz. You must be asking which one? Read more.

Modern and lush Gabrik fast food from the best restaurants in Shiraz

Gabrik fast food in Shiraz is one of the best fast foods in Shiraz with its modern and creative decoration. This fast food has two open and closed spaces. The open space is full of flowers, plants and greenery and the closed space has a cozy and modern environment. You can enjoy a variety of quality fast food dishes that are prepared for you in the shortest time in this restaurant.

Gabrik Fast Food Address: Shiraz, Dr. Hesabi Blvd.

Contact number: 07136458516

فست فود گابریک شیراز

If you go for a tour of Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath and Karim Khan Citadel, do not miss to try a delicious drink in one of the best cafe restaurants in Shiraz called Jolab. Drinks, cakes, drinks and of course ice cream and faluda are unique in this cafe. If you feel hungry, be sure to try cucumber and onion juice. A variety of salads, smoothies and traditional dishes are also served with a high variety of joules.

Address of Jolb Restaurant Cafe: Taleghani St., after Farhang St., in front of Vakil Bath, Jolp Cafe

Contact number: 07132246982

بهترین رستوران های شیراز

Cauldron address on Google Map

The best kebabs in Shiraz

Kebab eaters, do not miss these few kebabs in Shiraz.

  • Diaco Barbecue in Qasr Al-Dasht St., Bargh St., corner of Shahid Rezaei St. is one of the best kebabs in Shiraz, which serves a variety of kebabs with the highest quality.

بهترین کبابی های شهر شیراز

  • Shiraz court bread and kebab is located in Sattarkhan street, between Afifabad and Valiasr, in front of 12 meters of prayer. The excellent kebab of this restaurant, which is served with hot bread, has made it popular.
  • You can find our own kebab house in Shiraz at Hafezieh crossroads, Hafez street, in front of Naft street, corner of 14th alley. All kinds of authentic Bastaki and Kanjeh kebabs and original Lari kebabs are served in this kebab.
  • Shirazi Golden Liver Grill is a popular restaurant for families where you can drink the best liver. This liver is located in Chamran Boulevard, Niayesh Street, 3rd Alley, after Hengam Crossroads, Hengam Alley.

بهترین کبابی ها

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