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Introducing the tomb of BiBi Maryam and its audiences

Berkavan, the body or Qeshm with its azure sky and white clouds, rocky shore and bright sunset, was a strategic place where blood flowed to the liver from many sides, let alone those sides. One of the Portuguese who had seen the eyes of the Iranians at that time and came and built their own Portuguese castle on Qeshm Island. The British, who fought alone, razed Reza Shah’s entire navy during World War II. It was from the Dutch who had one eye on India and the other on the Persian Gulf.The Spaniards also came from across Europe with their large wooden ships, claiming to be versatile, and occupied the island of Qeshm. Now the conquest of Qeshm is the same as the fall of the Spanish name, emblem and language among the people. They even took a Spanish name and put it on everything; Tom Seniti Village, Tom Seniti Cemetery, and Tom Seniti / Tomb Saint Tomb.

What are the beauties of Bibi Maryam Shrine? Is there a similarity between this shrine and Bibi Maryam, the peak of Oman? Alibaba Tourism Magazine This time focuses specifically on one of the sights of Qeshm.

Where is Bibi Maryam Tomb?

Iran, Hormozgan province, Qeshm Island, Sunni theme village.

How to get to Bibi Maryam’s tomb?

Go to Hormozgan province and Qeshm Island by plane or car. As soon as you enter the village of Tem Suniti, go to the tomb of Bibi Maryam from the door and the neighbor to find it.

How is Bibi Maryam’s tomb?

Tomb and tomb

This is not Bibi Maryam, this is not Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari

There is another Bibi Maryam in the peaks of Oman, which is like the tomb of Bibi Maryam Qeshm. Its architecture is no less than the tomb of our traditional theme. Even their appearance and interior do not more or less match each other, but here and there. Many people think that Sardar Maryam Bakhtiari or Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari is buried here and they named her after this tomb.

جاذبه های بی بی مریم

But he was from Shirzanan Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. He brought the British to their knees under the sound of his sword and the firing of his weapons, and lowered their heads and fled in World War I. This writer and women’s rights activist was one of the fighters of the constitutional period who rested after a struggle in the Steel Throne of Isfahan. Although I do not know what connection Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari may have with this Bibi Maryam, but people believe that this tomb was the burial place of a great man or a loved one whose name and symbol are not yet known.

History of the coral tomb of Bibi Maryam

The tomb is said to be one of the pure Seljuk architectures that had ruined all the Spaniards with its coral dome and oyster lime inside. I said ruined, ruined dome due to the hardships of the times, with those octagonal pedestals on the outside of the tomb that look quadrangular on the inside, how much it reminds me of observatories that observe the night sky from one side to the other; It is also of its ancient and coral type.

مقبره بی بی مریم

Although the Spaniards named the village a traditional tomb after the village and its cemetery , But large lines and lines from Persian and Arabic in the form of n Sakh, Thals and Kufi are engraved on the tombstones, which are said to be from the post-Islamic period. On the other hand, when you turn your head around Bibi Maryam’s tomb, you will find pottery pieces that date back to the Qajar and Safavid dynasties or even the patriarchal period.

Something tooth-picking that has not escaped the obscure history of Bibi Maryam’s tomb, but remains one of the scholars who say that this tomb is one of the tombs of love or affection before Islam. Some say no before Islam, the period of its construction dates back to Islam and dates back to the Ilkhanid or Seljuk period.

That is, we are turned back and forth in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th centuries AH. Many people say that it dates back to the Timurid to Safavid times and the history of carved tombs around Bibi Maryam shrine is estimated from the 9th to the 11th century AH, and now God knows which word to believe.

دسترسی به مقبره

Although the work is over and part of the dome of the tomb has been destroyed, but there were those who registered it in the national monuments of Iran on December 17, 1998. There is another tomb of Bibi Maryam in Oman. However, the Omani people take better care of it than we do. At least there is less damage than Bibi Maryam Qeshm’s tomb.

Patrol in Bibi Maryam Tomb

If we do not like the northern houses with their red roofs or the stone houses of Kurdistan with its floors or the brick houses in Yazd, the coral dome of Bibi Maryam Qeshm’s tomb will surely taste our deaths. In Sights of Qeshm where you can find stones and pebbles, build a tomb with stones, carcasses Stone, pebbles, plaster and ash that did not matter at the time. The outside of the dome was made of coral stones and the inside was made of layers of lime to see itself as a good part of nature.

جاذبه های گردشگری قشم

Although the outside of Bibi Maryam Shrine is simply surrounded and there are no inscriptions or writings inside, But there is a vacancy Miniature tiles on its interior walls say something else. Of course, these tiles are not very honest with us, where they came from in history, and what their story was and what they drew in these few hundred years.

The door of Bibi Maryam’s tomb remains the same as the small wooden door of rural houses, which when you enter it, you must go around with yourself and frame the dimensions of your body so that you do not become dusty at once or Do not knock on doors or walls.

گنبد مقبره بی بی مریم

Where is Bibi Maryam Tomb?

Text address : Iran, Hormozgan province, Qeshm Island, adjacent to Turian village, traditional theme village, Bibi Maryam tomb or traditional theme tomb.

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