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Introduction of Qeshm launching workshop

Qeshm Length Workshop is a place that has many stories to tell. “Lounge” is not just a ship for southerners, a dinghy in the south of the country is a living concept that breathes, can be seen, heard and even spoken to. The concept of lounge is linked to the captain! People around the world think differently about captains, because different stories are told about captains.In our opinion, the Iranians are usually the captain of a green-haired man who wears a local southern scarf and a headscarf to protect himself from the intense heat of the sun. Our image of the captain is perfected when we see the southern man at the helm of the dinghy, when he and his comrade always go to the heart of the sea with him, and the sound of the dinghy beeps with the sound of the sea waves, creating a common symphony of man and nature. A dinghy is a type of naval vessel that is larger than a boat and smaller than a ship. The boats swim only in the Persian Gulf, the Sea of ​​Oman and the Indian Ocean. Perhaps the reason why Leng is connected to the souls of the people of southern Iran is the commitment of old ships to this region! In this page from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we travel with these lovely ships and their builders.

Where is the launcher?

Qeshm launch factory is located in Goran village, which is 75 km away from the center of the island.

What is the best time to visit a lanyard workshop?

The middle hours of autumn and winter are the best time to visit Goran’s lanyard workshop.

What is the name of Qeshm launching workshop?

This workshop is also known as Goran Length Workshop.

Qeshm launch workshop has as much story to tell as a Shahnameh!

There is a unique lifestyle and thousands of stories and narrations in Qeshm Length Workshop. In some parts of the workshop, you will see young boats that are in various stages of completion, eagerly waiting to dive into the water and begin their sea adventures with a captain they have not yet met.

In another corner of the shipyard you see tired and worn-out ships that have said goodbye to the sea for a short time and have come to the workshop to repair and rejuvenate. When you sit down and talk to the captain of the dinghies, you will see that every crack in the body of the old dinghies has a story.

بومیان قشم در کارگاه

When you arrive at the workshop, it is as if you have traveled through time and into the era. Noah is gone; When God told Noah and his companions to build the ark like this and like that. Noah obeyed God’s command, even when it was not raining, he believed and built the ark.

I suggest that when you get to the lanyard workshop, search the internet for the story of Noah and read the story again in that environment. By doing this, you feel like you have traveled through time and you hear the nails and hammers of Noah’s companions and you would like to be with them.

ساخت لنج ها

Workshop Stories It is not over yet And the essence of the story begins when you talk to the twists or turns; I mean the same masters who make the lanyard. Those who have been working as boat builders for many years and learn this profession from their fathers and teach it to their sons.

More interestingly, the map is not drawn on any paper and everything is engraved in the minds of Jalaf masters. They tell the youth what they have in mind, and the novice youth build the boats by following the instructions of the elders of this art. In the Qeshm launching workshop, all of Noah’s friends and there are no naughty boys among them!

کارگاه لنج سازی قشم

Workshop Letters Qeshm launching

Goran Length Manufacturing Workshop is the largest center for making all kinds of launches on Qeshm Island. In other parts, such as Laft and Kaveh Industrial Zone, there are workshops that operate in a more limited area than Goran in the field of lanyard construction. What is known as the tourist and entertainment attraction of Qeshm and is more famous is the Goran workshop. Several villages in different parts of Iran are called Goran. The meaning of this name is derived from Gabr and was originally called “Gabran” and has changed over time. In the past, Gabr was used to refer to Zoroastrians who had fire temples and were so-called fire worshipers.

نام های کارگاه لنج سازی

Length workshops as much as other Landmarks You are not famous. Many tourists in Qeshm return without knowing that this attraction exists and have not visited it, and miss the opportunity to spend time with warm-hearted southern sailors.

Of course, I’m glad that you are familiar with this attraction and have researched about it, and you are with me in Alibaba’s travelogue. Please be one of the tourists who plan to visit this unique attraction in Qeshm!

ساخت لنج در قشم

Who works in Goran Length Workshop?

Lunch making is one of the main sources of income in the south of the country, so when you get to the workshop, most of the people you see are dressed in authentic southern clothing. If you are lucky and you reach the Qeshm lanyard workshop at a good time, you will hear the sound of bells, oud, drums and cymbals. Even if the sadness of a hundred years is in a person’s heart, hearing these sounds and the happy music of the south, he gathers his burden and leaves it!

چه افرادی در کارگاه لنج سازی گوران کار می‌کنند؟

There are no training courses in the lanyard workshops; Only in a few cases do domestic and foreign marine engineers come forward to oversee the shipbuilding process (usually larger launches). Normally, the first and last supervisors of launcher projects are the masters of Jalaf, who have become masters from apprentices and workers and have bleached their hair in the lanyard mill!

Qeshm launching workshop was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011 as one of the handicraft centers of Iran, and this issue increased the reputation of launching Iran. After that, in 2017, a museum was set up in the Goran region, which narrates the history of the sea, navigation and launching. More interestingly, tourists in this museum can get acquainted with the principles of fishing with a tour in the lounge, and this is very interesting for them.

مراحل ساخت در کارگاه لنج سازی قشم

How to make lanyards in the workshop Is it done?

In the past, lanyard construction was more prosperous, but it was damaged due to economic problems, and now the speed of work in workshops has slowed down. The map of the lanes is drawn in three dimensions on the smartest computer ever; I mean the brains mind that has been developed for many years in the field of ling mapping and can identify in the most precise detail which bolt should be used in which part of the ling.

ساخت لنج ها

Make any Feature-dependent launch ‌ It lasts from six months to two years. Tea and melon woods are used to make them. Of course, the main materials in Qeshm lang-making workshop are teak wood and other woods are used less. All these woods are trees that are found on Qeshm Island.

As you stay in the area and listen to the talk of students and teachers, you will realize that building a unique encyclopedia with hundreds of words and terms. For example, today’s dinghies are usually made with a motor, and it is less common for a dinghy to move only with a paddle and sail. The engines are usually imported from Japan and are of high quality, but a special type of engine known as “Pakistani” is made in Pakistan and is installed on some boats.

کارگاه لنج سازی قشم

Names of different types of boats

An important part of the lanyard encyclopedia is dedicated to different lanyards. Knowing their types is not without grace; The least advantage is that you can prove to the sailors and clowns of the Qeshm launching workshop that you know something about the story of the launch and, in the words of the southerners, “you have such things in yourself”!

  • Stubborn, butyl: fishing boats
  • Houri: A passenger dinghy with a capacity of about ten people
  • Shoei: A type of dinghy that used to move with a sail and paddle, but today an engine is installed on it
  • Armpit: A lever that has a curved structure and is used for carrying
  • Bagareh: Kangan area boats used for net fishing
  • Samboq and Jalbout: Cargo Ships for Loads Weighing Between 5 and 100 Tons
  • Boom: Large cargo and passenger dinghy

What is the difference between each type of dinghy and how to identify which dinghy we see in the workshop is out of the general information and requires the expertise of the warm-blooded captain of the warm-blooded south!

ساحت لنج ها

The best time to visit Of K Qeshm launching plant

There is no set time to visit the Goran Length Workshop, but the workshops are usually open from morning to evening and the best time to visit them is in the middle of the day. You probably know that the southern sun is burning in the summer, and when you walk in the sun, you feel the blood boiling in your veins! If you have chosen this season to travel to Qeshm, you can only leave the residence at night, when the laundry workshops are not working at that time.

کارگاه لنج سازی قشم

Winter and autumn are the best seasons to travel to the south of the country and Qeshm Island, and the only problem is their relatively short days. Of course, if you spend the middle of the day visiting the lanyard workshop, the problem will be solved. During these hours, the weather is clear and you can see everything, and the Qeshm lanyard workshop is active, and you will touch the treasure that is made possible by the suffering of the launchers.

کارگاه لنج سازی قشم

Where is Qeshm Length Workshop?

Goran village is located 75 km from the center of Qeshm on the west coast of the island. This village is also close to the mangrove forests and you can spend a day of Qeshm recreation to visit the unique mangrove forests and lang-making workshop.

To access this village, you can use the route of Qeshm Airport or the route of Laft village. To reach Qeshm Airport, you must first reach the Olive Beach Park and continue on the same direct road to reach Qeshm Airport.

کارگاه لنج سازی قشم کجاست؟

Then move to Soheili village and after that continue your way to reach Goran. There is a 44 km road to Goran from Laft village. There are also lang-making workshops in Laft village, but they are not as big as Goran’s workshop. Of course, there are other attractions in this village, such as Laft Castle and windmills.

Qeshm launching workshop on Google Map

With the help of location from anywhere on Qeshm Island, you can find the best way to reach this island.

Methods of accessing Goran Length Workshop

Goran village does not have many tourist facilities and maybe this is why the launch workshop is one of the unknown sights of Qeshm Island. The best way to visit Goran village is to use a personal car. If you have traveled to Qeshm with a tour, you can also visit this area according to the plans of the tour. It is also possible to rent a personal car or a taxi to go to Goran village and see the lanyard workshop.

دسترسی به کارگاه

Goran village does not have accommodation facilities; Some villagers rent their houses to travelers, but due to a lack of amenities and tourism, most return to the center of the island after visiting the tourist attractions of Qeshm and the mangrove forest to spend the night in hotels and resorts.

last word; At Qeshm Length Workshop, you have a craving for sailing

Seeing dozens of dinghies under construction or repairing makes a person happy and he likes to take the helm and hit the heart of the Persian Gulf. Some of the passenger lounges have an extraordinary construction and are a complete work of art. Qeshm Length Workshop is a tourist attraction that can not be found in any other region of the world. If there are also workshops in the countries of the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf, the captains and warm-blooded groups of Qeshm Island will not work in them! Do not miss visiting this art and energy mine at any cost during your trip to Qeshm.

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