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Iran is beautiful; Eshtehard colored hills

Iran is beautiful; Eshtehard colored hills

Eshtehard desert or Hosseinkhani winter, also known as Qarpuzabad desert, is located in the north of Eshtehard city and south of Karaj in Alborz province. This desert is 60 km long. And its width is about 20 km. It is one of the natural beauties of Eshtehard city. In the central point of this desert, there are beautiful salt domes which are known as the colorful hills of Eshtehard. These hills are composed of various colors and have given a unique beauty to the area, but these colored soils called marl are not fertile and there is no bed to create plant spaces on this soil. The color of these hills is due to metal particles and other soil elements that have accumulated over the past thousands of years. There are various minerals such as salt, zinc, copper and manganese in these colored soils.

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