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Iran is beautiful; “Grammy” nature

Iran is beautiful; “Grammy” nature

Garmi city with its pristine and eye-catching nature and numerous historical monuments is one of the lesser known tourist areas of Ardabil province. Garmi Moghan city is located in the north of Ardabil province and on the border of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The city has a cool climate in summer and not so cold winters. Existence of green mountains, springs and mineral waters, waterfalls, Gilarloo dam lake, forests and forest parks, wetlands, Balharud and Darrehrood rivers, tourist target villages, eco-tourism houses are among the spectacular attractions of this city. In addition to natural attractions, the location of this city at the zero point of the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan, along with the special features of the border areas, is one of the special attractions of this region. Many parts of Garmi city, especially in the border part of Moran, are green nature, which is known as the land of two springs. An area whose plains are full of spring and colorful flowers in April and September.

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