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Iran is beautiful; Khorian Desert

Iran is beautiful; Khorian Desert

“Beautiful Khorian Desert” is located about 10 km southeast of Semnan city. This desert is limited to Semnan salt desert from the east and Ginab river and Delazian desert from the west. The main area of ​​this desert is covered with salt domes, and in the southern part of it, there is a plain that has been affected by the Ginab River and turned into alkaline puffy fields and clay swamps. Vegetation in the northern, steppe, and central and southern regions consists mainly of halophyte and saline plants. During the Qajar period, due to the flow of oil on the ground, this region enjoyed a special strategic position and many times over the ownership and extraction of oil from it between the British and Russian governments. In the southern part of the desert, in a completely stone structure, there are still traces and equipment used by the Russians to extract oil. “Khorian Desert” is one of the important tourism opportunities due to its close distance to the city of Semnan. Access to the Khorian desert is possible from the military road south of Semnan, and the villages of Alaa, Kendo, Khorian, etc.

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