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Isfahan Fire Station; Symbol of Persian culture in ancient times

Isfahan Fire Temple is more than 3400 years old and is located at an altitude of 1600 meters. This temple is a historical monument that is a symbol of Iranian culture in ancient times and can be attractive to any tourist who visits Iran or travels to Iran. Isfahan Fire Temple or Atashgah Hill is a collection of archeological structures made of baked bricks and the structure is located in a circular structure on top of the hill. Join us to know where Isfahan Fire Station is and find out the antiquity of Isfahan Fire Station.

There is disagreement among archaeologists about the history and age of the Isfahan Fire Temple. The presence of wood in the lower part of the row of bricks can be reminiscent of the ancient Mesopotamian architectural style. Research conducted by an Italian archeological team under the supervision of Professor Galdari revealed that the materials used in the construction of this structure belong to 1400 BC. The interesting thing about this period of time is that this region was inhabited by different races during 3000 BC and as a result this temple can be similar to the temples of Mesopotamia.

Wikipedia estimates that Isfahan Fire Temple is about 7,000 years old. The cylindrical mansion with the octagonal design of the fire temple draws the visitors’ attention to the remains of this building. Based on the Isfahan Fire House, you should know that Andre Godard considers the arched niches to be related to the architecture of the Islamic period.

Zoroastrian Temple in Isfahan from Zayandeh River is not far away. So when you stand on this hill, you will have a wonderful view of the river. The third largest tower and one of the three ancient monuments of Isfahan, Isfahan Fire Temple and is one of the 7 great fireplaces of the Sassanid era in Iran.

Before the Arab invasion of Iran, the religion of the Zoroastrian Iranians and their culture was based on this religion. Fire, which is one of the four sacred and spiritual elements, was revered by Zoroastrians during the purification ceremony. Such religious ceremonies are still performed among the remaining Zoroastrian communities in Iran. The sacred fire is kept in a pot-like container and should never be extinguished. During the ceremony, the fire is transported to the fires with sticks lit with it. People gather around the fireplaces in the form of four arches and participate in the ceremony with sacred songs. After the Arab invasion, most of the fires in Iran were turned into mosques, and only the fires that were located in remote areas had a chance to survive.

About eight kilometers west of the city center and to the west, you will find the Isfahan Fire Temple . If previously from Menarjonban  You may have seen two kilometers north of the road Fire Temple of Isfahan Go to the Temple of Fire.

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