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Isfahan Flower Garden; An interesting and natural sight in a historic city

Isfahan is a historic city with many attractions have. One of the most spectacular places in the city, is the garden of flowers of Isfahan . This garden, among other elements, gave another mood to the city. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where the Isfahan Flower Garden is and to find out the ticket price for the Isfahan Flower Garden.

This garden has an area of ​​67000 square meters and next to Zayandehrood . Isfahan Flower Garden was built by the municipality and includes various sections such as cultural, artistic, recreational, educational and research sections. There are also different species of plants that are located in an Iranian-style garden, among other things. The flower garden is part of the Isfahan +22 project, which made the green space of this city very prosperous with its implementation. In this complex, there are various gardens such as Persian garden, rock garden, medicinal plants and rose garden. Also, in this garden, you can see many water features, hedge collection, open amphitheater and Persian carpet design.

The buildings in this complex are traditionally designed to harmonize with the overall architecture of old Isfahan. The garden was designed based on the dry climate; As water flows from small fountains to the pond.

Waterfront: Various river rocks have been used to turn the waterfront into a natural waterfall. This waterfall is 4 meters high and is in the eastern part of the rock garden.

pond: in the southeastern part of the complex, A pond has been built to grow a variety of aquatic plants in the area. Also, due to the pond, the weather in this area is very good.

Garden Yard: In the entire yard of a variety of plants And flowers are used. These flowers are perennial, seasonal, annual, biennial or ornamental shrubs. The passages of this complex are paved with granite and these passages have an area of ​​about 5000 square meters. In the central part of this collection, the design of Isfahan carpet was made of flowers.

Rose Garden: Various roses have been planted in a part of the complex known as the Rose Garden.

Open Amphitheater: In this complex, an amphitheater with a capacity of 250 people is considered next to the flower garden and the end of the main path. This amphitheater was decorated with tree trunks.

Greenhouse: in the eastern part of The complex is a greenhouse with an area of ​​700 meters. In this greenhouse, many flowers can be stored even in winter.

Garden of Medicinal and Edible Plants: 1 There are 32 species of medicinal and edible plants in this part of the collection. These species are taken from different regions.

Coniferous garden: At the bottom of the lake, there is a garden called coniferous, in which more than 86 species of these plants are located in an area of ​​2166 square meters.

Onion Plant Garden: In 380 square meters of this complex, 38 species of onion plants that are compatible with the climate of Isfahan have been planted and have created a beautiful atmosphere.

Iris species collection: Iris has different species, of which 46 species can be seen in this collection. The collection of lily species is located in the eastern part of the garden, next to the amphitheater with an area of ​​900 square meters.

Hedge set: Types of boxwood and barberry are used to separate different parts.

Collection of chrysanthemums: In the eastern part of this complex and in an area of ​​900 square meters, different species of chrysanthemums can be seen.

Fences around the garden: Fences around the garden are installed to allow people to move and plants that need special care not to be damaged.

Main corridor: In the main and side passages, water fountains with many fountains have given a special freshness to the space. These fountains are 40 by 80 centimeters in size, and the water that flows in these fountains rotates throughout the garden and returns to its original position.

Irrigation and lighting system: Garden irrigation system Flowers in Isfahan are under pressure as irrigation. This saves on water usage and other costs. According to the article “Where is Isfahan Flower Garden”, you should know that the lighting of this complex at night was through projectors that have been placed in different parts.

Address of Bagh Golha: Isfahan, Bozorgmehr Square, at the beginning of Salman Farsi Street

Flower Garden Phone: 03132672059

Visiting flower garden hours: Every day from 7 am to 9 pm

Isfahan Flower Garden ticket price: 40,000 Rials for Iranians and 200,000 Rials for non-Iranians

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