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Iskander Prison in Yazd and the peak of irreplaceable glory

Iskander Prison in Yazd and the peak of irreplaceable glory

One of the buildings that breathes valuable antiquity and time with the language of languagelessness, Iskandar Yazd Prison which has been throughout history It has been used many times in various fields and no one knows the history of Iskander Prison in Yazd or Ziaieh School. Join us in reading this article to know where Ziaieh School is and learn about its architecture.

زندان اسکندر یا مدرسه ضیائیه

Iskandar Prison in Yazd, which was registered as a national monument by the Cultural Heritage Organization on March 14, 1967, in Neighborhood Fhadan

According to the article, where is Ziaieh school? This question has been asked and repeated many times in your mind that finally we should call this building Iskander Yazd prison or Ziaieh school?! In fact, the dark spot in the validity of the use of this building in ancient times is the question of whether this place was originally used as a prison or a cultural place to teach and educate students of this region? With a little tour, you will find that no Germans like the old prisons, but with these descriptions, the words and stories of the old residents of the city can not be simply ignored, which is a serious belief in the use of Alexander Prison in Yazd as They have a prison in ancient Persian times!

معرفی زندان اسکندر یزد

Given that it is part of the history of Alexander the Great It is obscure and may have disappeared, but some historians believe that the building was originally used as a school and is nearly 8 centuries old. They have stated that the founder of Ziaieh school was someone named Zia al-Din Hussein Razi, who started the construction of this school in 631 AH, and over time, his children named Sharaf al-Din Ali and Majdaldin Hassan in 705 AH, the half-finished work of his father. And completed his school. Based on this historical discovery by historians, we must also admit that this building was originally a school or a cultural building that is over 700 years old and in which mystics, scholars and elders of the city have studied various topics. /

There are various narrations about the establishment of Alexander the Great’s prison, the most important of which is the exile and transfer of Alexander’s enemies to the city of Yazd and then their settlement in this building. Of course, apart from the residence of the exiles of Alexander the Great to this eye-catching mansion, there are other reasons such as the remoteness of Yazd at that time from other metropolises of Iran and large settlements of this country, as well as the geographical location and hot and dry climate that often The year ruled Yazd, let us also mention.

There are others who believe that the Macedonian king established this building during the invasion of Iran and later this place was used as a school. Of course, according to the article of Ziaieh School, it goes without saying that many logical stories have been passed down from generation to generation; For example, one of these narrations is the construction of this building after Alexander’s arrival in Iran, which he ordered to be built in a place called Kathha, so that the government officials and people who do not intend to surrender to him would be transferred to this place. Perhaps this is why in the Islamic period, the city of Yazd was mostly referred to by the ironic name of Alexander Prison.

معرفی زندان اسکندر یزد 2

Based on the history of Iskander Prison in Yazd, you should know that with the destruction of Ziaieh School, a dark pit was created in a part of it, and at that time almost all the natives of Yazd testified to its efficiency and use as a prison in the past of Iran. They gave. According to the article of Ziaieh School, where you should know that with the passage of time and the beginning of the expert and repair stages of the structure, experts were able to find out the main reason for digging this pit, and that was the existence of water supply network that they dug underground. And the genius of the ancient Iranians to reach water in a dry and desert land like Yazd, and the rumors based on the imprisonment of this building itself seals the false seal!

Despite such evidence, there are still many people, especially natives and old people of Yazd, who seriously believe that this old building is a prison, and some believe that either there was no prisoner named Alexander Prison or Zahak Prison, or if There was also a separate structure of any size in the past. It should be mentioned that in the book of Yazd monuments, written by Iraj Afshar and other books written about the city of Yazd, this building was mentioned as a school, tomb and mosque, and the name of the prison was not attributed to this historical building. It should also be added that if there is a place called Iskandar Prison in Yazd, there are probably remnants of the Razi family in it, and the dome of the Yazd building is also a place for the tombs of the dead of this family.

شواهد و قرائن نشان از چه هستند؟

This building, whether known as Alexander Prison or Ziaieh School, has the same architecture and is completely eye-catching! The architectural style used in the construction of this historical monument is the Azeri architectural style, which, as its name suggests, is a style belonging to Azerbaijan, which became very popular after the advent of Islam in Iran and the reign of the Ilkhanid dynasty on this border. . Based on the history of Iskander Prison in Yazd, it goes without saying that in many circles this style is also referred to as the Mongol style or a combination style of Iranian and Mongolian.

The building of this building was made only of clay and no tiles were used to decorate it. Only during the restoration of the building by Master Akhund Khorami, the dome part of this place was reconstructed with bricks and other parts of the school architecture. Ziaieh are made entirely of clay! The construction of Ziaieh school architecture can be limited to two stages; According to the history of Iskander Prison in Yazd, you should know that in the first stage, the dome of this building was built at the same time as the Mongol invasion of Iran, but initially the purpose of building this dome was to place it on the tomb and there was no news of a prison or school in this place. Is. The second stage of construction is postponed to about a hundred years later; That is, in the early eighth century AH, at which time a school was built by the grandson of the dome builder next to it.

خصوصیات معماری

When we look at the main effect of this old structure in the back alleys of Yazd, we only notice a short entrance door with a dome made of raw clay, which has a height of 18 meters and in the past more view To attract everyone’s attention with its bedspreads, it had azure and gold watercolor paintings, and today only a part of its ornaments of yesterday remain on white plaster. Each of the walls connected to the dome has a height of 8.5 meters and the height of the tomb of this building reaches a length of 18 meters. At present, there is not much left to watch from the inscriptions and wall inscriptions of this old building, and as it was said in history about these engraved inscriptions on the walls of this building, they are all written in Kufic script.

Ziaieh School has a nave with an altar right in the middle and around it, porches have been created that are not equal in size. In the courtyard, I can see a number of small porches in front of the rooms as well as four large porches that have formed the general shape of the courtyard of this historical and spectacular attraction. Of course, in addition to these eye-catching porches, there are 38 steps to the basement in the outer courtyard of this building, which take you to a depth of 2.8 meters above the ground and allow you to access the Allahabad aqueduct. The well, which was considered for the water efficiency of this aqueduct, has been dug right in the middle of the courtyard and has an opening with a diameter of 2 meters.

One of the historical attractions left over from the initial construction of this building, according to the article “Where is Ziaieh School”, is an old pool at the bottom of this crypt. Finally, we draw your attention to the room located in the corner of the outer courtyard of this ancient structure in Yazd province. This room, which is called the windbreak room, cools the whole complex and you can make the most of the coolness of the breeze that winds in it.

نگاهی متفاوت به بنا

Address: Yazd, Imam Street

Visiting hours: Every day from 9 am to 5 pm

Ticket price: 25,000 Rials for Iranian tourists and 150,000 Rials for non-Iranian tourists

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