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Iskander Prison, Yazd; The second house of the children

Iskander Prison, Yazd; The second house of the children

As soon as the prisoners came out of the darkness of their cells to breathe, or when the children got rid of the yoke of school under the pretext of a fun bell and got up towards the yard, they felt nothing but the heat of the sun. It was as if the sun of Yazd was waiting for them to caress their faces. The moment one suddenly raises his face to see more love for the sun, his eyes are fixed on the dome from where he was, showing his beauty to the face of the sun; Confrontation between the yellow brick dome and the hot golden sun. These are just some of the narrations about Iskander Prison in Yazd.

There are old stories that he was once imprisoned here and later gave way to school. But look at his glory and courage! I do not know that this infinite beauty was a place to imprison prisoners. But where is the truth? Was this place really a prison? If so, what will happen if it gives way to Ziaieh School? Alibaba Tourism Magazine tells the story from Alexander Prison at that time to Ziaieh School.

Where is Alexander Prison?

Iran, Yazd Province, Fahadan Neighborhood, Laundry Alley, New Bath Alley, Adjacent to the Other Twelve Imams, Alexander Prison

What is another name for Alexander Prison?

Ziaieh School

What is the best time to visit Alexander Prison?

Visit Alexander Prison in spring, autumn and winter.

What are the sights in this building?

Windbreak, crypt, well, nave

All over Alexander Prison

Raw clay, gold that Yazidis do not miss. The Yazidis have kept many in their mouths by building clay and mud buildings. The brick that has kept the buildings of Yazd safe not for years, but for centuries. An example of this is the 800-year-old prison of Alexander, whose construction began in 631 AH and ended 74 years later in 705 AH.

زندان اسکندریه یزد This monument with its 18 to 20 meter brick dome and 8 to 9 meter walls shows a unique civilization even in the heart of the desert. Alexander Prison may not have its old-fashioned use these days – it is neither a prison nor a school – but it can attract domestic and foreign tourists. The price of this building is so valuable for Iranians that they registered it on March 14, 1967 along with other national monuments of Iran. 36 years later, the world will realize its ultimate beauty and will place it in the UNESCO World Heritage List on February 15, 2005.

Rumors from Alexander’s attack to political exile

Since the story of Iskander Prison in Yazd dates back to the 7th to 8th centuries AH, there are different narrations of Rajab. One says that Alexander, in the course of his power-seeking, divided Iran at that time, and when he saw Yazd – at that time – he realized his geographical position until he built a prison called “Kath”. Another says that Zia-ud-Din Hussein Razi, the first pickaxe of Zia-e-Zia school, and later his sons Majdaldin Hassan and Sharafuddin Ali, continue their father’s path and finish the construction of the school.

شگفتانه اپلیکیشن علی بابا – موبایل

محیط زیبا و فضای داخلی Even one says that the remoteness and weather of Yazd has caused the opposition or Alexander’s political exiles should be exiled to this place. Now, Alexander the Great knows that Alexander’s prison was built, or that Zia al-Din built a school for Zia, or that Alexander’s exiles were sent here to spend their time in exile. Although there is no credible evidence that this place was imprisoned, it has been a cultural and teaching place for the region for 8 centuries.

معماری جالب توجه و زیبا In the century when the Mongols and Alexander invaded Iran, the dome of the tomb was built and the main building will be built after 200 years. But safe from the erosion of nature and the scorching sun of Yazd, which have not bothered this prison. As soon as the bricks fade after several centuries of resistance, Master Akhon Khorami does not give up and uses bricks to repair the dome of Alexander Prison. By doing this, this building will remain safe even now.

Amazing architecture of Alexander Prison

But let’s go to the Azeri or Mongol style of architecture that was common in the time of the Ilkhanids. The fingerprint architecture of this border and landscape can not be compared with other parts of Iran. The historical city of Yazd can not be imagined at all with buildings made of stone, wood and glass. Because the environment of Yazd is full of mud bricks. Of course, it is this simplicity and uniformity in all the architectures of Yazd that gives a special effect to the city. Let us not neglect the architecture of Iskander Prison in Yazd, which reminds us of Iranian architecture; From its dome to its azure and gold painting and painting, its very small and large colors around the dome. They are all made of clay.

زندان اسکندریه Eskandar Yazd Prison Ward

In the following, I will explain the different parts of Ziaieh school in detail and clearly.

Main Yard

The large and rectangular courtyard of Ziaieh School with 3 large porches was full of life for its residents. Most ancient architectures used the same feature to improve the living space. But today, it is not possible to expect urban buildings and houses to have a flower and wide yard, because they have not seen the color of the old depressing yards at all.

بخش های مختلف بنا Pit

As soon as you enter Alexander Prison, you will see a staircase in the courtyard that makes you curious to enter. To go to this well 2 to 2.8 meters, you have to go down 38 steps. I hope you are not so curious, because a small pool is waiting for you.

پله های عجیب و غریب زندان


I know that when you enter the courtyard of Alexander Prison, your playfulness blossoms and you want to get out of the cellar. Well, from the well 2 meters in diameter that you entered and came down from the 38 steps of the well, the first thing you see is a 5 to 7 meter cellar with a small pool of water. Isn’t it beautiful? Suppose this beauty exists in this part of Iskander Prison in Yazd and you were unaware of it and missed it. Now, if your question is what the pond is doing in the middle of the crypt, I have to say that there are rumors here as well.

سرداب بنای تاریخی Some say the crypt and pond were used to quench the thirst of schoolchildren, while others say prisoners were imprisoned there. There are both narratives about this crypt, but the most probable story is that the stream in the middle of the courtyard collapses at a time and causes a hole in the middle of the courtyard of Iskander Prison in Yazd. do. This hole has made us think of being a crypt here.

سرداب تاریخی


In addition to windbreaks, the dome is an integral part of Yazd architecture. The brick dome of Alexander Prison with 18 to 20 meters, in addition to beauty, has another use; Keeping the indoor air of Iskander Prison in Yazd for the residents and repelling the fiery heat of the sun. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see beautiful blue patterns that provide a pleasant view along with the color of the dome clay.



Do not see the nave only for religious places such as mosques of that time. The nave of Iskander Prison in Yazd, with a plaster altar and several porches, has something to say. There are several courtyards in the nave of Iskander Prison in Yazd, one of which is known as the final courtyard with 38 steps to a depth of 2.8 meters.


If the architecture of any city is famous for something, the architecture of Yazd is known for its windmills. Yazd wind deflectors are a symbol of modern air conditioners that deliver cool air to its residents by controlling the city air inside Iskander prison. I do not know if there are other windmills in other cities of Iran or in other parts of the world, but look at the initiatives of the Yazidis, who would not have used the wind without modern technologies.

بادگیرها زندان اسکندریه Museum

Alexander Prison, 8 centuries old, is talking to the audience. But the museum of this prison wants to shout the beauties of Iskander prison in Yazd with ancient tablets and tombstones.

موزه یزد The best time to visit Iskander Prison in Yazd

If you are tired of the cold of your place of residence and you miss the heat of Yazd, visit Alexander Prison in spring, autumn and winter.

Hours of Alexander Prison to visit

You can enjoy the sights of Alexander Prison in the first six months of the year from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and in the second half of the year from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, the visiting hours of this historical place in the forties can be a little different.

Where is Alexander Prison?

Address : Iran, Yazd Province, Fahadan Neighborhood, Laundry Alley, New Bath Alley, Next to the Other Twelve Imams, Alexander Prison

Phone : 035-36301760

Alexander Prison on Google Map

Prison access routes

As soon as you enter Yazd, you should find the clock tower with your personal car or public vehicles to lead you to the Yazd Grand Mosque. From now on, you have to leave your car and follow the signs. As you walk, go to Fahadan neighborhood and enter the laundry alley and the bathroom alley through all the alleys. If you see the tomb of the Twelve Imams, you are right, because the Ziaieh school is located right next to it.

School in the heart of prison

The Yazidis of that time built a civilization from raw clay and clay, many of whose works can be seen in the place of this historical city. While many of today’s buildings and structures do not last more than a few years, the brick buildings are so amazing that it is astonishing. The windbreak and the whole brick building and dome of Alexander Prison have their place. Even the prison of Yazd is made of raw clay and mud. The only thing you can do while watching the architecture of Ziaieh School is to melt the sugar in your heart.

مدرسه‌ای در قلب زندان Finally, let me make an interesting point that may be of great concern to many. Perhaps people at that time saw a resemblance between the prison and the school, which turned Alexander Prison into a Ziaieh school. Maybe there really is a resemblance; From chaining gates and 15 minutes of ventilation to painful morning exercise and psychological and physical punishment.

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