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Islam to Khalkhal; A road where you are in no hurry to reach!

Islam to Khalkhal; A road where you are in no hurry to reach!
Roads are usually a transitory route that takes us from origin to destination and are not a tourist destination in themselves. This sentence can be applied to any road, except the road “Islam to Khalkhal”. This road is unlike any other route and is itself a perfect tourist destination.

On the road from Islam to Khalkhal, you do not stop your car to get tired, but you turn it off safely and you are in no hurry to reach your destination. Because this route is more beautiful than any destination.

I intend to be your leader in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine and assure you that on this trip, your leader from You yourself are more excited and enthusiastic!

Is there a gas station on the Asalem-Khalkhal road?

No. There are no gas stations on the entire 70 km route from Islam to Khalkhal. Make sure your car’s fuel tank is full before you start.

When is the best time to travel on the Asalem-Khalkhal road?

In hot seasons, to be more precise, from May to late September.

What is the distance from Tehran to Asalem-Khalkhal road?

It takes about 430 km from Tehran to the beginning of the Asalem-Khalkhal road, which takes an average of 5:30 hours.

Where are the most important sights of Islam to Khalkhal route?

Gisom Forest Park, Diamond Pass, Shaghayegh Plain, Mesh Summer, Nevar Lake, Saragah Lake, Varge Saran Village, Trembling Summer, Daryaban Waterfall and Nav Village.

Where is the road from Islam to Khalkhal?

Islam is a city in the green province of Gilan and in fact part of the city of Talesh, which is our beautiful source. Finally, our trip ends in Khalkhal, a city south of Ardabil. An imaginative path with unparalleled scenery that makes us forget the habit of looking at the clock and counting kilometers along the way.

جاده اسالم به خلخال کجاست؟

The road from Islam to Khalkhal is about 70 km. This means that it takes about 1:30 hours along the way. A short time that, under the influence of its unique nature, will be much less visible to us.

One of the advantages of the Asalem-Khalkhal road is the large number of signposts that we come across along the way. These signs help a lot in finding tourist spots; Places like Lake Village or Nav are definitely worth a visit.

If you are thinking of staying overnight in this summer, feel free! Rooftop houses, sights that you can hardly find anywhere else, and the chirping of sheep at the beginning of the day await you. (Did this sound ring in your ear or did I just hear it?…)

Having a shaky summer location makes it very easy, but unfortunately I could not find it on Google Maps. If you tremble, will you leave us a location in the comments section? Thank you.

6 – Saragah Lake

Peace be upon Khalkhal and all its inexhaustible attractions! There must be a turn, it is the turn of Saragah Lake. A lake that reflects the clear water, embracing the sky and the forest. Without any exaggeration, this lake is really beautiful!

On the way to Saragah Lake, you will pass through the paddy fields, which means that your mind is busy: your eyes are fading, your ears are full of birdsong, your nostrils are full of the smell of rice, and your eyes are sweet with this peace of mind.

This lake is also known as” three-way “or” earth dam “. Another interesting thing I know about this lake is that this small lake is filled by boiling springs at the bottom, which makes the water clear and clear.

But that was not the most interesting thing I said about this pond! It is more interesting to know that this pond is a private property where fish farming is done and in fact it is the source of income for many residents of Saragah village.

Now that you understand this, you will probably understand that boating, fishing, and fishing are prohibited on the lake. In the middle of the road from Islam to Khalkhal, Saragah Lake can also be a good place for you; Because it is possible to rent a cottage and camping.

8 – Lake Neor

Near Khalkhal in Ardabil province, there is a lake in the heart of the Baghro mountain valley called “Lake Nevar”. Nevar, which is located on the way from Islam to Khalkhal, is actually the confluence of two small lakes in the spring.

The depth of this lake is about 5 meters, which means that you have to be a professional swimmer to swim in it.

The good news is that any construction around the lake is prohibited and the area’s environment is seriously protected. One of the beauties that you may have the chance to see in Neur is the sight of migratory birds that choose this lake as their temporary home during certain times of the year.

Are you an animal hunter? If not, I’m much more than happy to meet you. If you are one of them, I must say that bird hunting in Lake Nevar is prohibited and this is under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency. In short, do not bother carrying a gun to this area.

Fishing is a virtual pastime that you can experience by Lake Neur. In previous years, there was a chance to catch “seven-colored trout”, but recently, the carp wire should be enough.

There is not much to say about the extraordinary nature of Lake Nevar! “Virgin” is the best word that comes to mind. The flat land by the lake is very suitable for camping and camping. The best time to visit Neur is spring and summer. Of course, do not forget that spring in this area just starts in May and before that it is still cold.

Let me tell you the truth and then I will leave the location for you; The village of Abbasabad, which is close to the lake, has provided good amenities such as hotels and restaurants, which certainly do not exist on the shores of the lake. So when you need, you can visit this village.

Lake Neur on Google Map

9- Diamond neck on the road from Islam to Khalkhal

Diamond neck is the same as wonder neck? No, it is not. Contrary to the prevailing mental imagination, the people of Heyran pass are not located in Ardabil province, but in Astara city and Gilan province. Diamond neck, however, is a different place that we come across in the middle of the road from Islam to Khalkhal.

چادر زدن کنار دریا در جاده اسالم به خلخال

Diamond Pass is one of the most beautiful crossroads on the Asalem-Khalkhal road, which is a passageway adorned with native summer cottages and green plains. The grazing of sheep and horses is one of the things that makes this scene more vivid. On the way from Islam to Khalkhal, one should keep an eye and watch with a full heart.

Diamond neck on Google Map

10- Shaghayegh plain

If you go to Khalkhal in Islam in May and June, do not miss Shaghayegh plain at all! A plain whose pictures we may have seen many times and we have asked in astonishment: Is this Iran ?!

The beauty of this plain is so great that instead of bothering with words and sentences, I would like to tell you with a little picture:

جاده اسالم به خلخال

Shaghayegh plain is so spectacular that you can spend more than a short stop at that time. My suggestion is to experience fresh grilled meat in this area. There are cottages on the edge of this plain that are ready like a butcher to turn fresh meat into delicious kebabs and host you. If you are not a kebab maker, Ash Doogh is another unique option that tastes good.

Since beekeeping is also done in Shaghayegh plain, you will find high quality honey in this area which can be a good souvenir.

Shaghayegh plain on Google Map

11- Mish summer on Asalem-Khalkhal road

To remind you again, the route from Islam to Khalkhal is only 70 km! God knows how all this beauty is placed in such a short path. Mtash summer is another summer of this scenic road, which fortunately has the opportunity to spend the night and stay.

Cottages that are completely away from the atmosphere of city houses. It goes without saying that this difference has its own difficulty and sweetness; For example, there is no water, electricity or gas in these cottages. However, water comes from a source, light from a generator, and gas from a gas canister.

Yet the clouds that come to the back of the hut in the morning, the green earth beneath your feet, the light air that takes your breath away, the people who greet you with the sweet tongue of effort and relax your hands and heart to spend at least one night in the summer. Stay tuned.

Mish summer on Google Map

12- Khojin village

If you want to see the greenery of one of the villages of Islam to Khalkhal, and you do not have much difficulty, “Khojin village”, also known as “Fiyin”, can be a good destination for you.

The texture of Khojin village is a bit more modern and can be a less painful accommodation. Near this village there is a promenade called “Azno” which is full of beauty. Very spectacular attractions such as natural caves, gardens, springs, plains, mountains, etc., which are all gathered together, should not be easily overlooked.

I was forgetting Khojin’s greenhouse! Large greenhouse where a variety of flowers and plants can be found and is very spectacular.

یک برنامه‌ریزی عالی برای ایرانگردی چند روزه

The village also has three shrines that being in their simple and spiritual atmosphere is not without grace.

Recreation of Asalem-Khalkhal road

Now that we are on the road from Islam to Khalkhal, what can we do to put an end to this experience?

1- Mountaineering

Islamk to Khalkhal area is one of the most popular areas for mountaineering enthusiasts who do not need much skill. For easier mountaineering, Khalkhal to Islam route is recommended. This route is mostly medium-sloping hikes that are definitely not difficult to climb.

2- Nature tourism

Hiking and camping are some of the best options you can go on the way from Islam to Khalkhal. Hiking does not necessarily mean exploring nature, but a special way of traveling in nature that is accompanied by a greater sense of responsibility and peace. If you are not very athletic, hiking is a better option than mountaineering.

3- Forestry

Let me say from the beginning that forestry is different from forestry. However, the route from Islam to Khalkhal is very suitable for both entertainments. If you are a professional mountaineer, mountaineering can be very enjoyable for you, otherwise go for hiking and be sure to have a lot of fun.

4- Driving on Asalem to Khalkhal road

When it comes to the road from Islam to Khalkhal, driving is the least fun you have ahead of you. Of course, this “minimum” does not have its usual meaning, because the least pleasure of this road is too much. I am sure that if you have even once experienced driving on the way from Islam to Khalkhal, you have now confirmed my words. Other than this?

5- Cycling

Cycling is one of those fascinating pastimes that has a lot of fans in itself, now imagine how enjoyable cycling in Islam will be to Khalkhal.

فصل‌به‌فصل با جاذبه بی‌نظیر طبیعت در ایران و جهان

If you want to add this experience to your experience, be sure to take the road with a group of road leaders. I must also say that it is almost all dirt road and requires physical fitness, skill and of course the health of your bike.

6- Picnic

Prepare a picnic table and go to Khalkhal for Islam. It requires neither skills nor equipment. Just try and get to the unique summer plains of this road.

7- Photography on the road from Islam to Khalkhal

Well, some people like me love photography and landscaping. Islam to Khalkhal is so spectacular and full of colors that even if you are not interested in photography, you will take at least a few photos with your mobile phone. Honestly, it is attractive to both amateur photographers and professionals here.

8- Watching the nomads

In the spring, when the weather warms up, the nomads move from the tropics to the summers of Islam to Khalkhal, and at the end of September, they migrate again to the winter quarters.

If you go to this dream road in hot seasons, you will have the chance to watch the different and attractive life of the nomads. If you have the opportunity to socialize and socialize, which is no longer light and you will be deeply fascinated by them.

9- Watching beehives

Beekeeping is the occupation of many people in the Islamic region of Khalkhal. A job that requires its own skills and undoubtedly has many charms in addition to its risks.

اولسبلنگاه گیلان؛ تجلی بهشت برین روی زمین

If you have always seen beekeeping and beehives in pictures and videos, the Islamic region of Khalkhal creates a good opportunity to watch these beehives up close.

10- Round belly

All the flavors on this trip are closest to their true taste. Forget the honey that smells of thyme and chamomile, the kebab made from fresh mutton, the buttermilk soup that is impossible to taste, the charcoal tea whose aroma and flavor are mixed together, and the fruits that are truly organic. In short, the loser of this journey is the one who rejects the food of the breasts.

Stay on the way from Islam to Khalkhal

In addition to the detached huts as well as the houses that are rented to Khalkhal in the villages on the outskirts of Islam, there are several eco-lodges along the way, and it is good to get acquainted with a few of them.

Buy souvenirs on Asalem Road

Along the way from Islam to Khalkhal, you will see ropes tied between trees and selling handicrafts. From women’s floral shirts to baskets, mats and baskets.

کندوهای عسل

If you visit the villages around the road, the variety of souvenirs will increase; Such as pure mountain honey and local fruits.

Precautions for traveling to Asalem Road

Although I have mentioned a few important points of the journey from Islam to Khalkhal, but because it is very important to know some points, I will tell you in more detail here to ease my mind and yours.There are no gas stations along the way from Islam to Khalkhal, and if your car tank is empty, you will get in trouble. So be sure to have enough gasoline before entering the road. The road is very winding. If you do not have enough driving skills, leave the driving to someone else and watch the scenery yourself. Rest assured you will have more fun! Although this road is dangerous and there is an urgent need for medical centers, there are no medical centers on the way from Islam to Khalkhal. During the rainy season, especially in winter, think about traveling to this area. You will not lose anything; In winter, the road is annoying cold, heavy snow and the anxiety of crossing the road is unsafe. The technical health of the car is very important in all road trips, but in Islam, Khalkhal is many times more important.

خرید سوغاتی در جاده اسالم به خلخال

The best time to hit the heart of the road from Islam to Khalkhal

However, I am one of those people who say that every season has its own beauty and one should not look for the best season. But this is not very true of the road from Islam to Khalkhal. This is for several reasons:

  • Unfortunately, this road is not very safe and is suitable even in parts without lighting and guardrails. As a result, traveling on this road in rainy and snowy times is not recommended at all.
  • Islam owes its beauty to its trees and summers, and summers are a place to stay in hot weather.
  • The cold weather in autumn and winter burns so much bone that it definitely affects the quality of your trip and does not allow you to enjoy enough.

70 km of compressed nature!

Islam to Khalkhal is a dream. No matter how much I say, his right will not be fulfilled. It has everything. Plains, mountains, springs, trees, anemones, various animals, local food, unique climate, sea, beach and everything else you have in mind about nature!

You may know of other areas that have all of these features, but certainly not within a short distance of 70 km. Islam to Khalkhal is exactly the son of Gilan and Ardabil, who remembers his blue eyes from his mother and his green body from his father. The same righteous child who is not a flower, but heaven itself!

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