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It is urgent to eliminate the danger from the historical water structures of Shushtar

ISNA / According to the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khuzestan, eliminating the risk of Shushtar historical water structures are emergency.

Seyed Hekmatollah Mousavi in ​​the National Conference on Strategies for Reviving the Tourism Industry in the Post-Corona Period, which was attended by members of the Heritage and Tourism Faction of the Majles, reminded that four historical monuments of Khuzestan have been registered worldwide so far: Only Triangle The golden capacities of Khuzestan, ie the three works that were registered in the world in the past, were also visited. This year, the railway was registered globally, and next year the caravanserais, which include the Shushtar caravanserai, will be registered worldwide. Also, the historical mosques of the country will be registered in the world soon.

he pointed out: Choghaznabil is the first world work of the country. Shushtar’s historic water structures are also the most unique in the world and perhaps the world, and continue to generate wealth and employment. Shush Castle is also the oldest ancient building in the country and some countries in the world Is.

Mousavi stated that these works need to be examined: he demands that a separate line of credit be established for each of these works; As such in world works in Pasargad we have.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khuzestan stated: The deterioration of these works needs repair and care, for which credit must be considered. The credit line should also be included in the discussion of the development of tourism on the south coast in the programs; As has been the case for several years, good credit has been provided for the development of tourism on the North Coast.

He continued: “We have more than 600 km of coastline in open waters, which should be worked in this area, and funds and facilities should be allocated for launching pleasure boats with the least profit.

Referring to the impact of the Corona virus outbreak on tourism, Mousavi added: “In these conditions, poor tourism in Khuzestan was severely damaged.” Of course, Khuzestan tourism also suffered a lot after the flood.

He emphasized: we must accept in the suitable weather conditions of the tourist province that we are ready, but few tourists come to Khuzestan.

Referring to the unknown tourist places and historical capacities of Khuzestan, he noted: “Apart from the closure of schools due to the corona outbreak, there are no other holidays for people to come to Khuzestan.” Therefore, the winter holidays should be approved.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khuzestan, emphasizing on determining the duties of Khuzestan Cultural Heritage staff, said: “We have about 300 personnel in the bases, many of whom are prominent university professors and work with about three million and a half per month.” And sometimes their salaries are delayed for months.

Emphasizing the need to change the status of employees, he said: “We have personnel for whom we do not have a recruitment line in the organizational chart that needs to be revised.

Mousavi, stating that it was emphasized that the force should not be recruited and expanded, added: “It is necessary to arm the forces of the protection unit.” Our forces engage with diggers and smugglers without any means of self-defense; Just as environmentalists become veterans when they are harmed or are martyred if they die, the forces of the protection unit, which are the real guardians of the preservation of our monuments and culture, must benefit from this capacity. “We need a lot of restoration credits,” he said. “We have more than 1,400 nationally registered works and thousands of unregistered works.” We have more than 1,200 hectares of approved historical texture with empty hands. Credit is required to preserve these works.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khuzestan said: we must become a helpable device to benefit from various aids. In the law of 1997, it was approved in the government that from four percent, the oil company can help some agencies in the form of social responsibilities, of which cultural heritage is not one of these agencies, while if only this case is considered for us, well The monuments and buildings will be preserved so that we do not need government funds.

He said that the elimination of the danger from water-historical structures is urgent, adding that the creation of infrastructure in the golden axis or the golden triangle also requires funds and facilities that should be helped, because if this axis is strengthened, the sense Competition will be created in the province. Mousavi added: “We are applying for the world registration of Izeh lithographs and these works have been on the UNESCO provisional list since 2007, but so far no opportunity has been given to it.” Therefore it must be supported. Dezful should be registered as a national handicraft city. “In the last one or two years, the tourism working group was eliminated, which led to the opposite, and this opportunity was taken to address the ultimate concern of tourism,” he said. Therefore, it is necessary to revive the tourism working group.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khuzestan said: “Definitely providing a visit to some historical monuments of Khuzestan will have short-term and long-term effects, which I hope will be visited in the future opportunities of Khuzestan’s great tourism potential.”

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