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Jenny Kish Castle; What is the truth?

At the very beginning of the article, it is better to say, if you are not high in excitement, fear and adrenaline, then close the page right now. But if you are very brave and you are interested in mysterious and scary places, be with Alibaba Tourism Magazine to visit Jenny Kish Castle and its legends To let. You do not have to watch horror movies to experience fear and excitement. You can experience this feeling by seeing and hearing from mysterious places. Local stories, legends and superstitions from eerie and terrifying places also create this kind of excitement in you. One of these places is Jenny Kish Castle.

What was Jenny Castle used for in the past?

This fort was formerly a gendarmerie station and headquarters of the military forces, and because of its convenient location and view, it was used as a place of guarding and surveillance.

Where is the address of Jenny Castle in Kish?

On World Road, you can see the castle before reaching the Greek ship and before the last square.

Is it possible to visit Jenny Castle right now?

The entrance doors of the castle are blocked with blocks, but you can enter the building from a narrow distance between them. There is no guard in this building to prevent you from entering this castle.

Are the stories told about Jenny Castle true?

The events that took place in Jenny Castle and the stories that are told about it, may be the product of people’s minds and imaginations. However, these legends are common among the local people of Kish.

Introduction to Jenny Kish Castle

On the island of Kish, there are small and abandoned castles near Greek ship that holds legends in its heart has done. You may not have even heard of Kish Island when you traveled. This place is known as Jenny Kish Castle. Visiting this castle at night is really scary. No locals are willing to accompany you on this visit. They believe that this fort has been conquered by the jinn.

This castle is like the underground city of Kariz Kish is one of the historical sights of the island. Visiting it like Kish Indigenous House will acquaint you with the culture and life of the past people of the island .

قلعه جنی کیش When we approach the sunset and the sky is dark As he learns, Jenny Kish Castle becomes a place of horror and horror. The sounds that can be heard from the water well near the castle and the howling of the wind make the fear of this area more and more. The name of the castle and the mentality that it inadvertently creates about it, makes you cautious to enter this area.

Fear may overwhelm you and you will never want to see this castle. The events that took place in Jenny Castle and the stories that are told about it may be the product of people’s minds and imaginations. However, these legends are common among the local people of Kish . Due to these stories, the entrance doors of Jenny Kish Castle are blocked with blocks, but you can enter the building from a narrow distance between them.

The castle building is rectangular and has two fortifications. These holes are fitted with square holes to protect the snipers. There are also places for guarding and marking around the walls, such as Kish Bird Park . The building is built on two floors and a small courtyard and garden can be seen in the middle. Kish Jen Castle

If you want to know more about the people of Kish, the article A look at the inhabitants of Kish Island from BC to the 21st century Read.

Local legends about the castle

Horror stories are told by many locals who have conquered this castle in paradise and should not be entered. Here are some examples of these stories. This not so large ruined building was in fact the checkpoint of the Border Regiment and the place of service of soldiers and gendarmerie officers. For many people, these stories were the reason why this castle was included in the Kish recreation places Account.

It was in the mid-1940s that there were repeated reports of ghost sightings at the checkpoint, and its personnel were forced to evacuate the checkpoint. Kish has become famous. The checkpoint staff believed that the goblins had captured the castle and were in possession of it. He acknowledged this, especially at night when there was a rumbling noise inside and around the castle. افسانه های محلی درباره قلعه جنی کیش One of the beliefs and events that take place between local people It is common in the case of Jenny Kish Castle, involving four soldiers who had to be on guard duty at night until the morning. The next morning, when the staff entered the checkpoint, they saw a strange scene that they had never expected. It was not clear what happened to the soldiers last night when all four fell to the ground with cold bodies and stunned, black faces.

After that incident, the checkpoint staff was no longer willing to stay there. But senior officers and officials did not believe this and did not allow the checkpoint to be evacuated. They considered the personnel’s fears to be unnecessary. Over time, this fear not only did not diminish, but increased day by day. To the point that other station officials could not resist and, under the pretext that the building was old, they evacuated it and moved the station to another location.

Another story about this is told by Kish sights among the locals. Since the castle is located on the route of a Greek ship, taxi drivers usually wait for passengers on this route after sunset. One of the drivers, after waiting for the passengers for a while, starts moving and goes to Jenny Castle. Unbeknownst to him, he arrives at Jenny Kish Castle, and by his bad luck, just then, it was the time of the goblins’ wedding.

jen castle inside

The driver sees the jinns, who had venom instead of legs, in long white clothes. Frightened, he turns off the car and lowers his head. He is forced to remain silent for several hours until the wedding is over. After evacuating the checkpoint, many stories and memories of Jenny’s castle have been narrated.

But it is not clear which is a fact and which is a product of people’s minds and imaginations. Some tourists and people who come to this place in the dark and in the middle of the night describe experiences that do not fit with reason! Experiences such as seeing people or creatures who were dissatisfied with the presence of visitors. Also, the heavy atmosphere of the castle had created the atmosphere for them. These stories have become so complex and popular among people that they have become part of their beliefs.

Even the most secluded parts of Kish Coral Beach or Kish Recreational Wharf They are not so crowded in the dark of midnight and do not cause excitement and fear of tourists and travelers of Kish.

Did you know the castle well?

Stories related to Jenny Castle and the Gendarmerie Station have attracted many adventurers and tourists who are interested in excitement and fear. Although this castle and its stories are unknown and mysterious, but at the same time, they are a good subject for increasing adrenaline. Of course, not everyone dares to visit this castle. So if you are very brave, it is recommended to visit this castle in the reservation of Kish ticket and your next trip to the island Also include it in your schedule.

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