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Kalut Shahdad Kerman; Man-made or nature?

Kalut Shahdad Kerman; Man-made or nature?

I recently read an article that said that no one can have all the arts and skills at the same time, and at the same time I was thinking about nature. Nature in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman Architect, in autumn Gisoom Forest. Qeshm Salt Cave is a sculptor and an artist in any part of the world, and in short, it is a violation example. Of course, the author also meant that there is no omnipotent human being!

In this article, I want to go to the art of natural architecture and talk about the martyrdom of Kerman. When it comes to the pyramids of Egypt , they say how could man build such a huge structure without technology and cranes? But if you look at the desert clods, a more interesting question arises: how can a building be built without human intervention?

Our virtual travel destination in this page of Alibaba Tourism Magazine , Kerman is; Kerman sights are a common art of humans and nature.

Where is Klut Shahdad?

Kerman province, old Bam-Kerman road, Shahdad road

What entertainment is available in Klut Shahdad?

Safari, camel riding, quad bikes, photography, watching the night sky

What is the temperature of Kalut Shahdad?

This area is known as the hottest spot on Earth and in summer days the temperature is 70 degrees.

Kalut and Barkhan: A Masterpiece of Natural Architecture in the Desert

Let’s practice a bit of geography first and see what Klut and Barkhan are. Simply put, everything about natural phenomena is specific to desert areas. Barkhan is a phenomenon that exists in many deserts, but Kalut is present in some special deserts such as the Lut Desert of Iran, the deserts of the United States and Egypt. Klut is a Persian modification that is created from the combination of the word “kol” and “lut”; The whole means the city and Lut is the desert of Lut; In geography, this phenomenon is called Yadrang.

Clout Properties

As you approach the cluster of Shahdad in Kerman, you will probably see a port! The big mirage you imagine the ship could float in and the buildings that are probably home to port people. But the sea ahead is just a mirage and no one lives in the building. If you leave the story to my imagination, I would say that nature has made these structures for the life of unknown desert creatures.

جاهای دیدنی کرمان

A little further on, the sands are dancing to a whirlwind instrument that if in There should be no desert, we should be surprised. If you walk on sand, you will feel the softness of the sand and you would like to dip your feet more in the sand; Depending on what time of day you choose to visit Klut, you will also feel the warmth or coldness of the moor.

When you get to Kalut, you think this area is also one of the works of Zand or Al-Buwayh architects. After a little care, you realize that what you see is a masterpiece of thousands of years of wind, soil and water. Wind in desert environments has great power in abrasing and shaping rocks. The grains of sand were shredded by the wind to carve the rocks and build the structures of the clot.

Features of Barkhan

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Barkhan is a type of sand dune that has a lower slope in the direction of the prevailing wind in the region and more on the other side. It is as if the wind had created a platform to jump into the sky by shaping the sand on the hill!

The sands of Barkhan are usually smooth and you have to be very careful when walking or driving. Exploring the desert is a scary and enjoyable job. Of course, if the guide is with you, you will never get to the scary parts, and all your memories of this natural attraction will be dry, fun and exciting.

کلوت و برخان

Kalut Shahdad Kerman: The World’s Largest Desert Builder

Klots exist in some large deserts, but none of them are as big as the martyrs of Kerman. Klut Shahdad is similar to the capital of an ancient civilization. A civilization in which no one lives now, and when you walk through it you hear no sound but the sound of the wind howling among the clumpy skyscrapers of the city. Klut Shahdad is a bit scary and if you give a little thought to this idea about this area, your hair will stand out!

کلوت شهداد

Kerman is a land with a length of 145 km and a width of 40 km and windmill buildings can be seen throughout its area. Of course, to this day, no one has gone too far into the unknowns of Kalut and it is still a vague and mysterious land. Maybe somewhere in the middle of a water well, or where a large meteorite hit the ground, or maybe a dinosaur bone was buried somewhere, the vastness of the Loot Desert is so large that it can hide many stories in its heart.

The temperature of Kalut Shahdad is very high and it is known as one of the geothermal poles of the earth and a temperature of 70 degrees has been recorded in it. There is an unequal struggle between life and death in this region; The saline water and soil and the temperature of Kalut Shahdad Kerman erase any sign of life!

قدمت کلوت

It is narrated that a cow died in this area in 1365 and 15 years later, deserters found its healthy and dry body. . This means that even carnivores do not survive in this area. Of course, humans are travelers to this dreadful and unknown land and show a trace of life to this region!

When did the art of nature start in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman?

In Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, metal artifacts and human life have been found and it tells a scary and sad story. A story that will make you tremble if you sit around a fire on a desert night and listen to it. Archaeologists have found man-made objects and metal artifacts in the area, indicating that humans once lived in the area.

Archaeologists say the artifacts date back to 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, and since they were found in sand and salt, we know that the land was inhabited before the formation of Kalut.

قدمت کلوت شهداد

Probably the story is that in a great flood, life and civilization in this area were destroyed and now nothing is left but soil and sand. Perhaps somewhere in the depths of the sands of Kalut, traces of ancient civilization can be seen, and the Kalut mansions are monuments to what nature has built underground for that civilization! One of the reasons this area is named Klut (meaning the city of Lut or a city in Lut) is a relatively true myth.

Nature has not yet given up the architecture of Kalut Shahdad in Kerman and is still changing the appearance of old rocks and sand dunes with the help of the 120-day saline river and winds blowing from Sistan. If you saw Clout a few years ago and visit it again this year, none of the rocks are likely to look like what you saw before.

دیدنی های کلوت شهداد

The Shur River flows in the heart of the Lut Desert, keeping the towers and ramparts of Kalut moist; The wind, with its sand blade, rubs its hands on the wet rocks and scratches them. Wet rocks are easier to wear and this is a unique combination of water, wind and soil.

This region is the largest Yadrang phenomenon in the world and the hottest spot on the planet, so it is not surprising that its name has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in addition to the list of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization.

Shahdad region coloring for deserters and tourists

Walking in nature, especially in desert areas, is the most risky type of tourism, but the beauties of this region are so great that you can not miss them! One of the ways to guide tourists in the region and prevent possible damage caused by desert climbing is to divide this region into green, orange and red colors.

Klut green is an area that does not require professional desert climbing and can be visited by anyone. Two kilometers from Shahdad-Nehbandan road is a green area and tourists generally visit this area. All recreational facilities of Kalut Shahdad Kerman are located in the green area. At first glance, you might think that you can not see the cliffs and towers of Kalut at a distance of two kilometers, but these towers start from the beginning of the range and these two kilometers are enough to understand the glory and grandeur of the mysterious land.

رنگبندی منطقه کلوت

Visiting the orange and red areas requires skills in desert climbing, professional equipment such as a good car and a guide. In the red zone, skills and equipment become more important, and even experienced deserters may be at risk. The Environment Organization has reddened part of the area to prevent deserters from joining the buried civilization of Klut Shahdad, and only certain people are allowed to enter it!

Natural characteristics of Kalut Shahdad Kerman

In Shahdad desert, a river flows 200 km long. When this river originates from Birjand mountains, it has fresh water, but when it passes through the sand and salt of Lut desert, a large amount of salt dissolves in it. This river is one of the saltiest waters in the world, which is practically not drinkable for living organisms and can not be used for plants.

The salinity of the river shows us the high percentage of salt in the sands and rocks of this desert. The ground cover is sand in most parts of the region, and due to the saline river in it, if you dip your hand, you will feel a little moisture and the sand will stick to your hand. Of course, the amount of soil moisture also depends on its distance from the river. In some places, the amount of salt in the soil increases and instead of soft sand, you see salt flats in which there are salt rocks with unique shapes such as sugar, eggs.

کلوت شهداد

No one expects blue in the heart of the desert That is why they are surprised when tourists see the Shahdad Salt Lake. The water of this lake is so salty that in some parts of the coast, the salt in it settles and creates salty traces with beautiful shapes. Everything is salted in this lake!

Signs of life in Kalut Shahdad Kerman

Life is a foreign word for Kalut Shahdad; Shahdad accommodation camp is the last place where you can live. Of course, the presence of travelers and tourists in this area means life. Shahdad is a good host for life for only a few days, and after that, the salt water and temperature of Kalut Shahdad invites you to return home!

کلوت شهداد

Vegetation can be seen on the way to Kalout and in the early parts of Kalout Shahdad. In some places, the passage of the ancient flood of the ruined house can be seen, and there are teak bushes along this route. Stragal shrubs are another hardy plant that is compatible with desert ruthlessness. But when you get to the inner courtyard of the clot, the vegetation runs out. It seems that plants are also familiar with the dangers of the orange and red region of Shahdad region and do not enter it!

Tourist attractions and sights of Kalut Shahdad

The desert is a lifeless attraction and Kalut Shahdad Kerman has a spectacular attraction as much as the days it hosts you. Walking in this area is a lovely pastime, because the soft sand caresses your feet. If you want to get your feet deeper, watch out for insects in the sand.

دیدنی های کلوت

Walking should be before sunrise or after sunset. When the sun is in the sky, the earth and the air become so hot that not only do you not enjoy the sights of Kerman and Kalut Shahdad of Kerman, but you also forget why you came on this trip at all! But if the sun shines a little more kindly, there are many sights and sounds in the area of ​​Kalut Shahdad.

Shoor River: The constant flow of water in the desert

The Shoor River originates from the Birjand Mountains and leads to an area called the salt mine pit. It flows in all seasons, but it is so salty that no living thing can use it. By being in this region, you think you have entered a planet that has water and soil, but because of the excessive salinity, humans can not live on it. The Kalout salt river has turned Shahdad Kerman into a juicy Mars.

دریاچه کلوت

Polygons: Geometry in the desert

In previous episodes, I talked about salt and wind arrangements in this area. Hexagonal salt deposits are called polygons. These sediments are mostly seen around the lake and are one of the natural attractions of Kalut Shahdad Kerman. Of course, you may also see this phenomenon in the surrounding salt fields. The polygons are a geometric masterpiece of nature and remind me of a beehive on the ground.

باید و نباید کویر

Lake Kalut or Young: The real mirage of Kalut

When I approached Kalut from a distance, I saw many mirages, so when the young lake of Kalut Shahdad appeared from afar, I thought it was a mirage! But as we got closer, I realized that when there is water in the hottest part of the world, it means nothing is impossible!

Young Lake is a unique attraction in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, which is both large and very spectacular. Salt has deposited on the shores of the lake and its association with polygons has created a unique combination. You can stop for a while by the lake on the off-road route of Kalut Shahdad and go to calm down with a little excitement.

دریاچه کلوت

Salt Fields: Walking on a salty path

In traditional medicine, washing the feet with salt is highly recommended, because it relieves fatigue from the feet and is a light factor. Now imagine that there is a salt path that you can walk on and revitalize your feet. After all, the foot is our second heart and needs rest and care.

Shahdad salt flats are not much different from other salt flats in Iran; The only difference between them and other salt fields is that while walking, you can watch the clumpy and earthen towers of Kalout Shahdad in Kerman. The view around Shahdad salt flats is different from what you see in other salt flats.

نمکزارهای کویری


Nebka is a work of horticulture and natural floriculture in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman! When you see them, you think someone has made a pot with sand and planted turmeric bushes in them. As we have said, there is vegetation in the first part of Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, and it is in this area that the nebkas can be seen. Some of these nebkas are very tall and look like giant pots. The wonders of the Loot Desert are so great that it is conceivable that all the mythical creatures in the movies and books live in this area and have left their mark!

Kalut Shahdad and recreational facilities that you have not experienced before

You may have been convinced by the previous episode that Kalut Shahdad Kerman has many attractions and you should definitely see it, but we have just reached the exciting parts of desert climbing in this area. In addition to walking on sand and salt marshes and seeing rivers and lakes, there are more exciting things you can do. Doing things that make your eyes sparkle with excitement and you clench your fists!

کلوت شهداد

Watch the night sky

Klut’s attractions are not limited to the earth, and there are many spectacular diamonds and jewels in the sky. The night sky shows that he also knows the nature of the art of jewelry making and knows how to carve stars and put them together so that people can keep their fingers crossed!

If you spend the night in the clutches of Shahdad, Kerman, you will probably not be able to take your eyes off the sky and discover something new in this flawless jewelry painting at any moment. You like to connect the stars and create new shapes. Seeing the desert night sky of this region, the astronomer wakes up inside you and you would like to take astronomy or astronomy photography courses after returning from a trip!

تماشای آسمان شب

Many researchers and astronomers spend the night in the Loot Desert, taking photographs like no other in the world. The feast is complete when an astronomical event such as a meteor shower or the passing of a comet occurs on the same night and you witness it. By spending the night in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, you will realize that the night sky, the hottest spot on earth, is as spectacular as the sky, the coldest spot with aurora borealis.

riding camel

Living for a few hours in the style of the Bedouin Arabs in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, is an interesting experience. Moving on camels, eating camel milk and staying in tents or buildings made of natural desert materials take you back to a thousand years ago, when the Arabs lived this way.

Camel riding is a difficult but fascinating experience. If you ride a camel when you get up, you will feel that you are falling down at any moment, and of course, if you do not listen to the words of the rider, the same thing will happen! If the camel is standing from the beginning, you have to go on a stool and then ride. In my opinion, the camel is the hardest vehicle to ride!


Things get better after that, because the camel is one of the slowest animals that humans use to move around. The animal walks slowly on the sands of Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, the sound of the wind and the camel bell resonating in your ears. The wind moves the debris and sands of the desert.

In order for the sun not to burn your skin, you should wear a headscarf or a scarf and you can not find anything but your eyes. In this situation, you would probably expect someone to ride a horse from a distance and bring you a letter so that everything is exactly like the movies you have seen since then.

جاهای دیدنی کرمان

Safari or Offroad Kalut Shahdad Kerman

Now that you have experienced the ancient Bedouin lifestyle, let’s move on to the modern Bedouin and their exciting lifestyle. If you are not excited and do not like to be afraid, release adrenaline and heartbeat, it is better to skip this fun.

سافاری در کویر

Safari in Kalut Shahdad, Kerman is an indescribable pastime, like a lonely halva that you do not know how to eat! Off-road vehicles are rented on an hourly basis at Camp Clout, and if you do not have experience driving in the desert, the driver will be with you.

It starts when you feel like you are sinking in the sand and the car is no longer moving; Eventually it gets to the point where a big tornado of sand rises behind you, you are on a steep slope and you feel the car hovering a few moments at a time and vice versa staying on the ground!

The good news is that you do not turn left or sink in the sand, as the area is safe for a professional driver. I think the brain creates these thoughts one after the other to increase the excitement of work!

دریاچه کلوت

In short, when you get out of the safari car, your voice is probably muffled, because you are free to scream as much as you like and vent your excitement in any way you want. Of course, you will probably look like people who have just escaped the storm, full of sand, messy hair and dazed faces!

The four-wheeled motor of Shahdad Kerman is a balance that does not move as slowly as a camel and is not as exciting as a safari. Of course, this also depends on you. Some people like to experience a lot of excitement with a four-wheeled motorcycle and that is why they go to the sand dunes and its slope!

کلوت شهداد

These engines are rented on an hourly basis and do not require a driver. By following the safety tips, you can drive them yourself. It is better to wear clothes that do not let the sand in, otherwise you will be emptying the sand from your clothes for several hours.

Since the four-wheeled engine has no roof or walls, you will feel all the ups and downs you go through with the depths of existence. Jump up and down with each bump, and you may have a small jump after each hill. If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

پوشش گیاهی


The more we talk, the happier our friend is! Camera and photography is a tourist cave and it is almost impossible to travel somewhere and not take pictures. By traveling to Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, you will probably have a photo for your profile for up to a year, and if you are a photo printer and you like the good feeling of flipping through the album, it will be one of your most memorable albums from the desert trip to Kalut Shahdad.

In Shahdad desert, you can sit on the sand, stand along the sun, throw the sand in the air (of course, watch your eyes) and jump with your friends and take photos. Desert is a popular photography location for single and group photos.

جاهای دیدنی کرمان

Be careful when visiting Kalut Shahdad Kerman…

Even if you do not intend to enter the orange and red area and stay in the green area, you should have the necessary facilities for walking and having fun in the desert. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to desert climbing.

  • Do not enter the orange and red areas without a permit and a guide familiar with the area.
  • The best way to visit Kalut Shahdad Kerman is to accompany a tourist tour.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes that do not penetrate the sand. Do not forget the sun hat or cap.
  • Bring sunglasses, sunscreen and essential personal items. Buy everything you need from the city, there are not many shopping facilities in Klut.
  • Beware of biting creatures. They may rest in the shade of hills and shrubs during the day and bite if you approach them.
  • If you are bitten, be sure to take yourself to a rescuer. If such a person is not available, block the artery by tying a cloth to prevent toxins from entering the bloodstream. Suck the bite site.
  • If you plan to spend the night outside the Shaldad camp in Kerman, be sure to join professional desert climbers.
  • Do not make loud noises, make large fires and dump garbage. The best tourists are those who do not leave a mark after leaving.
  • Be prepared for disconnection of the antenna and the Internet and inform your loved ones in advance how long you will stay in Kalut.

The best time to visit Kalut Shahdad

The temperature of Kalut Shahdad in Kerman in the warm seasons of the year, which starts in mid-May and lasts until the end of September, is so high that no tour is held in this area. The best time to visit Kalut Shahdad is the cool seasons and from autumn and winter to spring.

If you are planning to go to this area when there is not a large crowd, it is better to plan on non-holiday days, for example, during Nowruz and the days close to it, the number of travelers in Kerman is high and most of them visit Kalut Shahdad in They put their program.

تفریحات کلوت شهداد

Does tourism in Kalut Shahdad Kerman need special conditions?

In the past, visiting Kalut Shahdad was not possible for the general public, and only professionals could obtain a permit to enter the area. The beauty of this area was so great that it could not be left out of the list of places of interest in Kerman, and this issue forced the officials to think of a solution. The best solution that was finally implemented was to color the areas of Kalut Shahdad.

In the green area of ​​Kalout Shahdad, Kerman, there are welfare, recreational and even accommodation facilities and everyone can visit it; Everything you read in this article was about the green area of ​​Kalut Shahdad. Professional deserters who wish to go further in Kalut and enter the orange and red range must obtain a permit from the Environment Agency.

کلوت شهداد

To obtain this permit, it is examined whether the group members have the necessary skills for navigation and desert climbing. The equipment and facilities used for desert climbing are also examined.

Where is Klut Shahdad?

Klut Shahdad is located near the city of the same name. The height of this clot is 430 meters above sea level and its distance to Lut plain is 30 kilometers. This area is located near the Takab Plain and the huge sand dunes east of the desert.

کلوت شهداد کجاست؟

Kalut Shahdad Kerman on Google Map

Clout access path

Address: Kalut: Old Bam-Kerman road, Sirich road, Shahdad road, Kalout Shahdad.

To access Kalut Shahdad Kerman, leave Kerman and go to Bam through the old road. After 35 km, you will reach the city of Sirich and you have to go to Shahdad road. There is a crossroads called Shahdad-Golbaft on this road. Go to Shahdad and continue your way. Little by little, the natural structures of Klut appear before your eyes and you reach your destination.

مسیر دسترسی

Kerman sights are a combination of handmade and natural antiquities

In just a few pages of Kalut Shahdad Kerman’s article, we mentioned thousands of natural arts, from sculpture and architecture to gardening and tree planting! Our ancestors also joined hands with nature and built the sights of Kerman together. Many people only pay attention to the historical sights of Kerman and their mistaken belief is that in a desert environment there can be no attraction.

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