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Kandovan village of East Azerbaijan; The only rock village in Iran

You must have heard about a village in the heart of rocks and stone houses like a beehive! Kandovan village of East Azerbaijan is one of the three rock villages in the world and is originally one of the villages of Sahand district. goes. The biggest known attraction of this village is its creation by the activities of volcanic mountains in the region. Join us in reading this article to know where Kandovan village is and to know the weather condition of Kandovan village.

This village is considered for its special architecture and was registered in the list of national monuments; A special indigenous architectural method in which no materials such as plaster, sand, brick are used and the only thing I like is the engraving on the rocks. This way of architecture and the flow of life is an exception in this world, because no one lives in the two rocky villages in Turkey and the United States. In the hive houses of this village, there are ordinary parts such as kitchen, room, living room and they have water and gas in the form of piping and wiring. Most of these houses are not equipped with heating and cooling systems, because due to their diameter of 2 meters, they will be naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

The ancient and impressive atmosphere of Kandovan village is the existence of 117 families inside the hive-shaped houses who live their lives through animal husbandry, agriculture and handicrafts. As we described their houses as beehives, honey is one of the most important and best products of this village. The height of the beautiful beehive-shaped houses in the village of Kandovan in East Azerbaijan has reached about 40 meters and the wall thickness is decreasing from the bottom to the top. The lower floors are often used as stables and peers due to the problem of skylights, and the upper floors are used as residential areas.

According to the article, where is Kandovan village? You should know that the borders are not connected from inside due to the rocky structure, and therefore, to access the upper floors, the stairs are made of rocks and add to the beauty of the village. . In the upper floors, due to the less thickness of the walls, it is easier to create windows and skylights, and most of them are made of wood and checkered. Kandovan village has facilities and sections such as mosque, school and are located next to the passages and due to the slope of the land, living quarters and warehouses.

Some archaeologists attribute the village to pre-Islamic times, and others believe that due to the Mongol invasion, people who originally lived in a village called Cunning, in the seventh century AH to save lives They migrated to this village and dug these borders to provide shelter.

According to the article, where is Kandovan village, you should know that the village attracts many nomads due to its very pleasant and suitable climate and having green pastures.

There are currently only three rock villages in the world; Cappadocia Turkey , Dakota USA and Kandovan Iran as mentioned. Historical work Turkey It is 15 to 20 times larger than Kandovan village, in many ways similar to this village.

As mentioned, honey is the most important souvenir of this village. After that, dried fruits such as apricots and cherries are items that can be found here in different seasons such as summer due to the climate of Kandovan village.

Considering the position of Kandovan as one of the three rock villages in the world, Laleh stone has been established for the comfort and well-being of tourists, whose number exceeds 300 thousand people annually. Kandovan village has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists and therefore, is one of the tourism destinations of Azerbaijan province.

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