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Kashan historical houses; Brick’s History Brick

Kashan historical houses; Brick’s History Brick

“I am from Kashan, my days are not bad, I have a piece of bread, I have a taste for taste.”

These are the lines of Sohrab that mean Kashan to us. But we all know that Kashan is much more than that. Kashan’s past has many stories to tell. All these stories can be read within the walls of the historical houses of Kashan. When we walk through the streets of Kashan, we can feel the scent of history among the flowers of the wall. If you want to be in Kashan this week by reading these sentences, read this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine to better understand the old houses of Kashan Know.

Tabatabai House is one of the most famous historical houses in Kashan, which in addition to being more than 100 years old, has many stories with it.

Kashan, Alavi Street

Kashan historical houses are divided into two categories: those that have become native dwellings and those that are only visitable. Kashan native residences have all the necessary amenities. Kashan’s historic houses, which are only visitable, sometimes have a souvenir house, a pantry, a cafe, and a teahouse.

Kashan, Fazel Naraghi St., Farhang Alley, No. 31

1- Tabatabai House, Ghajri House of a Carpet Trader

Go to Kashan in the spring and see the Tabatabai’s house, a magnificent 40-room house built during the Qajar period. Iranian architecture has an interesting philosophy, part of which is observed in this house. The first thing about this house is that it was built underground. That means you have to go down a few steps to reach the backyard. Why? This protected the house from earthquakes and noise.

خانه طباطبایی ها Another point about the historical houses of Kashan is that each part of the house has a separate purpose and use and has its own decorations. The outside of the house was used for public work and the family’s daily commute, but the inside was for the daily life of family members; And the emperor is also for the guests. The Tabatabai family even had a complete section and yard for the house crew. The beautiful plastering of this building, the beautiful courtyards, the blue and square pools in each courtyard, the small colored windows and everything in this house are beautiful and the warmth and historical originality.

Tabatabai House Address: Kashan, Alavi St.

2- Abbasid House, a masterpiece of Iranian architecture

Imagine a 7,000-square-foot, five-story, five-story house that dates back to 1245. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Abbasid house is considered one of the most beautiful historical houses in Kashan. The Abbasid house also starts from the lower level of the earth and has the same characteristics of the Tabatabai house.

One of the things that makes the Abbasid house one of the most beautiful historical houses in Kashan is its colorful and amazing beds. These plasters along with the colored windows of the rooms have given a magical atmosphere to different parts of the building. The Abbasid house was built by Haj Mohammad Ibrahim, one of the rich and famous tile merchants of Kashan.

خانه عباسیان، شاهکار معماری ایرانی After his death, the heirs of the building divided it into five parts and sold it to different people. Years later, Mr. Abbasian bought the outer yard for 1,000 tomans and his name remained on the house.

Today, most parts of the house have been reunited and are covered by the Kashan Municipality Recreational Welfare Organization. That’s why there are several cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, syrup bars and textile weaving in different parts of the house that can make your visit even more memorable.

Abbasian House Address: Kashan, Alavi St., Sultan Amirahmad Alley

3- Boroujerdi house, a house with the traces of perfection

As soon as the name Kamal al-Mulk comes up, we know that we are dealing with a complete masterpiece. The house of the Boroujerdis does not disappoint us in any way. This is one of the historical houses of Kashan, which was decorated with oil and watercolors for the first time. The Boroujerdi house belongs to Haj Jafar Tabatabai’s son-in-law, who is the owner of the Tabatabai house.

To decorate this house, the arts of gilding, woodcarving, Mogharnas and carpentry have been used. All the courtyard tiles are decorated with paintings of various fruits and delicacies. There are also murals in the rooms that depict beautiful stories of Iranian history and literature. Now that we are talking about the story, the Boroujerdi house itself is one of the historical houses of Kashan, behind which lies a beautiful story.

خانه های تاریخی کاشان The story is that Seyed Mehdi Boroujerdi falls in love with the daughter of Seyed Jafar Tabatabai and the condition of marriage is that the groom has a house that is from the father’s father’s house. Be bigger and more glorious. Finally, the loving groom, with the help of his father, starts building the bride’s dream house.

But building a house more than 100 years ago was not that easy. The construction of the Boroujerdi house took 18 years, and during this period the young couple lived in the house of the groom’s father.

Seyed Mehdi Boroujerdi laid the foundation stone for the construction of this house and used the help of Maryam Kashani, Sania Al-Molk and Kamal Al-Molk for the architecture and interior decoration of this house. The architecture of the house is designed to be warm in winters and cool in summers. Of course, this is one of the characteristics of all original Iranian houses.

Boroujerdi House Address: Kashan, Alavi St.

4- Ameri House, a five-star hotel today

Ameri House is one of the historical houses of Kashan, the reconstruction and restoration process of which was completed in 2014. This 85-room building was built during the Zandieh era and is one of the most magnificent buildings in the city. One of the most interesting things about the Ameri house is its perfectly symmetrical architecture. This means drawing a line from the middle of each side of the building, the two sides of which are exactly the same. Of course, this is true of many other traditional Iranian buildings.

خانه عامری ها، هتل پنج ستاره امروز The plastering of this building is unique in its kind. The interior decoration of this building has been completely preserved during the renovation process, so staying in the traditional residence of Ameri House can be a wonderful experience for you. Imagine opening your eyes and finding yourself in a house more than 150 years old.

Address of Ameri house: Kashan, Mullah Mir Ahmad neighborhood, Alavi street

5- Monk’s house, Kashani house with Yazdi windbreak

The monk’s house is one of the old houses in Kashan, which was built in the middle of the Qajar period and was renovated in 2010 by Ali Akbar Hali. This 200-year-old house is equipped with the most modern facilities possible today and provides comfortable accommodation for travelers of Mahinestan Raheb Hotel.

This house has three separate courtyards, an outer courtyard, an inner courtyard, and a crew courtyard. And of course a windbreak that made the air cool and pleasant for the residents on hot summer days. If you decide to stay at Mahinestan Hotel, trying the traditional food of Kashan in the restaurant of this hotel is not a bad idea.

خانه راهب، خانه کاشانی با بادگیر یزدی Imagine eating in a 200-year-old house with colorful windows and unique bedding. Even thinking about the age and history of this house makes the food look more delicious and the syrup more palatable.

Another possibility that you get by staying at the monk’s house, is the chance to tour Kashan for free with the hotel’s tourist guide. This guide shows you all the sights of the city in one day and tells you all the amazing stories of Kashan’s historic houses.

Address of the monk’s house: No. 31, Farhang Alley, Fazel Naraghi St., Kashan

6- Sharifian House, one of the historical houses of Kashan and a reminder of the elders of the family

Sharifian House was built in 1230 and has a tortuous history. A house where you keep the story in your heart for 170 years, it is clear that its walls will not withstand this time. This house is one of the historical houses of Kashan, which has been neglected a little and needs a lot of attention and restoration.

خانه شریفیان، از خانه های تاریخی کاشان و یادآور بزرگان فامیل One of the most beautiful aspects of Sharifian House is its royal emirate, which is located on the south side of the house. In addition, the bedspreads and decorations on the walls and ceiling dazzle the eyes of every viewer. Of course, if you ask any Kashani, what is the main characteristic of Sharifian House? It is probably said that its arched arch is built on the south side of the building and protrudes slightly from the main view.

Visiting this house will probably remind you of your grandparents’ house, where no one dared to open the door after they died. Now the house is left alone with its big and small memories and the desire to live again and reflect the sound of children playing and laughing.

Sharifian House Address: Kashan, Alavi St., Sadr Alley

7- Raisian House, newly renovated Ghajri House

The house of the chiefs was built in the early Qajar period. Like many other old houses in Kashan, this house was registered as a national monument of Iran. Even the Kashan Cultural Heritage Office has recently completely renovated it and touched its doors and walls.

When you enter the house of the bosses, at first glance, you will be attracted by the simplicity and at the same time the grandeur of the house. Bed linen that gives the house a special character at the same time. Arches and engravings that show the artist’s hands that he has been working on for days and months. The house of the chiefs also consists of two parts, the outer and the inner; But the interesting thing is that the house is surrounded by the courtyards of these two parts, so that the buildings are in the middle of the ground.

خانه رئیسیان، خانه قجری نونوار شده Another attraction of the royal house is its summer and royal porches, which take you exactly to the space of Ghajri movies. It is as if if you stand in the middle of this porch for a few moments and close your eyes, little by little, the characters of the story of this house come to life and sit in front of you. Of course, the house of the chiefs also has a windbreak that gives life to sleep under the light of the stars on spring and summer nights.

Address of Raeisian House: Kashan, Sultan Mir Ahmad neighborhood

8- Black house, another garden pit house

Black House or Ismail House, like many other historical houses in Kashan, is built below ground level. To reach the main courtyard of the house, you have to go down a few steps. This is one of the few historical houses in Kashan that has only one courtyard, but the cellars of this house are one of its main attractions.

خانه مشکی، یک خانه گودال باغچه دیگر Black house built in the early Qajar period and the most important Its part is royal. This room is traditionally for guests and has the best and most beautiful home decorations. The delicate and beautiful bedspreads of this room are unique in their kind. In addition, the mirrors, thin and beautiful windows, and stained glass of this room will dazzle you.

Black House Address: Kashan, Darb Isfahan neighborhood

9- Masterpiece of Kashan historical houses

Another masterpiece of Kashani architecture is Attarha House. This house, like many other old houses in Kashan, dates back to the Qajar period and has 3 separate courtyards. The interesting thing about this style of house is that at first glance you do not see much of the house, just a front yard and front view of the building. But in fact, these houses are labyrinths of culture, art and history.

Attar’s house is generally 470 square meters, but some architects believe it was part of a larger complex. What is certain, however, is that the crypts and windbreaks of this house played an important role in the well-being and tranquility of its inhabitants. In addition, the royal house with its domed roof and beautiful Yazidi decorations can easily dazzle you for a long time.

خانه های تاریخی کاشان

Walking between these historic houses is not just about remembering the past and seeing the customs. These houses have been secrets that have been sealed for decades, inhabited by people who have many dreams and fears. These are all things that keep the spirits of these houses alive and do not allow them to be reduced to ashes.

Attarha House Address: Kashan, Ayatollah Kashani St., Shahid Abhari Moghaddam St.

10- A just house, a house of happy memories

To be honest, Adel’s house was more fortunate than Attar, Meshki, and Raisian’s houses. Why? Because this house is still flooded with light and life, and the flow of travelers is going on in it. In 1993, a person named Adel bought this house and renovated it into a hotel at his own expense.

Today, hotel travelers are lucky enough to have breakfast in the backyard and find themselves in the place of Ghajri residents.

خانه های تاریخی کاشان A just house is also known as a house not nine. This house has an amazing symmetry that wherever you look, you will see exactly the same view. In addition, the bright rooms and the colorful windows of the rooms of this house give you a sense of antiquity and glory, and at the same time, security and peace of family.

As mentioned, Adel House has become an eco-lodge these days. This residence has all the facilities of a comfortable hotel. Examples include a private bathroom, Wi-Fi internet access, a teahouse and a traditional cafeteria. In short, by staying in this house, you will have both the old and interesting life of Qajar and the facilities of a modern and up-to-date hotel.

Adel House Address: Kashan, Fazel Naraghi St., Farhang Sixth (No Cham Alley), Morvarid Historical House (Adel)

The last word

In short, Kashan is one of the cities that should remain as future generations. This city and its historic homes remind visitors where we have been and what the magnificent era will go back. If you go to Kashan from a modern and industrial city, it’s likely that the silence and streets of the streets and streets of Kashan will surprise you. This is an experience that anyone should have once in your life. Do not like this, close the trip and drown yourself in the sky of rain and historical houses.

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