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Kathmandu Travel Guide; The 2000-year-old capital of Nepal

Kathmandu Travel Guide; The 2000-year-old capital of Nepal

Kathmandu is estimated to be 2,000 years old. The capital Nepal is located in the middle of a large valley between four mountains. Kathmandu literally means wooden canopy and the reason for this name is the type of architecture of the city in which there were many wooden canopies. It is especially interesting for tourists to see an old town with its narrow streets and ancient architecture, which has dozens of nested temples and modern buildings. More than one million people live in Kathmandu, and most of this population is Buddhist. Join us in a Kathmandu Travel Guide to guide you through Get to know the famous sights of Kathmandu .


In 2015, a severe earthquake shook the region, causing heavy casualties. The quake destroyed a number of historic areas in the city. Including to a large extent destroying Darbar Square , a Nepalese UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, many of the city’s attractions still stand, and Kathmandu still retains its historic spirit. With the development of the tourism industry in the capital of Nepal, the number of travelers to this region is increasing every year. To travel to Kathmandu, you must be interested in adventure and discovery. When traveling to Kathmandu, it is very possible for tourists to be stuck in traffic for hours in an old shed.

You can walk in hidden temples full of beautiful flowers; Visit rice farms and go to workshops. On this trip you will get to know a small part of the artistic and natural heritage of the people of Kathmandu. This is an exceptional opportunity. In order to have enough time on your trip to discover the famous sights of Kathmandu, you should provide travel time of at least one week.

داستان این شهر دیدنی

Kathmandu spring is between February and May, and this is the time when colorful flowers and blossoms fill the nature of this city. This is a good time for travelers who are attracted to natural attractions. From the end of September to November, due to the favorable weather, various celebrations and festivals are held and this time is the peak of tourists in Kathmandu. According to the Kathmandu Travel Guide, you should know that the Kathmandu region gets cold in January and December, and traveling to Kathmandu in the cold season is not recommended.

تقویم سفر

One of the most memorable experiences, according to the Kathmandu Travel Guide, is the taste of traditional food. You can try these foods in the Kathmandu Valley. The main foods in this area are rice and vegetables. In one of the luxury streets of this area you can go to Fire and Ice Restaurant Go and get the best traditional Italian food. This old restaurant opened in 1995 and soon became the most famous pizzeria in the city. If you want to eat among the affluent families while traveling to Kathmandu, you can go to this restaurant.

رستوران Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Bhojan Griha Restaurant is a historic site. About 150 years ago, this restaurant was the residence of one of the royal priests, but now it is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. The restaurant has a capacity of more than 250 people and the performance of traditional and folk music of Nepal in the restaurant has a good atmosphere. Youngling Restaurant serves its guests with steamed vegetables and hot noodle soup. This restaurant has a good reputation for its quality.

yangling tibetan restaurant

to eat a thrill mix Enjoy European and Asian cuisine and visit the Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop. The kitchen uses natural and organic products from local farms to cook its food. One of the coolest restaurants in Kathmandu is Caesar Cafe. The restaurant serves its food in the surrounding lush gardens and its coffee is extremely popular.

کافه قیصر

To travel to Nepal, you must obtain a tourist visa from this country. In the first step, go to the Nepal Visa Order website and get the visa form online. Fill it out and after receiving the reply from the Nepal Consulate, send documents such as passport, copy of the second and third pages of the passport and two photos to Nepal Consulate . Use Qatar, UAE, Turkish or Oman airlines to travel to Kathmandu.

چگونه برویم؟

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore Kathmandu’s most famous landmarks:

  • Many Kathmandu streets do not have specific names, making it very difficult for an unfamiliar traveler to find their way.
  • The city has heavy traffic that sometimes lasts for hours.
  • The best way to get around the famous sights of Kathmandu is by walking. But there are also long distances that make this difficult.
  • You can use Rishka instead of a taxi. This local vehicle will help you to visit the famous sights of Kathmandu.
تاکسی و ریشکاسواری

In different seasons of the year, the people of Nepal hold different celebrations. These celebrations, which are also part of the country’s tourist attractions, are rooted in the culture and religion of the people and are even considered as one of the tourist attractions of Kathmandu.

جشنواره های کاتماندو

Excitement of colors

Holi is one of the common ceremonies between the people of India and Nepal. The ceremony takes place in one of the months of February or March and is famous for the great excitement it creates in the city. This is the beginning of spring in the country. Holi is a public holiday all over India. People celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring in nature at this time, which is an official holiday according to the Indian calendar. In this celebration, according to an old tradition, the people of each region sprinkle water and special pigments on each other, as well as perform music and dance to the server and dance.

In this happy ritual, all people, men and women, old and young, participate and believe that with the arrival of spring, light once again triumphed over darkness and good over triumph over evil. On this day, people scatter colorful powders. If you want to participate in Holi, wear an old dress, because at the end of the ceremony you will not be able to use it anymore. According to a travel guide to Kathmandu, you should know that the Holi celebration is a full day.

rain celebration

The rainy season in Kathmandu ends in September with rising temperatures. At this time, an important festival is held in the city; Indra Festival, also known as the God of Gods and the God of Rain and Lightning. This Nepalese god is always riding a huge white elephant. According to a travel guide to Kathmandu, you should know that in Kathmandu, one of the young girls living in this area is chosen as the goddess of life. The selection of this person is done very carefully. This child must be between two and four years old; Has never been injured or bleeding and has successfully passed 23 perfection tests. These tests include divination, tooth shape, and eye color. After the selection of the goddess, the celebration officially begins and lasts for eight days.

جشن هولی

Jatra Bicycle Celebration

Bisket Jatra is celebrated in April. The festivities culminate in mid-April, when a large golden chariot walks around the city to reach the Khalna Tole neighborhood. This golden chariot carries images of the gods of the Nepalese people and along the way invites the inhabitants of the city to stay away from war and maintain peace and friendship.

جشن باران

Stay in an art museum

If you are one of those people who want to stay in the best hotels, then you should go to the Dovarica Hotel. This stylish hotel is very well equipped and is one of the hotels that is very suitable for spending honeymoon. For the past 40 years, the hotel owners have collected several beautiful wooden sculptures from all over Kathmandu and used them in the hotel decor. This made the hotel look like a beautiful art museum. In this luxury hotel, all amenities are available.

جشن بیسکت جاترا

full of glamor

Kathmandu Hyatt Hotel a hotel It is expensive. There is no cost in building this hotel and the architecture of the building is modern and up to date. Its entrance hall is impressive and luxurious and has a wonderful entrance pool. All rooms of this hotel are completely modern and modern, and in them, facilities such as flat screen TV, refrigerator and private bathtub are considered. The hotel also has a large swimming pool, a well-equipped gym and excellent restaurants.

اقامت در یک موزه هنری

like a palace

If you want to see a classic 19th century mansion in Kathmandu, head to the Shanker Hotel. This hotel with its beautiful and luxurious garden and unique wooden corridors is a great option for staying in Kathmandu. This hotel has one of the best swimming pools in Kathmandu. The hotel lobby is a historic site, much of which was destroyed during the 2015 earthquake. Shanker Hotel is like a palace, it has beautiful rooms with wooden floors and its decoration was chosen in bright colors.

hotel hyatt regency kathmandu

Equipped guest house

If you want to spend a cheap trip, Rakpa Guest House is the place for you. According to a travel guide to Kathmandu, you should know that the guest rooms are large and modern enough and have a beautiful garden that provides a pleasant environment. The restaurant of this guest house will serve its guests with local food. Although most travelers are unaware of this, the profits of the Rekpa Hotel go to Kathmandu orphanages. The guest house has free high-speed Internet service and a private bathroom, electric kettle and air conditioning in each guest room.

هتل شانکر

It is good to know that Kathmandu is not the only capital of Nepal. This city is in fact the religious center of the people of this country. One of the most famous sights of Kathmandu can be the search for temples that have a long history. Boudhanath Tomb was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The building is one of Kathmandu’s most famous landmarks, built on a large octagonal pedestal with colorful flags hung around it. In this temple you can see all kinds of symbols; For example, there are five Buddha statues in this temple that symbolize the five building blocks of the universe; They have thirteen rings that symbolize the thirteen steps to reach the peak of knowledge and perfection. The nine-story building refers to Mount Mero, which Buddhists consider to be the center of the universe.

مهمان خانه مجهز

When traveling to Kathmandu, do not forget to visit Bhaktapur. In the twelfth century, Buhaktapur was ruled by Ananda Mala, king of the time, and was known as an independent city. This place has a square called Durbar, which is surrounded by ancient temples and beautiful statues. The northern part of the square is connected to the royal palace of this region and in its building there is the National Art Gallery of Nepal.

مقبره گنبدی بودهانت (Boudhanath)

In 1696 one of the most important Hindu temples was built in Nepal. Known as the Pashupatinath Temple, it is built on the banks of the Bagmani River and its amazing architecture amazes visitors. The roof of the temple is gilded and the frame is made of silver. The height of Pashupatinat temple is about 24 meters and you should know that non-Hindu people are not allowed to enter this temple. However, you can look at the beautiful building, its space and architecture from the outside.

بوهاکتاپور (Bhaktapur)

Chitwan National Park was established in 1973 and was inscribed on the World Heritage List only eleven years later. There are several natural forests and wetlands in this area. It is good to know that the literal meaning of the word chitwan is the heart of the forest. In this beautiful park, travelers can see different types of animals. More than 450 species of birds live in this area and crocodiles, hyenas, monkeys, horned deer and wild boars are the animals of this area. This is one of the most famous sights of Kathmandu to create a suitable and safe environment for animals.

 معبد پاشوپاتینات (Pashupatinath)

A large part of Mount Everest is in Nepal. You can board a small plane at Lukla Airport and be in the Everest area in less than half an hour. From this area you can climb the highest peak in the world. Of course, joining Mount Everest is not everyone’s job and only professional mountaineers climb this mountain as a team. You can join one of these groups and go mountaineering. This is a place where many athletes from all over the world have set foot.

پارک ملی چیتوان

Annapurna is famous for its pristine nature and the sacred mountain. The locals call this mountain the tail of a fish and the reason for this name is the shape of this plateau during the freezing season. The main camp of this region is located at an altitude of 4130 meters above the ground and offers a magnificent view of a glacier and the city in front of visitors. People who do not have the ability to climb and reach the summit can stop at Doodle Cafe and watch the signatures of the first people to climb Everest while drinking tea.

کوه اورست

In front of the palace of the former king of Kathmandu, there is a square, which is the most famous square in Nepal. Many of the buildings around the square collapsed in the 2015 earthquake, but part of the city’s fascinating and spectacular architecture remains, reflecting part of the country’s centuries-old art and culture. The remote area is known as the tourist heart of Kathmandu.

کوه مقدس

The Narayanhiti Museum Palace was the residence of the kings of Nepal until 2008. In 2001, King and Queen Mubandra and six other members of the royal family were shot dead by the Crown Prince. According to rumors, the family massacre was in fact the Crown Prince’s revenge on the king and queen for preventing his marriage. The king’s successor was unpopular and had many opponents due to his harsh and domineering policies. Finally, in 2008 the protests of the Nepalese people escalated and after a few centuries, a republican system was established in Nepal. The palace has 52 rooms and houses the belongings of members of the former royal family.

منطقه دوربار

Located south of Kathmandu is the Patan region. The area was separated from the city by the Bagmati River. Patan has an ancient history and part of this history can be understood among the Gondi buildings that date back to 250 BC. The most attractive areas of this section are the 5-storey Golden Temple, Kombeshwar Temple and Mapandrant Red Temple.

کاخ موزه نارایانهیتی (Narayanhiti)

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