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Kermanshah Bostan Arch; The ancient authority of Iran

Kermanshah Bostan Arch; The ancient authority of Iran

It is unlikely that when we talk about the city of Kermanshah, the role of Taq-e Bostan will not be reflected in the minds. Of course, in addition to antiquities and Kermanshah sights , traditional food will also be mentioned.

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In this article about Alibaba trips, we intend to have a trip to Kermanshah to see Bostan Arch and introduce it to you. After the tour, we will tell you where to prepare the most delicious and famous Kermanshah local food , ie kebab ribs .

The distance between the arch and the kebab rib is not long. So stay tuned for the rest of our article.

Where is Bostan Arch?

You will reach a square along Taq-e Bostan Boulevard to the north, then continue a short distance to reach the entrance of Taq-e Bostan.

What are the designs of the important drawings of the arch?

Khosrow Parviz coronation, Shahpour II and III coronation, Ardeshir II coronation, deer hunting, boar hunting, armored horseman are among the arched lithographs.

What is the best time to visit Bostan Arch?

Spring, especially May and June, is the best time to visit Bostan Arch.

What are the amusements around the Bostan Arch?

Beautiful and lush nature, traditional restaurants and cafes, amusement park, as well as two forest parks called East Park and Mountain Park, which are located near the Bostan Arch.

Bostan Arch, from the past to the present

Kermanshah Bostan Arch, which is called “Wassan Arch” in the local language, is located in the northeast of this city. This monument, despite the efforts of many officials, has not yet managed to register globally; But that does not diminish its value and beauty.

Bostan Arch was built in the third century AD. At that time, Sassanid kings were more inclined to build their statues around Persepolis. But the Bostan arch was chosen for the construction of statues and statues during the reign of Ardashir II.

The geographical location of Bostan Arch was on the Silk Road at that time and its nature and climate were green and clean. For this reason, this place was chosen for the construction of Bostan Arch. As a historical and artistic work, Bostan Arch is of great importance for historians and archaeologists. This magnificent building shows the art and ability of the people of that era.

Several historical events of the Sassanid dynasty as well as the coronation of the kings of this period can be seen in the fragments of the Bostan arch. The coronation of Ardashir II, the coronation of Shapur II, the coronation of Shapur III, the coronation of Khosro Parviz and the stone inscriptions in Pahlavi script are among these events that still introduce themselves to tourists after centuries.

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This collection has been repaired and rebuilt many times. Years ago, it was possible to enter arches. But to prevent the destruction of this building, such a possibility no longer exists. A narrow stream of water creates a gap between the arches and the tourists, which prevents them from entering the building.

The green space, the lake and the groundwater spring give a special beauty to this work that you can sit for hours and watch the ducks and geese in this pond.

طاق بستان کرمانشاه معای طاق What is Bostan?

The local people of this region call Taq-e-Bostan “Taq-e-Wasan”. “Arch” which means the same arch, “and” means “from” and “Sun” also means “stone”. So the meaning of Bostan arch in Kurdish means “stone arch” or “stone arch”. Of course, according to some interpretations in historical books, this work was also known as Shabdiz, Qasr Shirin, Taq Vastam, Taq Biston, Takht-e Bostan and Taq Beheshton. But the name that has the most to do with this concept is the “Arch of Wassan”.

A look at the different parts of the arch

Bostan Arch and the construction site of this building is actually known as the hunting ground of Sassanid kings. It can also be claimed that it is the first lithograph in the world that has correctly implemented the rules and principles of painting. The images of this building are uniquely and skillfully engraved in this petroglyph and give life to this beautiful and praiseworthy painting.

Bostan arch has two arches attached to each other, which are dug in the heart of the mountain and its stone material is gray raw stone. This collection consists of several parts, each of which tells a story and has a history. We will examine these sections below.

بنای تاریخی و زیبای کرمانشاه Large arch, crowning Khosrow Parviz

In this arch, three statues are engraved with the king in the middle, Forouhar on the right and Anahita (goddess of waters and the symbol of the date) on the left of the king, showing the coronation of Ardashir II. می‌دهد.

Forouhar, who wears a congressional crown, gives the king a ring of God. Shah and Forouhar’s clothes are very similar; Both are pleated pants that are tied at the ankles and have a belt and bracelet.

طاق بزرگ در طاق بستان Small arch, crowning Shahpour II and III

Between the coronation lithograph of Ardashir II and the great arch, there is a small arch. The arch is about 6 meters wide, 5.3 meters deep and 5 meters high. The small arch lithograph narrates the coronation ceremony of Shahpour II and III.

This arch has two roles on the wall of the arch and two inscriptions. These inscriptions are written in Pahlavi script and their Persian translation is as follows:

Transliteration of the inscription Shahpour II

This is the body of a Mazda worshiper. Shapur Gods,

The emperor of Iran and Iran who has the face of God.

Son of a Mazda worshiper, the gods of Hormuz,

The emperor of Iran and Iran, who has the face of God,

Granddaughter of the gods Narsa Shah Shahan

Translating the inscription Shahpour III

This is the body of the Mazda worshiper, the gods of Shapur,

The emperor of Iran and Iran, who has a face (race) of gods,

Son of Mazda, worshiper of the gods of Shapur,

The emperor of Iran and Iran, who has the face of God,

Grandson of the gods of Hormoz Shah

طاق کوچک در طاق بستان Embossed crown of Ardashir II

Next to the small arch, you can see the first relief of the Bostan arch in Kermanshah. To the right of the small arch, the coronation of Ardeshir II, the ninth Sassanid king, is engraved.

In this scene, the Sassanid king stands in the center of the lithograph, holding a sword with his left hand and holding a ribbon ring from Ahura Mazda with his right hand. Zarathustra or Mitra is with a halo of light on the left and behind the king.

At the bottom of the image and next to the foot of Ardashir II, the Roman emperor Julian, is engraved a prisoner of war. Ardashir II has large eyes and prominent eyebrows, curly beard and thick and long hair, and wears earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Behind the king is Emshaspand and Hooman, who is, in a sense, the mediator between humans and Ahura Mazda. Also in the book of the history of Iranian studies, Hashem Razi states that: “Vahman ascended Zarathustra to the highest sky, which was all light, which was the eternal light and the eternal, which was Ahura Mazda as pure light.”

اردشیر دوم The role of deer hunting prominent

In the 4-by-6-meter frame of the deer hunting ground, elephants can be seen in three rows leading the deer to the hunting ground gate to the right of the fence. These deer actually follow the deer that are different from the rest with their neck ribbons.

The image of the king is engraved with a sword tied around his waist and a bow around his neck on horseback. Behind the king is a woman holding an umbrella over her head.

In addition, women are displayed in three rows; Standing in the first two rows and playing musical instruments in the third row. People who tame deer are also carved while standing and playing the harp.

In the next part, the king is riding a horse and chasing deer. Then, in the next chip, the king is hung on the neck with a bow, engraved to indicate the end of the hunt. Several camel riders also carry hunted deer.

شکار گوزن Boar hunting relief

The creators of this historical relief show the story of boar hunting in a frame approximately 6 meters long and 4 meters wide. In the center of the hunting scene, the king shoots a bow and arrow at the two boars that are fleeing towards him. There are four other people in the king’s boat, the first and last of whom are the rowers, the other the maid, and the last the harpist.

The left part of the frame is engraved with 12 elephants, on which two riders can be seen. These elephant riders are pulling the boars out of the shelter. Behind the King’s boat is another boat in which female musicians are playing.

The image of the king standing on the boat, holding his bow in his left hand, indicates the end of the hunt. In the final part of the picture, five philosophers are collecting prey boars.

شکار گراز Armored horseman embossed

In the relief of the armored horseman, a person with a three-quarter face and full body is sitting on a strong horse. Although the identity of this rider is not known, but this role shows the grandeur and power of the king and the Persians. There are many anecdotes about the warrior, some consider him a warrior and some of the role belong to Khosro Parviz who is sitting on his famous and beloved horse Shabdiz.

The rider wears a hat that covers his face and only his eyes can be seen and a crown can be seen on it. A shirt decorated with images of chicken and organ is embossed on his body, and there is a chain armor on the shirt that extends to the rider’s knee. A decorated belt can also be seen on riding clothes.

The rider attaches an archer to his support and holds a long spear in his hand, indicating that he is a fighter. He also has a circular shield used for defense. The horse is also decorated with tassels.

نقش برجسته اسب سوار زره پوش Mohammad Ali Mirza relief (Qajar lithograph)

One of the most unfortunate events for this valuable collection is the relief engraving that was done in the 19th century during the Qajar period by Mohammad Ali Mirza. This engraving caused a lot of damage to this unique work of Iran.

These worthless and uncoordinated images show Mohammad Ali Mirza, the son of Fath Ali Shah Qajar and his sons, and also in front of him in Aghaghani’s images, the king’s eunuch. These are the pictures that Naser al-Din Shah writes about in his travelogue:

“At the top of this page, Aghaghani, the eunuch of the late Mohammad Ali Mirzai, who was from Gilan, sat down to bother to draw the face of the late prince and carved Heshmat al-Dawla, his son and younger son. Aghaghni himself has been portrayed standing in front of the prince with a disgusting delegation. It has fallen on him in such a way that he is really scared and he has damaged the arch and they have painted the badly carved baskets on the shapes. “Truth has been squandered.”

نقش برجسته محمد علی میرزا (سنگ نگاره دوران قاجار) Cheshmeh Cheshmeh Taq Bostan

Kermanshah Bostan Arch, in addition to the antiquities left over from the Sassanid period, is also famous for its millennial water springs. These springs were drinkable water during the Sassanid era as a source of water for agricultural farms as well as drinking water.

Even now, these springs, which supply drinking water to the village of Taq-e Bostan, are the reason for the beautiful and lush nature of this region. Visiting the Bostan arch, you will see the water stream that flows in front of this work, and if you pay attention, the small springs of water in this stream are clear. Clear and cool water that even in summer, due to the cold water can not hold your hand for more than a few moments.

جشمه طاق بستانموزه سنگ طاق بستان

موزه سنگ که در شمال بلوار طاق بستان قرار دارد، یکی دیگر از دیدنی این مجموعه است که می‌توان بعد از بازدید از محوطه طاق بستان، سری هم به آنجا زد. آثار سنگی به‌جا مانده از دوره‌های ساسانی و اسلامی مثل سرستون‌های ساسانی با نقش‌های مانند آناهیتا، اهورامزدا و درخت زندگی، نیم‌تنه منتسب به خسرو پرویز و بقایایی از کاخ قاجاری قصرشیرین را می‌توان در این موزه دید.

این موزه درست به دلیل همین آثار سنگی، به موزه سنگ معروف است. پیشنهاد می‌کنیم اگر به این آثار و تاریخ کهن ایران علاقه دارید، حتما از این موزه دیدن کنید.

موزه سنگ طاق بستانطبیعت و آب‌وهوای حوالی طاق بستان

آب‌وهوای طاق بستان به دلیل واقع شدن در منطقه‌ای کوهستانی، خنک و مطبوع است. به‌خصوص در فصل بهار که سرسبزی منطقه بسیار دیدنی خواهد بود. در پاییز هم برگ‌های هزار رنگ جلوه‌ای خاص به این مجموعه می‌بخشند. تابستان‌ها هم چندان گرم نیست و می‌توانید نزدیک دریاچه بنشینید و از نسیم ملایم لذت ببرید. زمستان که دیگر جای خود را دارد! لباسی سفید بر تن طاق بستان پوشانده و دل‌نوازی می‌کند.

اگر از این مجموعه تاریخی بازدید کردید، شاید درخت بزرگ و کهن سالی، نظر شما را جلب کرده باشد. این درخت تنومند و عظیم بیش از 6 قرن‌ عمر دارد و به نوعی امضای طاق بستان کرمانشاه محسوب می‌شود. ثبت خاطره با این درخت، خالی از لطف نیست.

طبیعت و آب‌وهوای حوالی طاق بستانتفریحات اطراف طاق بستان

امکانات تفریحی و رفاهی خوبی در اطراف طاق بستان قرار دارد، از جمله رستوران‌ها و کافه‌های سنتی. برای استراحت می‌توانید میز یا تخت سنتی در این کافه‌ها رزرو کنید و از سرسبزی آب‌وهوای پاک منطقه لذت ببرید.

یک شهربازی قدیمی هم در هوای طاق بستان هست که شهروندان آن را به نام فان‌فار می‌شناسند. بستنی عسلی‌های خوشمزه‌ای را می‌توانید نزدیک فان‌فار نوش جان کنید.

در ابتدای مقاله از غذای سنتی کرمانشاه یعنی دنده کباب صحبت کردیم. حالا وقت آن رسیده که به شما بگوییم کجا می‌توانید این غذا را میل کنید.

در امتداد فان‌فار چندین رستوران سنتی در یک فضای باز قرار دارند. در هر کدام از این رستوران‌ها می‌توانید دنده کباب را سفارش دهید، اما بعضی از آنها مانند رستوران حیدری و رضایی معروف‌تر هستند.

دو پارک جنگلی هم اطراف طاق بستان قرار دارد. یکی پارک شرقی و دیگری پارک کوهستان. پارک کوهستان بام کرمانشاه به حساب می‌آید و می‌توانید از آنجا کل شهر را زیر پایتان ببینید. همچنین اگر به کوه‌نوردی علاقه دارید، کوه طاق بستان از شما استقبال می‌کند.

پارک کوهستان و طبیت زیباآسیب‌های طاق بستان در طول زمان

در بعضی روایات آمده که فرشی از جواهر بر کف طاق بستان پهن بوده که در زمان حمله اعراب، به تاراج برده شده است. اعراب و دیگر قوم‌ها مانند نیورهای استالین و انگلیس، بارها به این مجموعه حمله کرده و خسارات زیادی را برجای گذاشته‌اند. علاوه‌براین، سنگ‌نگاره دوره قاجار، به نوعی تخریب و آسیب به این بنا محسوب می‌شود که جای تاسف دارد.

همچنین خساراتی را هم که از نظر زمین‌شناسی به این مجموعه وارد شده، باید در نظر گرفت. رانش زمین، نفوذ آب و جمع شدن خزه‌ها روی اثر، باعث سایش و محو شدن بعضی از حکاکی‌ها شده است. با این حال همه این موارد باز هم چیزی از عظمت و اقتدار این بنا کم نکرده است.

پاییز زیبای طاق بستان

بهترین زمان بازدید از طاق بستان چه وقت است؟

بهترین زمان بازدید از طاقبستان به کرمانشاه از نظر آب‌وهوا، اوایل خرداد تا اوایل شهریور است. دمای هوا در این بازه زمانی به طور متوسط 24 درجه است که دمای مناسبی به نظر می‌رسد. البته روزهای گرم تابستان هم دما به بالای 35 درجه خواهد رسید.

توصیه می‌کنیم در فصل بهار به کرمانشاه سفر کنید که هوا بسیار معتدل است. همچنین طبیعت زیبا و سرسبز کرمانشاه و دیدنی‌های اطراف این شهر، برای گشت‌وگذار بی‌نظیرند.

فصل برگ ریزان پاییز هم برای دیدن از طاق بستان مناسب است. علاوه بر دمای هوای مناسب، برگ‌های رنگارنگ زیبایی خاصی به محوطه این مجموعه می‌دهند.

کرمانشاه در فصل زمستان، به دلیل اینکه در منطقه‌ای کوهستانی قرار دارد، بسیار سرد است. پس بهتر این است که در این فصل فکر سفر و بازدید از طاقبستان را نکنید.

بهترین زمان بازدید از طاق بستان چه وقت است؟

طاق بستان کجاست؟

آدرس طاق بستان را از هر شهروند کرمانشاهی که بپرسید، شما را راهنمایی می‌کند. در امتداد بلوار طاق بستان به سمت شمال که حرکت کنید به یک میدان می‌رسید، بعد از آن باز هم مسافت کوتاهی را ادامه دهید تا به ورودی طاق بستان برسید.

بلوار طاق بستان هم یکی از بلوارهای دیدنی شهر است که شهروندان به عنوان مسیر تندرستی و پیاده‌روی هم از آن استفاده می‌کنند. درختان سر به فلک کشیده بلوار، در هر فصلی زیبایی خود را به‌رخ می‌کشند.

برای راحتی دسترسی، آدرس طاقبستان روی گوگل مپ را دقرار داده‌ایم.


پایان گشت‌وگذار در طاق بستان

طاق بستان به عنوان یکی از جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه، نقش برجسته‌‌های باقی‌مانده از دوره ساسانیان را در خود جای داده است. شکوه و عظمت تمدن ایران باستان را می‌توان در این بنا مشاهده کرد.

در این مقاله از مجله گردشگری علی بابا، جزئیات این اثر تاریخی را با هم مرور کردیم. همچنین از طبیعت و آب‌وهوای آن گفتیم. اگر مسافر کرمانشاه هستید، حالا با اطلاعات و دید بهتری می‌توانید از این اثر بازدید کنید.

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