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Kish beach entertainment is waiting for you everywhere in the water!

Kish, this paradise island is always located in the Persian Gulf. Blue Sea, stunning beaches, palm trees and great shopping malls, this free trade area makes it possible for everyone to visit the island. What makes Kish more attractive to visit? Undoubtedly, the beaches of Kish are the most spectacular part of the island and in this article from Alibaba Magazine You will be familiar with all of these beaches.

Which is the best beach in Kish to collect oysters?

Sea waves bring shells of oysters, snails, scallops, various corals and a variety of beautiful rocks to the coral beach that you can collect from the shore.

What are the most secluded beaches in Kish?

Mirmahna Beach, Simorgh Beach Park and Fisherman Man Beach are more secluded than other beaches and beach parks in Kish.

Are Kish Recreations Safe?

All Kish entertainments are done with complete safety. Professional instructors provide the necessary training and safety considerations before doing these activities.

When is the best time to visit Kish for a swim in the Persian Gulf?

Due to the temperate climate of Kish, autumn is a good season to travel to the island and swim in the sea.

Kish beaches are one of the most popular tourist destinations among Iranians, especially among young people, which is located in the south of Iran, Hormozgan province and its area reaches 90 square kilometers. One of the reasons for this fame is the beautiful and warm island during the winter. When other parts of Iran are cold and covered with snow, you can put your toes in the white and warm sands of Kish beaches or go jet skiing on the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. Kish climate is hot and humid and is affected by northwestern and southern air masses. The average annual temperature is 26.6 ° C. Kish humidity is very high in summer. It does not rain much on the island, but in winter it often rains heavily. سواحل کیش Kish coastline is one of the least dangerous beaches in the world. Kish has amazing white sandy beaches for relaxing and two-person hikes. Diving on the beaches of the island Kish is one of the best pastimes in the world. The scenery with scuba diving is truly amazing. Kish beaches offer different types of water sports. Jet skiing, fishing, parasailing, hiking, coral watching, boating and water skiing are just a few of the popular pastimes on the island. Fishing enthusiasts can also fish on the south and west coasts.

The sand on the beaches of Kish shines like silver in the sun. Clear and blue sea whose bottom can be clearly seen. Corals are what create this unique beauty. The corals around the island purify the water, which makes the sea clearer. Quiet beaches and beautiful corals clustered together provide habitat for colorful fish. The radiance of Kish beaches, blue sky, sea waves and green coconut trees create spectacular views.

In the background of the blue sea view, the sunset multiplies this beauty. The dancing of the waves and their impact on the rocks has a magnificent view that can be sat and watched for hours on the beach. In the following, we will review some of the famous beaches of Kish. سواحل کیش Truly a complete guide We also have a trip to Kish which brings together all the facilities and sights of this island.

Mir Mahna beach, one of the most famous beaches of Kish

Kish’s largest beach park is located in the northwestern part of the island on Darya Boulevard, one of the most important commercial areas in Kish. This huge beach park with an area of ​​about 10 hectares stretches from Khatam Al-Anbia Mosque to Jask Square. Mir Mahna is located near non-touristy neighborhoods, which is a great place to get to know the locals. There is a relatively large pier in the middle of the park with 4 stations for boating and four places for sea views. The beach park is divided into two hypothetical halves from the location of the pier.

The first phase from Khatam al-Nabiya Mosque to the fishing pier with an area of ​​4,000 square meters, and the second phase from the fishing pier to Jask Square, which has an area of ​​6,000 square meters. There is a lot of fun in this huge beach park. You can go fishing on the piers or lie down on the beach and watch the sea turtles dance in the sun. You can also walk along the shore, buy freshly caught fish at the fish market, relax in the shade of a gazebo or rent a boat to explore the sea. Some nights, live music is played on the beach as well as in restaurants. کیش The symbol of this park is Mir Mahna Wharf. This pier is 130 meters long and 9 meters wide. You can walk on the pier or take a boat and see the sea. Fishing is also free on the beach of Mir Mahna and you can fish from the pier with a fishing hook. This freedom exists only on some beaches of Kish. There are two playgrounds for children in the second phase of the park. There is also a public library, an Arab market, a beach chapel and a fish market. The bike path runs through the heart of the park, which is a fun pastime for travelers.

Live music is played most nights at the Park Tea House. Seeing the view of the beach and the park from inside the teahouse gives you a different view. Proper lighting of the park also allows you to take beautiful photos or explore the park even at night. There are places to visit near Mir Mahna beach. Like Kariz Underground City , Maryam Bowling and shopping malls and restaurants Various.

ساحل میرمهنا، از معروف‌ترین سواحل کیش

Marjan beach

The endless blue of the sea, the warm sun and the beautiful coral beaches, is the image that can be seen from the coral beach of Kish Island. Marjan Beach Park is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach park in Kish. This park, which is located in the eastern part of the island near Marjan Bazaar, is one of the most spectacular entertainment centers in Kish and connects Marjan Bazaar to the beach. Every year, many travelers and residents of the island spend their leisure time on this beach and enjoy the spectacular views of Kish.

Kish coral beach is so blue and clean that any moving creature can be seen underwater. Corals are brought ashore by waves after death, along with beautiful rocks and shells and snails. This combination gives a special beauty to the beach that can not be found anywhere else.

Sea anemones, jellyfish, snails, corals can be seen and shellfish and shrimp collected from the shore and water; Went to Marjan Bazaar and bought local goods and souvenirs. This coral beach is one of the best places on Kish Island for fun and an ideal place for taking photos. Watching the sunset and sunrise on this beach can create a memorable picture of Kish beaches in the frame of your mind. ساحل مرجان There are various and exciting pastimes on the coral beach that can be They enjoyed it. You can try a wide range of water sports from jet skiing, shuttle and parasailing to scuba diving. You can also rent a bicycle to ride on the Kish Cycling Track, which runs along Marjan Beach. If you are tired of physical activity, relax in one of the beach pavilions and enjoy the scenery. These pavilions are scattered on the beach and are a pleasant place to relax, unwind and watch the sea and the beach.

The park offers facilities such as coffee shop, food court, buffet and toilet for the well-being of travelers and tourists. If you are hungry, you can dine at Hafezieh and Foodland restaurants near Marjan Beach. Famous Kish hotels such as Dariush and Parmis are also located near this beautiful beach park. More information about Marjan Beach in the article ” Marjan Beach And his amazing pastimes », read.

ساحل مرجان Man Fisherman Beach; One of the most symbolic beaches of Kish

The 4,000-square-meter Fisherman Man Beach Park is located in the eastern part of Kish Island and houses one of the island’s most iconic sculptures. The 12-meter sculpture of a fisherman can be seen from a distance and is the result of the joint efforts of four professional sculptors over a period of three months. To build this sculpture, 12 layers of fiberglass with resin and 6 tons of iron have been used, and concrete has been used to hold it. The magnificent statue of a fisherman is the second largest decorative sculpture in Iran after the “Pearl Hunter” statue in Bandar Abbas. ساحل مرد ماهیگیر؛ از نمادین‌ترین سواحل کیش Man Fisherman Park is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the crowded areas of Kish. Lying down and relaxing in the shade of the trees or under the park pavilions is a good idea to relieve fatigue after walking and having fun on the island. A variety of vegetation in the Fisherman Man Beach Park has given a special beauty to this park, some of which are native to Kish Island. Such as jujube, eastern hornbeam, hazelnut, lamb berry and dates. These plants are located in a green space of about 500 square meters. The beach of this park is a popular place to build sand castles.

Along the beach, most people of all ages are seriously building sand and sand castles. There are two fountains in the east and west directions of the park, which are connected by a 100-meter water atmosphere. The decorative lighting of this park provides a good opportunity to record travel memories. Especially at sunset, beautiful and amazing views of dark and light spaces adorn these photos.

ساحل مرد ماهیگیر

Kish recreational pier beach

The recreational pier is made by Iranian experts using metal columns and wooden decks with four lateral transverse spaces. This pier is 437 meters long, 18 meters wide and has an area of ​​10,000 square meters. Kish recreational pier is a spectacular and attractive place to enjoy the amazing sea views and water sports. The pier is completely environmentally friendly and this has no negative effect on the island’s ecosystem, especially on vulnerable coral reefs.

This pier was built in 2007 as a unique promenade for people and Kish Island residents to Enjoy the tranquility and fresh air of the sea. You can walk on this pier with family or friends or have fun with water fun. Many tourists may not be interested in historical monuments or may not want to spend time in restaurants and shopping malls. Or do not enjoy live music and night battles. But there are few people who are indifferent to water recreation and beautiful beaches. A trip to Kish would be really meaningless without these water sports. ساحل اسکله تفریحی کیش By renting different types of boats, you can go boating on the sea and see all kinds of colorful species of fish and coral beaches and from the scenery Enjoy the natural nature of this pier. There are also centers that equip you with diving equipment and send you to the colorful depths of the Persian Gulf. Of course, a professional diver will come underwater with you. If you are looking for higher doses of adrenaline, you can go jet skiing or fly over water on a parachute aerial adventure.

Glass-bottomed boats are provided at this pier, and by riding on it, you can see the amazing world of the deep sea and the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf under your feet. There are bowling alleys, theaters and various restaurants around the pier where you can have a good time.

Simorgh Kish Beach

Simorgh Beach Park is located in the southeastern part of Kish, along the coastline between Jahan Road and cycling road. The park is about 15,000 square meters and stretches 300 meters along the beach. Right in front of Simorgh is Kish Dolphin Park, the first and largest dolphin park in Iran. There is a beautiful Simorgh statue in this park and that is why this park is called Simorgh Beach Park. Simorgh Beach Park is one of the best beaches to see and enjoy the sea.

During your trip to Kish Island, be sure to visit this park and have fun for a while. Simorgh is an ideal destination for family trips to the beaches of Kish. This Kish beach park has a large play area designed for children. You and your family can play badminton, table tennis and skating on the beach. If you do not like walking, you can rent a bike. Despite all the recreational facilities, it is very rare for families to leave the Simorgh Beach Park dissatisfied. ساحل سیمرغ کیش

Next to Simorgh Park, you can experience recreational facilities and water sports to live in Kish. The beautiful and silver beach of Kish is a good host for many water sports such as jet skiing, paragliding, parasailing and other recreations. There are many hotels and shopping and entertainment centers near Simorgh beach. Marina Hotel and Marina Beach Park, as well as Simorgh Hotel, which is a short distance from Simorgh Beach Park, are located near this park. For this reason, you can visit this beach park and several other tourist attractions of the island in one day.

After finishing work with this extraordinary beach park of Kish, you can see the famous Dolphin Park, which is in front of this park. However, it may be a good idea to visit the Dolphin Park on a separate day as it is a very large park and takes a long time to explore.

ساحل سیمرغ کیش

Kish Coconut Tree Beach

The beaches of Kish are full of amazing trees. The beach of coconut trees is located on the eastern side of Kish, on the right side of Froudsi Street, at the intersection of Sahel Boulevard. This beach is about 15 minutes away from the city center. The 20,000-square-meter beach of coconut trees, home to 2,500 to 3,000 coconut trees, has soared. These trees symbolize the tropical climate and can not grow in any geographical area. From the evergreen Persian Gulf to the coral shore with sparkling sand, coconut trees create a unique landscape in this region.

The leaves of coconut trees are large enough that they can be a good shade for rest. The park is a short distance from the beach and can be reached on foot. The building of the International Conference Center of Kish Island is also nearby. There are great hotels here. Dariush Grand Hotel, Parsian Hotel, Abadgaran Hotel, 4 Star Kish Hotel, Eram Hotel, Aramis Hotel and Sara Hotel are some of the hotels near the coconut beach that are suitable accommodation options. The reason for the great popularity of these hotels, apart from the excellent service, is the unique view they offer in their rooms.

ساحل درختان نارگیل کیش

Coconut beach is a short distance from shopping malls such as Paniz Shopping Center, Maryam 2 Shopping Center, Kish Shopping Center, Roya Shopping Center and Pardis Bazaar 2. You can visit these centers and after shopping, watch the sunset from the beaches of Kish and under the coconut trees. This beach has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Kish. Kish Coconut Tree Beach is located near a large recreational pier, beach and men’s sports complex. Facilities such as jet skiing, boating, glass-bottomed boats, scuba diving and water bikes are available for tourists.

By renting a bicycle, you can use the cycling track. Beach volleyball is another enjoyable pastime. You can also play handball and football on the beach. Showers and toilets are also located on the gentlemen’s beach. There are also buffets for snacks on the beach. Dariush Hotel Coffee Shop is also located near this beach. Mir Mahna restaurant is also located near the coconut tree beach. Mir Mahna is one of the old and expensive restaurants of Kish Island and serves its guests with a variety of Persian and French dishes.

Due to being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the beach of palm trees is a good place to relax, especially at sunset and after recreation and walking around the island. A few souvenir photos by the beach and at sunset will give a special beauty to your photo album.

ساحل درختان نارگیل کیش

The best diving sites in Kish

Diving requires equipment, training and a skilled and professional diver to accompany you underwater. That is why diving sites have been created in Kish that offer these facilities. In the following, we will review some Kish diving sites that give a special charm to Kish beaches.

Big Coral and Jurassic Park

The two sites, Big Coral and Jurassic Park, are considered the best sites for diving in Kish due to their beautiful ecosystem. At high tide, these sites are 6 to 8 meters deep, and at low tide less than 5 meters deep. To access these sites, you can go to the beach of Simorgh Hotel and from there you can easily reach the Big Coral site.

Saturn Kirk

The site of Southern Crack or the southern rift is located 5 km from Kish Island and is a little far from the island. But despite this distance, it is worth seeing and diving because it consists of a gap that extends to a depth of 22 meters and you can see the creatures that live at this depth. Access to Saturn Kirk is only possible by boat.

Wrestling ship

Dama ship site is a Senegalese cargo ship that sank 6.5 km from Kish Island at a depth of 33 meters in southeastern waters. Diving around the ship does not require special skills, but to enter the hull, you must pass a specialized course on sunken ships.

كشتي داما

Hur Cottage

The diving site of Hur Cottage is located in the westernmost tip of the island and in a place called Hur. The site of Hur Cottage can be reached via the small beach on the south side of the site or the cliff to the west. There is a small cave 5 meters long on the south coast of the site, which will be very pleasant to cross when the fashion is perfect. The depth of this site increases from north to south and reaches up to 8 meters.

Greek ship

The Greek ship’s diving site is about 4 to 5 meters deep. The water depth in the ship’s propeller reaches 8 meters. No special diving equipment is required at this depth. This site is less popular than other diving sites. But it will be an adventure for divers to see the butterflies of the ship sink. The ship is not far from the shore and it is possible to enter the site from the shore steps. You can even see inside the ship, but due to the wear of the irons, this work is dangerous and has recently been banned.

Sembarun diving site

Sembarun diving site, located in the west of Kish Island, has one of the most beautiful coral beaches. This site is 10 km away from Kish Island and 7 km away from Hindurabi Island and is located between these two islands. To access this site, you have to rent a boat daily that goes from Kish port to Hindurabi port. The depth of Sambarun site is about 10 to 12 meters.

سايت سمبارون

The best beaches of Kish for swimming

There are no sharks on the shores of the Persian Gulf. For this reason, the beaches of Kish are one of the safest. So you can swim in the sea safely. In addition, by building a beach for women, they can easily swim in the sea. Coconut beach is one of the beaches that is suitable for swimming. This beach is very beautiful and popular and many tourists use its recreational facilities during their travels. Gentlemen can swim anywhere on the island and there is no ban on them. But for swimming in a more private environment, you can use the beach for men.

Kish Gentlemen Beach

This beach is a place for men to spend time and have fun. Activities such as sunbathing, swimming, beach volleyball and beach soccer are provided for enjoyment. Professional massagers are also ready to relieve the tiredness of an exciting and lively day.

پلاژ آقایان کیش

Kish Island Ladies Beach

Women can swim and have fun on their own beach on the island. Water recreation is also available in the warm and pleasant waters of the Persian Gulf. Like the men’s beach, the women’s beach offers activities such as beach volleyball, futsal and massage. In addition, you can play the role of southern henna on your skin. There are also fashion salons and clothing stores on the beach. Beauty salons, solarium, buffet and food court can also be used.

Ocean Water Park

Some people may be afraid to swim and have fun in the sea or may not be able to swim in the sea due to skin allergies. Ocean Water Park was built for this purpose. This water park is fun and enjoyable for both men and women with special opportunities. Services such as massage, solarium, long water slides and exciting recreation areas are provided for travelers. There is also a special water park for children with skilled lifeguards, and you can spend pleasant hours with your children in this water park.

پارک آبی اوشن

Kish beach hotels

Due to the tourist and recreational nature of Kish Island, many hotels have been built on this island. But hotels near the sea are more welcome. Beach hotels have a wonderful view of the sea. This beauty will be doubled at sunrise and sunset. On the other hand, hotels also offer amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops and beach entertainment to travelers and tourists. To help you choose the right hotel, here are some hotels near the beach.

Marina Hotel

This complex is the only marina of Iran Hotel, which was built in 2010 in an area with an area of ​​more than ten hectares in a vast and amazing space. A variety of decorative plants and unique green space and magnificent fountains have added to the beauty of this complex. This hotel has 190 accommodation units. Some of the rooms face the sea so that you can enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf while relaxing. The rooms facing the park also have a wonderful green view. Marina Hotel is famous for its private beach to provide a wonderful opportunity to have a pleasant stay. The hotel is easily accessible from the center of the island. Marina Hotel offers many facilities and services exclusively to its guests.

Amazing amenities such as cycling around the hotel, gym, tennis court, scuba diving, jet skiing, well-equipped swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, Thai massage are all provided for guests’ convenience. Quality coffee shops and restaurants meet all the expectations of the guests from different aspects.

هتل مارینا

Eram Hotel

Eram Grand Hotel is a magnificent four-star hotel in Kish, located in the northeast of the island. This hotel faces the Persian Gulf and was built in 2005 with an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters, with a base of 43,000 square meters. This magnificent hotel with stair-like architecture has 9 floors and 243 residential units. Luxurious rooms and suites with different capacities are equipped with the latest facilities. Some rooms have a view of the Persian Gulf, some have a spectacular green space of the hotel, of course, about 70% of the rooms face the sea.

Amenities and recreation facilities well meet the expectations of our guests. The luxurious but simple decoration of this hotel conveys a feeling of comfort and modernity. The combination of full facilities of Eram Hotel such as traditional restaurants, coffee shop, billiard hall, gym, private parking along with equipped conference halls and surrounded by beautiful green space, provides a good accommodation for tourists. A revolving restaurant on the top floor of the hotel with a view of the island, along with a menu of excellent food, is a dream place to spend time with family.

Drink your favorite drink in the hotel coffee shop and spend happy times with your friends near the beaches of Kish. If you want to hold a ceremony or event, the amphitheater and conference rooms of the hotel, which have audio and video systems, are what you need. Staying at the Eram Grand Hotel will make your trip to the island happier.

هتل ارم

Simorgh Hotel

Simorgh Hotel is one of the three-star hotels in Kish, which is located in the southeast of Kish Island at the beginning of Jahan Road. This hotel was built in 1371 and was renovated in 1393 to provide standard services to travelers. The hotel offers 82 residential units with different capacities, which are equipped with the necessary facilities of a three-star hotel. Proximity to the beach and having a private beach and proximity to Simorgh Beach Park, is one of the advantages of this hotel.

This hotel has a special space for children to play. Recreational facilities also include a sports area, a badminton court and table tennis, a skating rink and a ready-made hiking trail. Due to the location of the hotel, the Persian Gulf coastline is easily accessible. Palm trees and local plants give a special beauty to the hotel grounds and create a relaxing environment. Coffee Shop is a fun place to spend your free time relaxing and drinking during the day. There is a restaurant inside the hotel that serves a wide range of delicious food.

Greek Ship, Marjan Beach Park, Women’s Beach, Marjan Shopping Center, Morvarid Shopping Center and Kish Airport are easily accessible.

هتل سیمرغ

Toranj Hotel, near the beaches of Kish

The five-star Toranj Hotel was established in 2015 in two phases. One phase is located on the beach. The other phase is in the form of wooden huts with a glass surface, built on the waters of the Persian Gulf in the shape of a spire to enjoy watching the sea and feel relaxed. Toranj Hotel is the first sea hotel in the Middle East and shows Iranian origin.

100 villas and 5 VIP suites are designed for different nationalities and are connected by a one-kilometer route. Staying in an enchanting, luxurious and at the same time unpretentious atmosphere creates a dreamy feeling for tourists. Guests’ expectations are met with the best facilities and services. Various restaurants and cafés on the beach offer the best service to their guests. There is also a buffet breakfast, a minibar, a free airport transfer, free internet access, a daily service to shopping malls, beach volleyball, a gym and a children’s house.

هتل ترنج، در نزدیکی سواحل کیش

Kish beach restaurants

In addition to staying in very relaxing beach hotels, it will be very enjoyable to dine in restaurants with sea views or in the open air of the beach, after spending a few hours of fun and sightseeing on the island. Here are some of the best restaurants in Kish that are close to the beaches of Kish, so you can have better moments during your trip.

Mir Mehna Restaurant

Mirmahna restaurant is one of the old restaurants of Kish, which is located near the beach in Mirmahna town. This restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Kish and serves excellent seafood. The high quality of food and modern and large atmosphere is the reason for the fans and customers of this restaurant. Traditional Kish dishes such as fish roe are one of the best options to choose from. Live music, beautiful beach view, private parking are some of the advantages of this hotel. The food at this restaurant may be expensive, but being in the relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant is worth trying at least once.

Totti Fruti Restaurant

Totti Fruti Restaurant is another restaurant that is always located on the shores of the Persian Gulf and near the entertainment pier. This restaurant started its activity in 2005 in an area of ​​1400 square meters, and hosts up to 500 people. After an exciting day at the pier and entertaining, Totti Frutti Restaurant is the best place to eat and unwind.

The menu includes berry, Persian and French dishes, seafood and fast food. The decoration and wooden roof of this hotel have created a different atmosphere. You can even dine on the roof and enjoy the unique sea view. Coffee shops and live music add to the charm of this hotel. One of the special dishes on the berry berry menu is grilled shrimp, which is recommended to try.

رستوران توتی فروتی

Foodland Restaurant

Foodland is one of the most diverse restaurants in Kish, located along the coral beach. This restaurant with an area of ​​2,000 square meters was established in 2010. Foodland has 3 separate and different halls that offer the desired style for every taste. The lighting and interior decoration of this restaurant is spectacular.

The variety of Finnish food menus is very high and offers about 100 types of high quality food to its customers. A variety of Iranian, international, seafood, traditional and fast food dishes are served to customers. The raw materials of this restaurant are prepared from the best type and according to international standards. Two coffee shops in this restaurant serve customers. One restaurant is Moroccan and has tea and hookah, and the other serves a variety of ice cream and hot and cold drinks.

Shandiz Safdari Restaurant

Delicious and quality food of Shandiz Safdari restaurant is the reason for its popularity. This restaurant with a large space, accommodates up to 500 people and is located near the Marjan Beach Park. Shandiz’s high ceilings and live music make the restaurant more attractive. Variety of high quality seafood and barbecue is one of the advantages of this restaurant. Shandiz is a good host for events such as birthday parties and family parties. The food in this restaurant is relatively expensive, but the unique quality and taste of its food is worth the price. Wi-Fi and transfer are free for guests of this restaurant.

رستوران شاندیز صفدری

Salud Restaurant

Another new and luxurious seafood restaurant on Kish Island is Salud Restaurant, which is close to Hur Cottage. Taste the taste of Persian and French food with quality and variety on the beautiful terrace of this restaurant, will be a memorable memory of a trip to Kish and you will also see a unique view of the beaches of Kish. The salutation menu is very diverse. In this restaurant, like many restaurants in Kish, live music is performed. Also, the price of its food is relatively high.

رستوران سالودرر

White Whale Restaurant

One of the most special and different restaurants in Kish is the White Whale Restaurant, which is made in the shape of a large white whale and serves the best seafood to its guests. In addition to delicious and fresh seafood, a variety of Persian and French dishes are also cooked in this restaurant. Because this restaurant is located in the south of Iran, its seafood is more famous and it is recommended that you make sure to have a meal in this restaurant. The price of food in this restaurant is relatively expensive.

Kish Memorial Restaurant

Hafezieh Kish Restaurant is a beach restaurant located at the end of Marjan Beach Park. Meals can be served inside the restaurant. But another suggestion is to order your meal in the beach pavilions. The restaurant’s menu variety is high and includes authentic Iranian dishes such as kebabs and seafood. The restaurant also serves tea and hookah to guests in these pavilions.

رستوران حافظیه کیش

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