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Kish is the first city without a corona: a worry-free island

Kish Island, along with other islands in the Persian Gulf, has experienced many ups and downs in the two years since the Corona epidemic led to frequent quarantines, from traffic restrictions to the closure of businesses and tourist destinations. However, over the past two months, the corona situation in the area has been under complete control and the number of corona patients and deaths on Kish Island has dropped significantly.The defeat of the Corona delta strain, which has been reported to be 140 percent more contagious than previous species, required the cooperation and support of officials and the public several times. A people called “We shut ourselves down” was strengthened.

In line with this scan, for two weeks, government agencies and companies were required to observe telecommuting 70% of their workforce. Mohammad Reza Rezania also announced the temporary restrictions on men’s and women’s beaches with a capacity of 30% and a 40% reduction in passenger acceptance during the campaign, which was very effective in controlling the further spread of the disease.

The result of this popular survey was a significant decrease in the number of patients, so that before the start of this public campaign, the number of patients reached more than 800, but after the completion of this public survey, this number decreased to 51 people.

کرونا در جزیره کیش

Jafar Ahangaran, Chairman and CEO of the Kish Free Zone Organization, in a recent interview He told Khabaronline that following the agreement of the Ministry of Health on vaccination residents of Kish Island a wave of hope and Restore happiness to the region, as the project, in addition to cutting the corona chain, will revitalize tourism on the island, reviving businesses after repeated two-year quarantines and ending the ongoing losses of businesses operating in the area.

According to the blacksmiths of the Kish Free Zone Organization, during the negotiations with the Ministry of Health, it has accelerated the supply of vaccines needed by the residents of Kish and has been included in the executive agenda of the ministry. These negotiations are in the final stage and the supply and purchase of vaccines for the islanders has been given priority.

He mentioned that the vaccine is given to all age groups in Kish and asked the people of Kish to continue to provide the vaccination platform for the movement of guests and tourists by observing the health protocols and paying attention to the health procedures of the National Corona Headquarters.

He further emphasized that with the allocation of the vaccine, Kish Island will become the first city without a corona.

مسافران مختلف در کیش

Hondurabi: No Covid 19

Public Relations and International Affairs of the Kish Free Zone Organization, quoting Amir Torkashvand, Director of the Satellite Islands of the Kish Free Zone, also mentioned that the island of Hindurabi was one of the few islands that survived the Covid 19 virus. He cited preventive measures and the distribution of hand and surface disinfection packages, masks, gloves, information leaflets, as well as regular screenings of the island’s residents as the reason for the island’s cleanliness.

Torkashvand also noted that in order to maintain social stability and security, the entry of people who left Hindurabi for any reason and were likely to be carriers of coronavirus has been prevented during all this time, and the necessary screening to break the chain has been prevented. The disease has been transmitted.

He also reported disinfection of public thoroughfares and places, as well as restrictions on tourist reception during the virus epidemic. This island, which is located between Kish Island and Lavan, It is 325 km away from Bandar Abbas and is mentioned in old documents as Abrun.

According to the 2016 census, the island has a population of about 191 people, most of whom are engaged in fishing and live in an area of ​​about 23 square kilometers. Unlike Qeshm Island, this island is completely flat and no rocks can be seen in it.

کرونا در جزیره کیش

bright future of Kish Free Zone

Kish Free Zone is currently considered as one of the tourism hubs in the Persian Gulf, which due to having the appropriate capacities and infrastructure can apply policies appropriate to the Persian Gulf from the drivers of tourism development, especially maritime tourism in the region. Be.

The CEO of the Kish Free Zone and in charge of tourism affairs also visited the satellite islands and the historic port of Kong in August last year to study the tourism potential of these areas to join the tourism chain of the Persian Gulf.

Also, given the resumption of the Dubai Expo 2020, which was postponed last year due to the corona outbreak, one can hope for a boom in tourism in the Persian Gulf. The exhibition, which will be held from October 19 with the participation of 192 countries, including Iran, could be a turning point for the resumption of tourism businesses, especially Kish Island.

According to Tasnim News Agency, according to Vali Teymouri, Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, negotiations were held with the Security, Social and Disciplinary Committee of the National Corona Headquarters to issue Iranian tourist visas for foreign tourists following agreements. Restart the original.

کرونا در جزیره کیش

In this regard, in a webinar that Vali Teymouri had with the tourism managers of Hormozgan province and Kish and Qeshm free zones, In order to take advantage of the six-month opportunity to hold Expo 2021 Dubai and in order to support tourism industry activists, announced the issuance of Iranian visas for travel and visitors of this global event to our country.

He added that due to the short distance between the exhibition site and Iran and in order to benefit the private sector and tourism activists, foreign tourists can travel to the free zones of the country within six months of the event.

In this meeting, it was decided that in parallel with the activities of the Tourism Committee of the Expo Dubai National Headquarters in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, a joint secretariat will be established in Kish and Qeshm Islands to facilitate tourism activities and assist the establishment of tourism activists in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition to setting up an exhibition of tourist attractions, as a pilot, it will provide the infrastructure for hosting visitors and tourists, and the necessary coordination will be achieved to visit the free zones and from there to other parts of the country.

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