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Kish sights or entertainment? Which to choose?

These days, traveling abroad costs a lot of money. On the other hand, travel and sightseeing cannot be stopped. With these conditions, we can replace expensive foreign trips with domestic ones. Which region of the country you choose depends on your interests and priorities. But it is one of the best domestic options for traveling to Kish Island and visiting the sights of Kish.

In Kish, all kinds of entertainment are available at the highest level of quality. The modern urban structure and luxury hotels also leave a good sense of travel to Kish in your mind. However, the sights of Kish are less than the entertainments of the island. In this article, Alibaba Magazine introduces the sights of Kish with photos and addresses so that you can have a better choice.

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What are the sights of Kish in winter?

Since this island is located in the south of Iran, many of its winter activities are also suitable for travelers.

What are the most famous places in Kish?

Greek ship, Kariz underground city, bird garden, twin reservoir

What are the luxury pastimes of Kish?

Activities such as parasailing, diving and flyboarding are among the luxury attractions of Kish.

What are the working hours of Highland Kish Amusement Park?

All days of the week from 11 am to 1 pm

Kish Sights: Historical Attractions

If you want to travel to the heart of Kish history, visiting its historical attractions is not without merit. There are many historical sights on this small island.

1- Portuguese Valley

Part of the northern region of Kish, known as the Valley of the Portuguese, is one of the sights of Kish. The reason for this naming goes back to the time when the Portuguese lived in this place. The inflow of surface water in this part of Kish Island has created a green and beautiful area that attracts many tourists every year.

دره پرتغالی ها

One of the most important tourist attractions of Kish, which is located in the Portuguese valley, is the ancient temple fig tree, which In the following article, we will introduce it to you. The Green Tree Complex is also located in the Portuguese Valley. The Green Tree complex is a recreational complex with a special atmosphere and amenities such as a pavilion, restaurant, toilet, buffet, etc., which has created a good opportunity for picnics and friendly and family gatherings.

Other tourist attractions in the Portuguese Valley region include the Kish Reservoir and the historic city of Harira Kish.

2- Payab Kish, 2000 years old underground world

Payab Kish is one of the sights of Kish and part of the historical treasures of this city. As can be guessed from the word downstream, this word is composed of two parts, “foot” and “water”, and the concept of proximity and proximity to water can be deduced from it. Footsteps are steep canals or vestibules that were placed next to wells and aqueducts and brought the person closer to the aqueduct water level underground through several steps.

پایاب کیش، دنیای زیرزمینی 2000 ساله

Payab Kish 2000 years old , After reconstruction and restoration, has become one of the tourist attractions of Kish that many tourists go to Kish every year to visit. Among the facilities of Payab Kish, we can mention a restaurant and a teahouse with the same style and context, which is a good opportunity to drink tea and enjoy this amazing building.

Payab Kish address: Hormozgan province, Kish, Olympic Square, Olympic Boulevard, near the Green Tree Complex

Phone: 44425304-076

4- Persian Gulf Museum

The Persian Gulf Art Collection and Museum on the southwest coast of the island is one of the valuable facilities of Kish, which has become a place of interest in Kish. This collection has an oyster-like architecture that will amaze you. Of course, this surprise will be multiplied when you step inside the building.

Persian Gulf Art Complex, with an area of ​​nearly 3620 square meters, is a place for holding various exhibitions and sales of domestic and foreign works of art and handicrafts, which has made it one of the most important centers for the supply of Iranian works of art. The Persian Gulf Museum is located on the ground floor of the building, which has 5 galleries including historical documents related to the Persian Gulf and an art exhibition.

موزه خلیج فارس از جاهای دیدنی کیش

The Persian Gulf complex has various sections, including a gallery, an equipped amphitheater, administrative management sections and a coffee shop. There is no entrance fee to visit the museum and visiting the museum is free for everyone.

Persian Gulf Museum Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Jahan Road, in front of the Greek ship, Kish Persian Gulf Art Collection and Museum

Persian Gulf Museum on Google Map

5- Greek ship Kish

Perhaps one of the most famous sights of Kish is Greek ship Kish . The Greek ship has an interesting story. This ship, which is made in England and belongs to Greece, sank in the Kish Sea in 1345. Since then, the Greeks have worked hard to save their beautiful and luxurious ship. But apparently the technical flaws were more serious than these professions. So the ship’s oil was drained and he remained on the island. The image of the Greek ship on the water at sunset and of course at night is very beautiful and spectacular. Especially if you are into photography, do not miss this scene.

Also Kish amusement park is another recreational place on the island that has a special attraction for children .

جاهای دیدنی کیش - کشتی یونانی

6- The underground city of Kariz Kish is one of the sights of Kish

One of the most attractive tourist attractions of Kish is Kariz Kish underground city . This city is actually a very large aqueduct with an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, hence it is called a city. The depth of the underground city of Kariz is about 16 meters. That means you have to go 16 meters below the ground to reach it. The height of the karez itself is about 8 meters. All the walls and ceiling are covered with all kinds of beautiful shells. جاهای دیدنی کیش شهر زیرزمینی کاریز

But the underground city of Kariz has not been left to visit. The presence of traditional and modern restaurants, museums and handicraft markets are among the facilities provided in this city. Therefore, be sure to include a visit to the underground city of Kariz in the list of Kish sights.

Karez underground city on Google Map

7- The ancient city of Harireh Kish

The ancient city of Harirah is a document of civilization and antiquity of Kish sights. Although Kish has been modernized in recent years, its originality goes back many years. Remains of ruined houses in Harirah show that people in this area had a tumultuous time years ago. Porridge consists of three main parts. These sections include the aristocratic house, the workshop section and the bathroom. دیدنی های کیش حریره The porridge is dated to about 1000 years ago. Historians, on the other hand, believe that the city was abandoned six centuries ago. Saadi, whose many travels are famous, has mentioned the existence of porridge in Golestan. You can easily book a plane ticket to Kish from Alibaba website.

Ancient city of Harira on Google Map

8- House of nobles in the sights of Kish

Other tourist and historical places of Kish include the house of nobles. This is a brick house. Although this is a lesser known aristocratic house, do not miss visiting it. It might not be a bad idea to visit this house after strolling and having fun in the modern streets, luxurious shopping malls and stylish buildings. The aristocratic house of Kish is similar to the old brick houses that are mostly seen in Yazd. This house is very large and according to the information obtained, it dates back to the patriarchal era.

دیدنی های کیش خانه اعیانی

9- Kish Indigenous Anthropology House

Many of the people living in Kish are currently non-native. In fact, since Kish became economically prosperous, many people have migrated to the island from other cities. So if you want to get acquainted with the life of residents of Kish Island , you have to think differently. The Anthropological House of Kish Indigenous People will probably help you a lot to get more acquainted with the lifestyle of the original inhabitants of Kish and also to see one of the best sights of Kish up close.

دیدنی های کیش موزه مردم شناسی کیش

Indigenous Anthropology House is one of the places of interest in Kish. This house, which is located in one of the old areas of Kish, has become an anthropological house since 1993. The tools and equipment in this house show you the lifestyle of the people of Kish. The building dates back to about 200 years ago.

10- Kish twin reservoir

Another sight of Kish is the Twin Water Depot. This reservoir has been used in the past to store and of course keep the water cool. The presence of windbreaks in the form of houses in the desert area makes the water cool better.

The two domes next to each other in this reservoir make it called a twin. Going to Kish Twin Reservoir will take you to a different world from the modern texture of the island. Especially if you go to Kish with your children, go to this reservoir so that they can get acquainted with such buildings.

In addition to this water reservoir, other historical attractions of Kish include Jenny Castle . This castle also has various historical sights that are worth watching.

جاذبه های کیش آب انبار دوقلو

11- Green tree of Kish

It may be strange, but a tree is also a tourist attraction of Kish. You will find the green tree of Kish in the north of the island. The main reason this tree is famous is its long life. Some natives believe that the tree is more than 600 years old.

دیدنی های کیش درخت سبز

In addition, many people consider the green tree sacred. They believe that this tree is in need. They are involved in this tree according to their beliefs and desires. Do not miss to see this tree! Look at the tree and imagine the people around it 600 years ago. This sensory perception is a bit strange and interesting.

Kish green tree on Google Map

12- Baghu Kish village

If you want to travel around the island more than looking for entertainment in Kish, visit Baghu village. Baghu village has been one of the three main living areas of the indigenous people in Kish. Of course, the other two areas have been abandoned and the natives live only in this village.

جاهای دیدنی کیش روستای باغو

Presence in this village acquaints you with the lifestyle and people there. Of course, currently only a few families live in this village. But to get acquainted with the lifestyle of the people in a space of the village, a number of black tents are set up and tourists visit them. Baghu village is located in the west of the island and is almost close to Kish airport.

Baghu Kish village on Google Map

Sights of Kish: Kish entertainment

It is Kish and its entertainment! Is it possible to travel to this island full of wonders but not to experience its entertainment? There are various entertainment centers in Kish that will help you to have a more exciting trip.

1- Kish Bird Garden

After the historical places, it is time to go to other attractions of Kish. Bird Garden is one of the most interesting places in Kish. There are more than 50 species in Kish Bird Garden. Different species of peacocks, pelicans and parrots can be seen in this. In addition, some native bird species can be seen in this garden. But that’s not all.

جاذبه های کیش باغ پرندگان

The farther you go from the bird section, the more you reach the saltwater aquarium. Different types of marine mammals such as sea lions can be seen in this aquarium. Of course, this aquarium is different from Kish Aquarium, which also has a high reputation.

Kish Bird Garden on Google Map

2- Kish Dolphin Park

If your trip to Kish is with children, include a visit to the Dolphin Park. Dolphin Park or Dolphinarium is one of the most famous sights of Kish Island. The Dolphinarium is located in the southeast of the island in the Bird Garden area. As mentioned before, in the saline aquarium of this area, besides dolphins, a number of other species of marine mammals are kept.

دیدنیهای کیش پارک دلفین ها

But the main reason for the fame of Dolphin Park is the interesting and funny movements and shows of these intelligent animals. Playing dolphins with balls, hoops and painting them is exciting for children and of course adults.

Kish Dolphin Park on Google Map

3- Kish recreational pier

Perhaps the sea is more desirable and lovable than all the places of interest in Kish. Of course, if you, like me, love the sea and watch the slow motion of the waves. Standing and watching the sea for a long time conveys an extraordinary peace to the viewer. If you also like to take time to see the sea, go to Kish recreational pier.

دیدنیهای کیش اسکله کیش

This very beautiful wooden pier starts from the shores of Kish and continues to the heart of the sea. The waters of the Persian Gulf are under your feet as you walk on the pier. Apart from walking and watching the sea, photography is another option. When you are on the pier, the blue of the sea is all around you. This scene is great for taking photos. Search and buy Kish tour in Alibaba

Kish recreational pier on Google Map

4- Hindurabi Island

When traveling to Kish, do not limit yourself to fun and excursions inside the island. One of the suggestions for walking around Kish is Hindurabi Island is one of the recreational places of Kish. The area of Hindurabi is 23 square kilometers and its height above sea level is 29 meters. With the constructions that have been done in Kish, the nature of Kish has undergone many changes. But you will enjoy its pristine and beautiful nature by going to Hindurabi. In addition to the pristine nature, the traditional texture of Hindurabi is also preserved. Most Indo-Arabians make a living from fishing.

مراکز تفریحی کیش جزیره هندورابی

The island was occupied by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Remains of old cannons are a relic of that time. To get to Hindurabi Island, you can use the charter boats that are available at the Kish fishing pier.

If you are planning to stay in Kish, the following hotels are among the best hotels in Kish:

  • Dariush Kish Hotel
  • Shaygan Hotel Kish
  • Shayan Kish Hotel
  • Toranj Kish Hotel
  • Marina Park Hotel Kish

Hindurabi Island on Google Map

5- Kish Reptiles Exhibition

To discover arithmetic in Kish and get acquainted with all its wonders, visit the reptile exhibition. This exhibition, which is one of the sights of Kish, has a variety of reptiles. According to the exhibition, there are about one hundred types of reptiles in this exhibition. If you are interested in wildlife, in this exhibition, you will encounter the most attractive and exciting types of reptiles. These reptiles include pythons, boas and lizards.

دیدنی های کیش نمایشگاه خزندگان

When visiting a reptile exhibit, pay attention to safety tips and tips.

Kish Reptiles Exhibition on Google Map

6- Marina Kish Complex, the largest marine recreation club in Iran

Marina is a complex with private pools and floating docks, a place to keep luxury and recreational boats. Kish Marina Complex has started its activity as the first marina in Iran and due to its recreational facilities and tourism equipment, it has become one of the most luxurious places of interest in Kish.

مجموعه مارینا کیش، بزرگ‌ترین کلوپ تفریحات دریایی در ایران

Marina Kish Complex includes various sections such as Yat Club (Yat Rental or Buying and Selling Services), Floating Repair Center, Marine and Beach Equipment Store, VIP Restaurant, Marine Club and Beach Lounge with Food and Drink Booths . In addition to all this, this complex has a section of Marina Park Hotel, which many tourists choose as their accommodation when traveling to Kish.

مجموعه مارینا کیش، بزرگ‌ترین کلوپ تفریحات دریایی در ایران

You can experience all the entertainment of Kish together in this complex. The sea entertainment of the Marina complex includes diving, kayaks, shuttles, pedal boards, sailing, parasailing, building.

Address of Marina Kish Collection: Kish, Marjan Boulevard, Marjan 7, Marina Kish

Marina Kish collection on Google Map

7- Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium is one of the sights of Kish, which is located in the Kish Dolphinarium complex and its charm has become famous to all tourists. This aquarium with a variety of nearly 70 species of fish and 100 species of reptiles gives you a smaller version of the sea. The large Kish aquarium consists of two aquariums with a volume of 50 and 20 thousand liters, a larger aquarium for keeping sharks and a smaller aquarium for displaying small colorful fish.

آکواریوم کیش

Among the animals you will see in the Kish Aquarium are sharks, fish species, iguana lizards, boa constrictors, two-meter-tall tortoises, and so on. The other part of the aquarium are taxidermy animals such as snakes, crocodiles, birds and so on, which are worth seeing. If you are interested in the underwater world and for any reason you can not dive in the waters of the Persian Gulf, visiting the aquarium will be the best option for you. To visit the aquarium, you must purchase an entrance ticket to the dolphinarium complex.

آکواریوم کیش

Kish Aquarium Address: Hormozgan, southeast of Kish, inside Dolphin Park

Visiting hours of Kish Aquarium: It is possible to visit this complex in spring and summer from 18:00 to 20:00 and in autumn and winter from 16:00 to 18:00.

Phone: 076 4424637

Kish Aquarium on Google Map

8- Passage of Kish artists

Sanai Street in Kish is a place to pass by great Iranian artists. You ask, is such a thing possible? In a way, yes! The passage of Kish artists is one of the sights of Kish, where the statues of famous and contemporary Iranian artists such as Jalal Al-Ahmad, Gholam Hossein Banan, Shahriyar, Mahmoud Farshchian, Amirkabir, Morteza Momayez and… with beautiful lighting are located. Next to each of the sculptures, a brief description of the individual’s biography is provided.

گذر هنرمندان کیش

Kish Artists Pass was built in 1999 with the aim of introducing artists and acquainting people with Iranian celebrities, inspired by Daneshvaran Park, and was completed over time with the increase of statues. If you are a fan of culture and art, with an hour or two of walking through the artists, you will find more pleasure in walking around seeing the statues and taking souvenir photos with the artists.

Passage address of Kish artists: Hormozgan, Kish, Darya Boulevard, Sanai St.

Kish artists pass on Google Map

9- Cycling route in Kish

Cycling is fun for all ages, no matter how old we are, even the thought of cycling in the open air for a few hours makes you feel better, let alone really having the opportunity to do so while traveling. Cycling in Kish is one of the entertainments of Kish that has many fans.

مسیر دوچرخه سواری در کیش

Kish cycling route with a length of 92 km, is a 4.5-hour tour to walk around the island, which shows you many of Kish’s sights. Many tourist attractions of Kish and its recreational places are in this long way. If you do not have a bicycle, it is possible to rent a bicycle at a reasonable price from the various stations that are on the bike path. You can rent one-person, two-person, e-bike and با bicycles with a valid ID card.

Kish cycling route address: Hormozgan, Kish, parallel to Jahan road

Cycling route on Google Map

10- Kish Horror Castle

In Kish Horror Castle, you are going to enter an exciting horror movie for a few minutes. The game in Horror Castle is like this, you will enter a horrible atmosphere with scary events with a leader. The leader is with you until the end of the path, but he does not help you to find the way out and he is only with you.

قلعه وحشت کیش

Horror Castle operates with two scenarios, full action and low action, each of which is about 7 minutes. Low action game for people under 14 and full action game for older people who have a lot of headaches to be afraid of. One of the positive features of Kish Horror Castle as one of the sights of Kish is the presence of a photographer along the way. At the end of the game, you can pay for your horrified photos as a souvenir of the collection.

Kish Horror Castle is currently closed due to restrictions due to the corona outbreak.

Address of Kish Horror Castle: Hormozgan, Kish, south side of Eram Hotel

Phone: 09347688498

Kish Horror Castle on Google Map

11- Fly Damon Center

Fly Damon Kish is the first specialized flight simulation center in Iran and one of the sights of Kish. Many people dream of flying and piloting an airplane, this center has made it possible for everyone to experience the flight by using the most equipped devices and with the help of the latest technology in the world.

مرکز فلای دامون

Fly Damon Center has four simulated models of Airbus 320, Boeing 737 and twin-engine aircraft. By experiencing this fun, you can see if you have any talent for piloting at all or not!

Address Damon Fly Center: Hormozgan, Kish, Iran Boulevard, Vesal St., Damon Shopping Center, first floor

Fly Damon Center on Google Map

12- Damon ice skating rink

Damon Ice Rink is the second standard ice skating rink in Iran, which is located on the second floor of Damon Shopping Center in Kish. Damon skating rink started its activity in 2014, with an area of more than 200 square meters. This collection with specialized and professional instructors, if necessary, will teach you the methods of ice skating.

پیست اسکیت روی یخ دامون

Ice skating is a sport and recreation without age restrictions, so it may be a good option for tourists. The location of the hall in Damon Shopping Center has made it one of the sights of Kish, because you can benefit from other facilities of Damon Shopping Center by visiting pre-skating.

Address of Damon Ice Skating Rink: Hormozgan, Kish, Iran Blvd., Vesal St., Damoun Shopping Center, Second Floor

Damon ice skating rink on Google Map

13- Kish karting

You may think that karting should not be introduced as one of the sights of Kish, but this karting is different from the others. Kish Karting is one of the largest karting tracks in the Middle East with a track 800 meters long and 7 meters wide. This track was opened in 1999 and now, with more than 20 years of experience, offers a different experience of karting to tourists.

کارتینگ کیش

Karting is one of the entertainments of Kish for lovers of driving and speed, and if you would like to display your steering wheel for a few minutes, be sure to include Kish karting in your travel plan. Kart Kish has professional facilities and equipment, including computer timers and professional card machines. The minimum age for using karting is 10 years and there are various rules in order to protect your security that you must pay attention to when buying a ticket.

Kish Karting Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Amirkabiro Square, Persian Gulf Boulevard, in front of Darya Hotel

Ticket price: 85,000 Tomans for 5 full rounds

Kart Kish on Google Map

14- Maryam Kish Bowling

Maryam Bowling Entertainment Complex was opened in 2004 with the aim of creating a fun atmosphere with various games for the people of Kish and tourists. Maryam Bowling is one of the sights of Kish, which with 16 digital lines, in accordance with the equipment and standards of the world, has created an exciting and attractive atmosphere for everyone.

بولینگ مریم کیش

Maryam Bowling Complex is not only for bowling, but also provides other facilities such as billiard tables, gym, children’s play world, game net and تا to spend a few hours with your family or friends in this complex. Have a good time and forget the sorrow of the world. Meanwhile, Maryam Bowling has already thought about everything, the upper floor of the complex is dedicated to restaurants and coffee shops, and you do not need to leave the complex for times of hunger or rest.

Maryam Kish Bowling Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Sanai St., Darya Boulevard

Phone: 5-44421121-076

Maryam Kish Bowling on Google Map

15- Highland Kish Amusement Park

Highland Kish amusement park is one of the sights of Kish. Highland is a modern indoor complex with various entertainment facilities for children and adults, which is at the level of the best and most modern entertainment centers in the Middle East. Highland Kish amusement parks include Ferris wheel, Ranger, Blue Custer Roller, spaceship, sleigh, escape room, cinema game, seven-dimensional cinema, laser room, and more.

شهربازی هایلند کیش

Highland Kish Amusement Park is not limited to play equipment, this complex has various sections such as cafes, restaurants and green space that complete your entertainment.

Highland Amusement Park Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Amirkabir Square, City Park, Park City Center

Working hours: 11 to 1 in the morning

Phone: 09133159686

Highland Kish amusement park on Google Map

16- Small Farrow Island

Little Farvar Island or Farrogan Island is one of the uninhabited islands in the Persian Gulf, which is introduced as one of the sights of Kish. Due to its geographical location and natural beauty, this island has become one of the tourist attractions of Kish and has become a dream destination for many nature lovers.

جزیره فرور کوچک

Unfortunately, no more detailed information was available about the island and how to visit it. If you have experience traveling to the small island of Faroe Islands or have more information, please contact us via the comments or email section to complete this section.

Small Farrow Island on Google Map

17- Kish Equestrian Club

Equestrianism is one of the most popular sports which is known as a kind of entertainment among Kish tourists. Kish entertainment has no chemistry in any way! If you are tired of water sports, you can visit the Kish Equestrian Club, which started its activities in 1993 with the aim of holding international competitions in the Persian Gulf.

باشگاه سوارکاری کیش

The area of Kish Equestrian Club is about 6,000 square meters and it is possible to ride horses of different breeds such as Dukhoon, Darreh Shui, Arab and که, all of which are trained and supervised by experienced trainers. The equestrian club benefits from a standard course track, field maneuvers, standard stables and more. The club is open to the public on a daily basis and in addition to equestrian equipment, it has facilities such as coffee shop, restaurant, green space and که that you can use.

Address of Kish Equestrian Club: Hormozgan, Kish, Olympic Boulevard

Kish Equestrian Club on Google Map

18- Glider Kish

When we travel to Kish, we all see the Persian Gulf up close, but the experience of watching the Gulf from the sky, with a little bit of excitement, breaks all the equations. The blue charm of the sea from this point of view is beyond imagination. A glider is a device that flies in the sky with the help of its structure. This entertainment has a relatively high cost compared to other public entertainment.

گلایدر کیش

This exciting pastime in the Fly Kish complex requires basic training, which is usually accompanied by your professional trainers on this short flight so that you can enjoy the beautiful view the most, so open the wings of the bird inside you safely. Among Kish’s other entertainments in this field, we can mention paragliding, gyrocopter and..

Kish Glider Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Jahan Road, Toranj Hotel

Kish glider on Google Map

Sights of Kish: Beach parks and beaches of Kish

The beautiful island of Kish is not defined in its historical entertainments and attractions, but Kish can be known in its beautiful and unique beaches. In the following, we have introduced the best parks and beaches of Kish to you.

1- Kish Deer Park

One of the sights of Kish that you should not miss is Ahavan Park. If you look at the map of Kish, you will find this park in the north of the island. Deer Park is actually a zoo with several species of animals. Animals such as lions, jackals, foxes and monkeys are kept in this park.

دیدنیهای کیش بوستان آهوان

But what makes this park special is the free movement of deer. In this park, deer are not in cages, but easily go to and fro in the yard for themselves. Undoubtedly, children will enjoy watching these scenes.

Kish Deer Park on Google Map

2- Kish coral beach

It is Kish and its corals! Kish coral beach is also famous for this reason. Be sure to spend time walking and having fun on the beach of Kish. There are many recreational and entertainment facilities around Kish beach. Even if you do not want to go to these recreational facilities, you can walk along the coral beach of Kish and enjoy watching the sea.

مراکز دیدنی کیش ساحل مرجانی

In addition, there are many pavilions on the beach that you can go inside to escape the direct sunlight. Undoubtedly, the coral beach is one of the scenic areas of Kish, where recreation does not cost much. By reading this article, you can find out about the travel expenses to Kish.

Kish coral beach on Google Map

3- Simorgh Beach Park

Simorgh Beach Park is one of the sights of Kish, whose beach is adjacent to famous hotels such as Simorgh Hotel, Marina Park Hotel and Kish Dolphinarium. The cleanliness of the beach in this area and its proximity to important hotels in Kish, has made this park one of the most popular beach parks in Kish. The beautiful white statue located on the beach of this park is one of the tourist attractions of Kish.

پارک ساحلی سیمرغ

Simorgh Coastal Park with an area of nearly 15,000 square meters along 300 meters of the southeastern coastline of the island is stretched. This beach park with unique views, has a variety of facilities such as sports facilities, badminton court, table tennis table, skating rink, barbecue, children’s playground, parking, bike path, toilet, pavilion, walking path and..

Address of Simorgh Beach Park: Hormozgan, Kish, southeast side of the island, adjacent to Marina Park Hotel, Simorgh Hotel and Dolphinarium Complex

Simorgh Beach Park on Google Map

4- Fisherman Man Beach Park

Have you ever seen a 12-meter statue up close? You may not expect such a charm from a beach park, so the fisherman beach park will surprise you. This beach park is one of the sights of Kish, which is famous for its 12-meter statue of a fisherman. This sculpture was made by 4 Mashhad artists in 1993, which is one of the largest sculptures in the country and one of the tourist attractions of Kish.

پارک ساحلی سیمرغ

The two fountains are located to the east and west of the Fisherman’s Beach Park, which are connected by a stream of water. An area of nearly 4,000 square meters, clean sandy beach, extensive green space with a variety of native plants are the attractive features of this beach park that encourages you to walk on the beach.

Address of Fisherman Man Beach Park: Hormozgan, Kish, East Coast, Darya Boulevard

Man Park Fisherman Beach on Google Map

5- Mir Mahna Beach Park

Mir Mahna Beach Park is one of the sights of Kish and one of the beautiful beaches of this island. The beach of Mir Mahna Park stretches from Khatam Al-Anbia Mosque to Jask Square. Watching the sunrise and sunset from this point on the island is a unique experience. This pier was built in 2006.

پارک ساحلی میرمهنا

The presence of a fishing pier in this coastal park divides it into two parts, phase one and phase two. Phase one of Mir Mahna Beach Park with an area of about 41,000 square meters has facilities such as a beach prayer hall, car market, public library, fish market, buffet, bike path and..

The second phase of Mir Mahna Beach Park is much larger than the first phase and is still being completed. This phase has two playgrounds for children. This space helps you to enjoy a walk on the beautiful beach without the children getting bored.

Mirmahna Beach Park: Hormozgan, Kish, the north and northwest coast of the island

Mir Mahna Beach Park on Google Map

6- Kish ladies beach

Women’s beach in Kish is one of the recreations of Kish that has created a suitable space for women to swim so that they can easily swim in the Persian Gulf and sunbathe on the beach. Kish Women’s Beach is a completely safe and comfortable environment for women to enjoy the sea and the beach in a swimsuit.

پلاژ بانوان کیش جاهای دیدنی کیش

Pool facilities for women include a private bathroom with fresh water, a buffet, a tub hire, a canopy, children’s play equipment, sun loungers, a diving area, a car park and professional lifeguards. If you, like many women, want to swim freely on the shores of the Persian Gulf, do not miss this opportunity!

Address of the women’s beach: Hormozgan, Kish, Sanai St., at the end of Arian St.

Phone: 076 44424624

Kish Women’s Beach is currently closed due to restrictions due to the corona outbreak.

Kish women beach on Google Map

7- Silver beaches of Kish

Kish Silver Beaches, as its dream name suggests, is one of the most attractive places in Kish. Due to its structure, the coral island of Kish attracts the hearts of all tourists with its silver color. Kish is an island of dream beaches, you should try to use your presence on this island from moment to moment.

جاهای دیدنی کیش

The sea on the silver beaches of Pam Kish is so clear that you can easily see the sea floor. The clarity of the sea water and the beautiful colorful fish will keep you entertained for hours on the silver beach of Kish.

Silver Kish beaches on Google Map

8- Kish Cable Ski Park

Cable skiing is actually cable skiing on water. Kish Cable Ski Park is the first and largest ski resort in the Middle East, a huge recreational complex that attracts many tourists to the island of Kish every year. The memories you create in this park are different from other travel memories you have. Cable ski park with a length of 860 and a width of 160 meters is one of the tourist attractions of Kish.

جاهای دیدنی کیش جاهای دیدنی کیش

Cable ski park is serviced by 5 water towers that are active at speeds of 28 to 62 kilometers per hour and can accommodate 12 people at a time. The park has various facilities such as locker room, shower, ski start platform, cable ski sports equipment store, restaurant, coffee shop and.. If you have never ridden a cable ski before, do not worry! The experienced instructors of this collection will teach you all the necessary points before boarding.

Address of Kish Cable Ski Park: Hormozgan, Kish, East Coast, Parvin Etesami St.

Kish Ski Cable Park on Google Map

9- Kish coconut tree beach

Kish Coconut Tree Beach is one of the most different places in Kish. This beach with an area of about 20,000 square meters and more than 2,500 coconut trees is one of the tourist attractions of Kish. Think about it, all these coconut trees, soaring and majestic. As you know, the coconut tree needs special climatic conditions to grow, the existence of such a forest in this area is one of the great blessings for the people of this island.

جاهای دیدنی کیش

Kish Coconut Tree Beach has various recreational and welfare facilities such as jet skiing, fishing boats, diving equipment, massage platform, cycling on the beach, coffee shop and restaurant and.. Be sure to take your camera with you for a walk on this beach. You will definitely see a lot of sights that you want to capture.

Kish Coconut Tree Beach Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Ferdowsi, Parvin Etesami St.

Kish Coconut Tree Beach on Google Map

Sights of Kish: Kish water parks

Kish water parks are one of the most attractive and popular tourist areas on the island.

1- Ocean Kish Water Park

In this section, you are undoubtedly one of the most exciting entertainments in Kish. Ocean Kish Water Park is one of the sights of Kish that is going to invite you to have fun and excitement for a few hours. This park was opened in 2016 on a land with an area of ​​5 km on Kish Island.

Ocean Kish Water Park is the first water theme park in Iran and the first open water park in Iran, the story of which is taken from the story of the secret of the Sun Castle. Theme parks are different from ordinary amusement parks, the theme park is a park whose details and entertainment are designed around a story or legend, and by entering such a park, you actually enter a world of fiction and fantasy.

پارک آبی اوشن کیش

Ocean Water Park has facilities and entertainment including 13 slides, 4 swimming pools, massage center, swimming equipment store, restaurant and coffee shop. This water park benefits from the most equipped and advanced play equipment and modern equipment in the world. Everything goes hand in hand so you can experience an exciting day at Ocean Kish Water Park. For information on the latest ticket prices and to know the exact chances of men and women, you can refer to the site of Ocean Kish Water Park.

Address of Ocean Kish Water Park: Hormozgan, Kish, Jahan Road

Ocean Kish Water Park on Google Map

2- Marina water inflatable park in Kish

Marina Water Inflatable Park is located on the beach of Marina Park Hotel Kish. Due to the vastness of Kish entertainment, this inflatable water park is one of the sights of Kish. Unfortunately, this amusement park is only for men at the moment and women are not allowed to use this amusement park

پارک آبی بادی مارینا در کیش

At the Marina Inflatable Water Park, inflatable amusement rides are located on the surface of the water, and you can overcome obstacles and challenges by gliding on slides, jumping on pipes. In this inflatable park, there is no news of the normal slides that you see in water parks, here you are on the side of a challenging game.

Address of Kish Marina Water Park: Hormozgan, Kish, Marjan Boulevard, next to the Twin Towers, Marina Park

Marina Windy Water Park in Kish on Google Map

Kish water entertainment

If I want to talk about Kish water sports, I should probably take a few hours. Instead, I would like to name Kish water sports:

تفریحات آبی کیشپاراسل

  • Dolphin Park
  • boat riding
  • Submarine scooter
  • jet ski
  • Water skiing
  • Flyboard
  • Shuttle ride
  • Diving
  • Use of Kish cruise ships

تفریحات آبی کیش

Sights of Kish: The best shopping centers in Kish

Kish, thanks to its special geographical location, is a good place to buy and sell many items that are not easily found in Iran. This has made Kish shopping malls more popular.

1- Kish Pearl Shopping Center

Kish Pearl Shopping Center is one of the relatively old shopping centers in Kish, which was opened in 1994. This shopping center, despite being old, is one of the first suggestions of Kish residents to tourists. The architecture of the one-story building of Kish Pearl Shopping Center is taken from the buildings of the Achaemenid period and the ancient architecture of Iran.

مرکز خرید مروارید کیش

Morvarid Shopping Center is one of the sights of Kish, which covers an area of more than 27,000 square meters, with 208 stalls, a complete set of men’s and women’s clothing, cosmetics, sports equipment, decorative items, bags and shoes, kitchen appliances Provides to passengers. Most of the goods in this shopping center are from Iranian, Chinese, Thai or Indian brands, which are offered at a relatively reasonable price. Visiting the Pearl Bazaar is both a horoscope and a watch! If you do not shop, you can enjoy seeing the lovely building of the shopping center.

Address of Kish Pearl Shopping Center: Hormozgan, Kish, Morvarid Boulevard

Kish Pearl Shopping Center on Google Map

2- Maryam Kish Shopping Center

Maryam Kish Shopping Center or Maryam Kish Bazaar is one of the shopping centers in Kish, which was opened in 1990 in the form of open bazaars. With an area of nearly 6,000 square meters, this bazaar is a relatively small shopping center that has become a relatively traditional market with its various stalls.

مرکز خرید مریم کیش

We introduce Maryam Shopping Center to people who are looking for affordable shopping, you can buy all kinds of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories you need at a reasonable price from Maryam Kish Bazaar.

Maryam Kish Bazaar Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Sanai St.

Maryam Kish Shopping Center on Google Map

3- Sarina 1 Kish Commercial Complex

One of the best shopping centers in Kish is Sarina Commercial Complex, which is one of the sights of Kish with its two large branches, Sarina 1 and 2. Sarina 1 shopping center was opened in 2007 in an area of about 5500 square meters. This 10-storey complex will keep you interested in exploring the shops, even if you are not a shopper. The seventh floor of Sarina 1 Shopping Center is dedicated to the gallery and exhibition of works of art and handicrafts, which is a fun space for art lovers.

مجتمع تجاری سارینا 1 کیش

The commercial units of this luxury shopping center mostly offer a variety of reputable foreign and Iranian brands in the field of clothing, home appliances, electrical appliances, bags and shoes, and so on. This complex has other facilities such as hypermarket and parking, elevator, high speed internet and cafe and one of the largest food courts in Kish is located in Sarina 1 shopping center. If you are tired of shopping, you can entertain yourself with a drink in the cafe.

Address of Sarina Complex 1: Hormozgan, Kish, Khayyam Blvd., Babataher St., in front of Eram Hotel

Sarina 1 commercial complex on Google Map

4- Sarina Commercial Complex 2

Sarina 2 Shopping Center, like Sarina 1 Shopping Center, is one of the best shopping centers in Kish. This collection meets the needs of customers with watch shops, clothing, exchange, jewelry, clothing, electronics, cosmetics, home appliances and..

مجتمع تجاری سارینا 2

It does not matter if you go to Sarina 2 shopping center or for shopping. Look for anything, you will definitely find luxury and attractive shopping in this center. In addition to all these facilities, the top floor of Sarina 2 complex has a restaurant with a variety of Persian and French dishes that cater to all tourists.

Address of Sarina 2 Shopping Center: Hormozgan, Kish, Amirkabir Square, in front of Morvarid Bazaar

Sarina 2 commercial complex on Google Map

5- Damon Kish Bazaar

Damon Commercial Complex is one of the most famous sights of Kish and shopping centers of this island, the construction of which was completed in 2012. The luxurious and attractive architecture of this shopping center attracts you at first sight. The food court of Damon Shopping Center is located on the roof of the complex. Damoun Shopping Center with 98 shops and 10 service booths sells all kinds of clothes, cosmetics, mobile phones and their equipment, electronics and …

بازار دامون کیش

Ice skating rink and Fly Moon flight simulation center are among the tourist attractions of Kish, which is located in Damon commercial complex. The attractive part of this complex is the food court, which fills the mouth of every hungry person with a variety of Iranian dishes and fast food. In general, it is better to know that this shopping center is one of the luxury shopping centers in Kish, the price of which is more expensive than other shopping centers in Kish.

Damon Kish Bazaar Address: Hormozgan, Kish, at the end of Vesal St., Iran Blvd.

Damon Kish market on Google Map

6- Kish Marjan Bazaar

Marjan Kish Bazaar is one of the sights of Kish, this bazaar started its activity in 1991 in a building with an area of 200,000 square meters. The presence of a large aquarium with 800 aquatic species and exciting fountains of the main building is one of the strengths of Marjan Bazaar compared to other shopping malls.

بازار مرجان کیش

Marjan Kish Bazaar with more than 200 commercial and office units is an exciting space for travelers to walk and shop. You can buy all kinds of clothes, kitchen appliances, food, bags and shoes,. From this market. The good news is about the price level of goods in this market. The reasonable price level of goods in the shops of this shopping center is the main factor of the popularity of this market among the people of Kish. Of course, the proximity of Kish Marjan Bazaar to Kish sights and beautiful beaches is not ineffective in this popularity.

Marjan Kish Bazaar Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Jahan Road

Marjan Kish Bazaar on Google Map

7- Campus Bazaar 1 Kish

Kish Campus Bazaar has two branches, one and two, which I will introduce to you in this article. The two markets are located a short distance from each other. Pardis 1 Bazaar is one of the oldest and most famous shopping centers in Kish, which was designed and built in 1992 with the help of French architects as a two-storey complex.

بازار پردیس 1 کیش

Campus 1 Bazaar, with an area of about 12,000 square meters and more than 200 commercial shops, is a place to supply all kinds of clothing, home appliances, electronics, cosmetics, sports equipment and clothing, and so on. This passage, like many shopping malls today, has a coffee shop and restaurant.

Kish Campus 1 market address: Hormozgan, Kish, in front of Hengam Park

Kish Campus 1 Market on Google Map

8- Kish Pardis 2 Bazaar

Pardis Mall 2 is located in some old Pardis Mall 1. So you can visit both shopping centers at the same time. Kish Pardis Mall 2 has become one of the sights of Kish with its attractive exterior and interior views of this four-story building. The charm of this passage is the towering natural palm trees that have reached the roof through the building, the interior of this passage is decorated with ornamental plants and shrubs.

بازار پردیس 2 کیش

Pardis 2 , with more than 230 commercial and office units, is a good place to buy all kinds of clothes, cosmetics, bags and shoes, etc., and despite the variety of markets and commercial complexes of Kish, it is still one of the best shopping centers in Kish. . In this passage you will find everything you want at a reasonable price level. Campus Passage 2 In addition to this shop, there are restaurants and coffee shops that give you the opportunity to relax in the middle of shopping.

Pardis 2 Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Pardis Square

9- Kish commercial center market

Kish Commercial Center Bazaar is one of the largest shopping centers in Kish, which has an area of more than 16,000 square meters, was built as a 4-storey building in 2000. Kish Business Center is one of the sights of Kish that every tourist must visit. This commercial complex with 479 commercial units, has shops selling clothes, glasses, cosmetics, home appliances, audio and video equipment, electronic and mobile equipment, travel agencies and …

بازار مرکز تجاری کیش

Kish Trade Center Bazaar has 4 entrances from Ferdowsi and Roudaki streets. Among the facilities of Kish Business Center, we can mention the revolving restaurant, coffee shop, parking lot and so on. If you see the building of this shopping center from the outside, you will definitely be fascinated by its attractive design and lighting, and you can not pass by it indifferently.

Kish Business Center Bazaar Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Ferdowsi St. or Roudaki St.

Kish Business Center on Google Map

10- Arab market in Kish

The Arab market in Kish is a very old market that started in 1350. The main name of the Arab market is Safin market. The shop assistants are mostly island natives and Arabic speakers. The experience of visiting the Arab market is completely different from other shopping malls. Large market, with traditional Arabic architecture, Arabic vendors and Arabic language. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

The Arab Bazaar includes shops including textiles, handicrafts, local clothing, toys, shoes, cosmetics, home appliances, and more. The price of the goods sold in the Arab market is cheap and affordable. This is a local market for sightseeing, shopping, sightseeing and interacting with the natives of Kish Island.

Address of Arab market in Kish: Hormozgan, Kish, Safin town

Arab market in Kish on Google Map

11- Paniz Kish Bazaar

Paniz Kish Bazaar is one of the most famous shopping centers in Kish, which dates back to 1998. Paniz two-story bazaar with different architecture and glass facade is one of the sights of Kish. With 183 stores, this market offers a variety of clothing, audio and video equipment, cosmetics, mobile phones and electronic equipment, a variety of chocolates and coffee, decorative items and more.

بازار پانیذ کیش

If you are tired of sightseeing in Paniz Bazaar and need to relax, you can use the restaurant and coffee shop space of this complex. The location of this market and its proximity to other shopping centers in Kish is one of the positive features of Paniz Kish market.

Paniz Kish Bazaar address: Hormozgan, Kish, Ferdowsi St., next to the hypermarket

Paniz Kish market on Google Map

12- Kish Diplomat Bazaar

Kish Diplomat Bazaar is a five-storey shopping center on Kish Island, two of which include commercial units, two floors of office units and one floor for restaurants and coffee shops. The mall has about 120 shops that sell items such as clothing, bags, shoes, food, cosmetics, etc. In addition, the insurance office and exchange office can be found in the diplomat market.

Kish Diplomat Bazaar is a popular market that is always crowded due to the reasonable price level and variety of its products. As one of the shopping centers of Kish, it has public amenities such as parking, prayer hall, children’s rest room, green space, fire extinguishing system and..

Kish Diplomat Bazaar Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Sahel Boulevard

Kish diplomat on Google Map

13- Kish Olive Bazaar

Kish Olive Bazaar is a two-storey shopping center with an area of 5,000 square meters, which was built in 1988. This shopping center is one of the sights of Kish, which was one of the best shopping centers on the island from the beginning, and over time, it is still one of the most modern shopping centers in Kish. The architecture and appearance of Kish Olive Bazaar is such that it is known as one of the urban landmarks and can be easily identified by tourists.

بازار زیتون کیش

Olive Shopping Center has 180 commercial and office booths that sell various products including clothes, bags, shoes, home appliances, toys, cosmetics and more. The mall has good shops for souvenirs, including coffee and foreign chocolates. Olive Shopping Center, like many shopping centers in Kish, has a restaurant and coffee shop that give tourists the opportunity to relax and satisfy their hunger.

Kish Olive Bazaar Address: Hormozgan, Kish, Ferdowsi St., Amirkabir Sq., Sahel Boulevard

Kish Olive Market on Google Map

14- Pars Bazaar, Kish Bay

Pars Bay Kish Bazaar is one of the old bazaars of Kish, which started its activity in 1991 in the form of a one-story building. This bazaar is one of the shopping centers of Kish, which is known among travelers and tourists as a place for shopping at a reasonable price level.

بازار پارس خلیج کیش

Pars Khalij Bazaar with 150 commercial booths in an area of nearly 12,000 square meters offers various products and goods such as clothing, home appliances, mobile phones and electronic equipment, kitchen appliances, travel services, toys and more. The mall is located close to the Arab Bazaar in Kish and the Mir Mahna Wharf, and also allows tourists to explore the surrounding sights.

Kish Gulf Pars Bazaar address: Hormozgan, Kish, Safin town

Kish Bay Pars Bazaar on Google Map

Have fun

Which of Kish’s recreational areas you choose is up to you. And whether it is expensive or cheap does not in any way determine the value of that entertainment. What matters is your choice and taste and what makes you happy. In fact, a lot of money does not guarantee you a good time. Even with a little searching you can find times for a cheap trip to Kish. So do not look for famous places, but follow your interest. If you would like to tell us which of Kish’s entertainments and sights do you like?

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