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50 days of Kish Summer Festival 50 days of awards and joy

When it comes to summer, the thought of traveling to the south of the country is hot at all. Unless there is an opportunity for shopping, entertainment and a whole host of interesting programs that are worth the heat. Interestingly, there really is such a program: the Kish Summer Festival. It’s actually a two-pronged deal: booming local businesses in the summer and astronomical discounts and fun for travelers.

Today we want to introduce you to the Kish 1400 Summer Festival in Alibaba Tourism Magazine so that you can get ready if you are planning to travel.

Will Kish 1400 Summer Festival be held?

Kish Summer Festival is held in 1400 due to the prevalence of corona in accordance with health protocols.

On what date will the Kish 1400 Summer Festival take place?

This festival is usually held between July, August and September for an average of 50 days.

What are the plans for the Kish 1400 Summer Festival?

From folk festivals to street music performances are all part of the Kish Festival’s summer programs, which include theater, concerts, puppet shows, carnivals, night battles, and more.

What is the meaning of Kish Summer Festival?

Most of the world’s tourist cities have annual festivals and celebrations that open thousands of people to their city. These festivals are performed both with historical background and beliefs to attract tourists and their presence in the city with a lot of water.

Their conditions are sometimes so good that people borrow their festival time to travel.

جشنواره تابستانی کیش چیست Now we have to see what this double win game is on Kish Island and why it is held? There are always seasons throughout the year when the number of passengers in a city is greatly reduced. Sometimes tourist cities organize festivals to prevent this decrease and even increase in tourist population, of which Kish Summer Festival belongs to this category.

During this festival, travelers have special conditions and special programs are prepared for them. As mentioned, this game is a double-edged sword of tourist cities to both strengthen their economy from the presence of travelers and people to enjoy exciting discounts and programs. In the following, we will examine the Kish Summer Festival and its details more than before.

When is the 1400 Kish Summer Festival held?

As it has been said and read many times, Kish Festival is called a summer ceremony, which means that this ceremony is held in summer. Almost with the beginning of the summer season, the city of Kish begins to change from the end of June.

جشنواره تابستانی کیش 1400 people, Officials and all those who have recreational facilities in Kish change the color of their work with the beginning of summer, that is, July, when the sun emits the smell of dates and heat in the air of the south of the country. This festival is not limited to one hall and two halls and its charity is spread all over the city, but the place of the main ceremonies and lottery is the main theater hall of Kish city.

During this entertainment festival, the whole city will be decorated, the symbols of the festival will be installed and special ceremonies will be held.

How should I participate in the Kish Summer Festival?

Kish and all its programs welcome guests every summer, especially when they invite you to fun and happiness by holding festivals and planning special events. All you have to do is reach Kish to receive your opinion and comments via SMS, brochures, airport information tips, and جشنواره festival programs and events.

However, if you would like your name to be registered as one of the passengers of the Kish Summer Festival before this, there are three ways you can do it.

  • The first way to text 1 to 10000934
  • The second method is to install the Ikish application.

Which programs should we participate in at the 1400 Festival?

Every day of the Kish Festival equals hours of lovable, engaging and exciting programming. Street carnivals, happy battles, street performances, concerts of famous singers, laughter concerts, theaters and any other program you can think of can be found and watched at this festival.

Go to the concert

One of the most enjoyable pastimes that anyone can enjoy is watching live music. Happy and enjoyable concerts of the country’s pop singers such as Alireza Talischi, Reza Bahram, Masih and Arash, Farzad Farzin and… are held in the hot summers of Kish.

کنسرت جشنواره کیش There is no substitute for these concerts, because in these 50 days of the festival, dozens of singers with different styles and sounds will perform concerts, sometimes with a 50% discount on tickets, which is unique in its kind.

See theater and movies

The organizers of the Kish Festival have chosen cultural entertainment for most of their programs. Puppet show and theater, street music, cinema and magnificent theaters are among these ceremonies that are performed in the street and outdoors, especially for this period, in the year 1400.

تئاتر و فیلم buy cheap

In my opinion, the best gift from this festival is a lot of discounts that are applied to everything. For example, last year the slogan of the festival was 99% discount in 99. The same slogan shows how much the discount is applied to the goods of the stores.

I suggest that you go to Kish during the summer of 1400, even when you are shopping, and let your friends know except for yourself, so that if they want sex or clothing that is cheap, they will order it for you. Give.

خرید ارزان در کیش discounts of the festival They have no red line. It does not matter if it is a happy war or a concert, a dress or a plane ticket, any product, whether spiritual or physical, sold in Kish, includes the discounts of Kish Summer Festival.

Play water

If I was a doctor and a patient came to me for treatment of fatigue and apathy, I would prescribe water play in Kish water parks for his treatment. It does not matter if you go to Ocean or by the sea, enjoy diving, jet skiing, boating, flyboarding and more.

جشنواره تابستانی کیش Important water pleasure The game is also in the hot summer weather of Kish, so you can climb the long slide of Ocean without fear of catching a cold.

Be at war and at night carnivals

Street battles and carnivals are one of the most important parts of world famous festivals. Restraints and sitting on a chair no longer make sense. Outdoors, just enjoy the music and the fun. Such programs are also included in the Kish Festival. Night carnivals or battles performed by people like Hamed Ahangi and ند will take you away from the shackles of checks and money and you will laugh for hours.

کارناوال‌های شبانه Is there a summer festival in Kish?

An attractive and lovable part of any festival is its competition. Festivals do not feel at all without competition. Fortunately, the officials of Kish Summer Festival are well aware of this issue and consider many competitions for their festival on a nightly, weekly and main prize basis.

In the festival participation section, we said that you can register for the festival by sending a text message or installing iKish; You are also from the moment of registration in the festival competition. Prizes such as a car, an apartment suite, cash, a plane ticket, etc. will be awarded in this competition, the winners of which will be determined by drawing lots.

There are a few important points that, if followed, will increase your chances of receiving an award. First of all, with the purchases you have, your chances in the lottery usually increase for every few thousand tomans. These points will be added to the contest account after each purchase and as soon as the card is withdrawn from your account and a text message will be sent to you.

مسابقه جشنواره تابستانی کیش 1400 Rules The competition of this festival was such that the participant had to be present every night in the theater hall of Kish city. In addition to the ID card, a return ticket and hotel voucher were required to receive the prize. It remains to be seen what conditions will be adopted for the competition, given the corona and the implementation of health protocols.

50 days of photos and memories of Kish Summer Festival

Have you ever seen the Salafis that people take at foreign festivals? Memories they share of themselves or stories they write about their journey? I suggest that during this festival, be sure to take photos, text and interesting headlines of the pure moments of your trip, because the clock of life does not rotate like the clock of the world, but goes straight and does not return.

If you have a different memory or photo of this festival that you can share with other people, I suggest you send it to us or comment on this page.

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