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Know the destinations of the autumn trip to the north of Iran

Know the destinations of the autumn trip to the north of Iran

Usually when I can’t sleep, I close my eyes and try to think of the best image and memory I have of a trip. It is very interesting that for many years the first image that appears before my eyes is the path of the foggy forest that I took for the first time on an autumn trip to the north with a heavy mountaineering backpack, hoping to reach the first village house.

Climate change determines the type of trip and the destination of the trip. The coolness of autumn and the colorful shape and image it gives to nature is one of the features that draws people to the northern cities of the country with the beginning of October. The weather is no longer as hot and sunny as summer. show to others. I may not be able to tell you about the feeling of running in the heart of an oak forest, just when the rustling of autumn leaves under my shoes still lingers in my ears, but I can invite you to experience it!

What are the best autumn roads in northern Iran?

The most beautiful autumn roads are Chalous Road, Haraz Road, Dohzar Road, Asalem Road to Khalkhal and Chamestan Road to Noor.

What are the best northern forests for fall nature?

Gisum Forest, Cloud Forest, Dining Forest, Lundville Forest, Dalkhani Forest, Rush Forest, Siahkal Forest, Kaboudwal Forest and /

What are the best northern cities for fall travel?

Rezvanshahr, Yosh, Kiashahr, Olsbelangah, Masal, Chamestan, Ramsar and /

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine I am going to introduce you to the autumn destinations in northern Iran. These fall destinations are divided into several categories, including forests, roads, villages, and northern attractions. It does not matter if you are going to hit the road by car or you have packed your backpack and you are ready for forestry, this article will definitely be a good roadmap for your autumn trips.

Be sure to check rainfall and weather conditions before each trip to avoid potential hazards and slippery roads, and bring season-appropriate equipment.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Northern Autumn Forests

The spectacular nature of the northern forests becomes more spectacular in the fall than you can imagine. A spectrum of yellow, orange and red colors flows from the trees to the ground and drowns you in a sea of ​​oranges. If you are planning to travel north in the fall, you should get acquainted with the following forests for forestry and nature tourism:

Cloud Forest

On an autumn trip north, you can dive into a sea of ​​clouds by traveling to the cloud forest. You must have heard the proverb (Heaven comes to earth…) by now. Be careful not to use this term at all when you are in the cloud forest, because the cloud forest is the intersection of heaven and earth, and the sky has really reached the earth in this area.

Clouds are very close to the earth’s surface due to the proximity of two different climates and pressure changes in the region.

جنگل ابر

This Hyrcanian forest located in the northeast of the country and 45 km It is located north of Shahroud. In 1398, it was included in the list of natural heritage of Iran. Among the unique features of the numerous super-spring forests are the diverse vegetation such as beech, elm, yew, oak and… and rare medicinal plants.

Every year, many botanists from different parts of the world travel to Iran to visit this forest. Cloud forest has various species of animals such as brown bear, wolf, wild boar, fox, shoka and و and has been declared as a protected area since 2014.

جنگل ابر

Beautiful view of cloud forest and intertwined trees It has a charming beauty that invites many hikers, cyclists and cyclists to its party in different seasons.

The best time to visit the cloud forest is from late April to late October. The average temperature of a cloud forest is 20 ° C at the highest and 6 ° C at the lowest. Note that if you are not a professional hiker, it is best to have a guide with you.

Cloud forest address: Semnan province, Shahroud, 45 km north of Shahroud, cloud village

Cloud Forest on Google Map

Lundville Forest for an autumn trip north

One of the destinations of autumn travel to the north of Iran is Lundville tourist area, which is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea in Gilan province. Due to its proximity to Gilan and Astara, this region shows tourists a sweet combination of spectacular natural features of both cities. The name of this area is selected from the lavender or lavender flowers that make the forest atmosphere purple even in certain seasons of the year.

مقاصد سفر پاییزی به شمال

Lundville Forest is a pristine and beautiful nature that is a good choice for autumn travel. Lundville Forests is best known for its various waterfalls among nature lovers. Lawton Falls is one of the most important waterfalls in Iran in Lundville.

Mountain nature, various trees such as plums, walnuts, hazelnuts, wild apples and the colorful image of this forest in autumn, is the destination of all people who want to spend an autumn weekend in the heart of nature.

مقاصد سفر پاییزی به شمال

In addition, Lundville has a wildlife sanctuary. This shelter is one of the protected areas of the country, which with its special vegetation, welcomes various species of animals, including the Iranian yellow deer.

Lundville Forest Address: Lundville City, Astara, Gilan Province

Lundville Forest on Google Map

Dining Forest

Dining Forest or Dining Forest Park is one of the options for you to travel north in the fall. Dining is a large forest in the south of Gorgan, where the people of the city spend a few hours on weekends.

This forest park has various amenities and recreation facilities such as pavilions, parks and amusement parks, artificial waterfalls, restaurants, campsites, benches, prayer halls, shops and toilets.

جنگل ناهارخوران You may be wondering why it is now called (dining)? In the past, this place was on the way of pilgrims returning from the shrine of Imam Reza and was a place to stop for rest and lunch.

For this reason, the name of the Dining Forest still remains on it. Due to the fact that the diners in the area have been available to the public, unfortunately the vegetation and animal species have been affected and you will not see much diversity.

جنگل ناهارخوران Dining Forest is a forest that is 40 million years old. You do not have to be a professional hiker or have special equipment to walk in it. It is enough for your heart to go to see the trees with yellow and orange leaves so that you can walk in it easily. The best time to visit the dining forest is every day! It does not matter in which season you go to this forest, the beauty of northern nature is impressive in every season.

Address: Golestan province, Gorgan, 8 km south of Gorgan city

Jungle Dining on Google Map

Siahkal forest

If you are planning an autumn trip to the north, Siahkal forest is probably a good choice. Siahkal is one of the relatively pristine cities of Gilan that has lush and beautiful forests. Once you travel to Dilaman from the Siahkal forest road, the sweet experience of the surrounding forest scenery will never be forgotten.

You can stop anywhere on the road and start a new adventure in the heart of the forest. The story of the name Siahkal is that in the Gaelic dialect, (Si) means mountain or big rock and (Kol) means village. The combination of Siahkal means (village by the mountain).

جنگل سیاهکل One of the most pristine and popular forests in Siahkal region is Larikhani forest, where Larikhani mineral water spring and various waterfalls are located, including the famous Lonkdar waterfall. Of course, if you want to reach the sights of the forest, you have to walk a little more and reach its pristine areas.

Siahkal forest has a variety of trees such as maple, fig, larch and و and despite being pristine, parts of it have basic facilities for people to rest.

One of the northern sights on the Siahkal forest road is the Titi Caravanserai; This caravanserai, which belonged to the Safavid era, is located on a high hill in the middle of the forest. Therefore, in addition to forestry, you will have a short opportunity to walk in Safavid history.

جنگل سیاهکل Due to the sultry weather of the north, the best time to visit the Siahkal forest is spring and autumn, when the pleasant weather welcomes tourists.

Siahkal forest address: Gilan province, Siahkal

Black Forest on Google Map

Kaboudwal Forest

One of the sights of Golestan near Aliabad Katoul is Kaboudwal forest. Kaboudwal in the Katoli dialect consists of two parts (Kabud) meaning water and (Wall) meaning water atmosphere; This name is derived from the blue of the rivers that flow in the heart of this forest.

This forest has a special wonder for nature lovers and it is the only moss waterfall in Iran. The presence of Kabudwal Falls between two forested valleys will create a memorable image of an autumn trip in your mind. Reaching the waterfall requires climbing and climbing a stepped path of about 320 steps, but do not doubt that this effort is worth such a spectacle.

جنگل کبودوال If you want to make the most of this nature trip Remember my three main tips: Enjoy the forest trail on your trip to the Kaboudwal forest, take some souvenir photos, and take a few hours under the waterfall if you have extra clothes with you. Honestly, I have not forgotten to say that Kaboudwal waterfall is the cleanest waterfall in Iran and its water is drinkable.

سفر پاییزی به شمال The best time to visit Kaboudwal waterfall in spring It is summer and autumn, this trip depends on your taste. If you think you enjoy watching the fiery colors of autumn more, I suggest you choose this season for your fall trip north; Of course, do not forget warm clothes!

Kaboudwal forest address: Golestan province, 5 km southeast of Aliabad Katoul city

Blue Forest on Google Map

The towering trees of Alimestan forest in autumn, the thick fog that caresses the face while walking in the cool of the forest, make any nature walk dependent on itself. If you are traveling north in the fall, camping and climbing Alimestan Peak will be an integral part of your annual itinerary.

جنگل های شمال Alimestan forest is a pristine place for nature tourism, so it is better if you plan to travel for a few days in autumn. Carry camp equipment or venture out to local accommodations in villages around the forest.

The best time to visit Alimestan is May and autumn. At this time, the beauty of Alimestan forest reaches its peak, but I must say that this forest has its own beauty and wonder in all months of the year; In other words, it can be called a forest for all seasons.

Address of Alimestan forest: Mazandaran province, Amol, 20 km of Haraz road, near Alimestan village

Alimestan forest on Google Map

Dalkhani Forest

Dalkhani forest is one of the most important destinations in the autumn trip to the north and forestry is located in Ramsar. This forest is a foggy paradise that charms among the colorful autumn trees. In this nature walk, you cross the forest hills until you find yourself in the depths of a pristine forest.

جنگل دالخانی In Dalkhani forest path, you can find local vendors between different types Prepare attractive snacks such as honey, local fruit or souvenirs, drink a cup of fresh tea and embrace the coolness of autumn with its warmth. But if you are planning to go hiking in this beautiful forest, be sure to bring nature supplies and a Carbold guide.

To travel to Dalkhani forest, each season has its own beauty, but the account of autumn trips and the amazing colors of this forest are different from other seasons. Of course, do not forget the cold weather and warm clothes on this trip.

Dalkhani forest address: Mazandaran province, Ramsar, summer road next to Rudbar, Dalkhani forest

جنگل دالخانی روی گوگل مپ

Gisum Forest

A corridor with towering trees that take you to the sea; I’m talking about the Gisum Talesh forest. The path is one of those paths that we see in dreams, and the end of the path that, like the movies, has a happy ending. The popularity of this route among tourists, due to its forest and beach space, has made it a forest park. Gisum Forest Park has become a turning point in the region’s tourism industry.

جنگل گیسوم

Gisum Forest Park has facilities such as pavilion, toilet, parking, cycling, boating, restaurant, buffet and.. The atmosphere of Gisum Forest is such that you do not need to be a professional hiker or have special equipment with you, enjoying Gisum Forest with its pleasant vegetation is no hassle.

The best time to walk in the Gisum forest is spring and autumn. If you are planning to travel north in autumn, you will have the opportunity to see the kingdom of Gisum forest trees with their beautiful colors.

جنگل گیسوم

Address of Gisum forest: Gilan province, 18 km from Talesh to Anzali road

Gisum Forest on Google Map

Rush Forest

The beech forest, as its name suggests, is an endless sea of beautiful beech trees, famous for its attractive autumn leaves. If you are traveling north in the fall, turn the steering wheel towards Haraz Road and Sangdeh village to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful places in Iran.

جنگل راش

A trip to the beech forest is an opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature and remember the unforgettable frame of autumn. Attractions of this forest include the Oben waterfall and the river that flows through the forest.

You can go hiking, biking or jogging in the beech forest, the nature of this forest gives life for a proper picnic; But be aware that this forest does not have any accommodation facilities and it is better to have the necessary equipment and camp equipment with you.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Due to the autumn nature of the beech forest, the best time to visit this forest is autumn, but if you have the opportunity to go hiking in other seasons of the year, you can be sure that this forest is beautiful in any season.

Beech forest address: Mazandaran province, 50 km from Shirgah, Sangdeh village

Rush Forest on Google Map

Dasht Lar

Lar plain or Lar national park with an area of about 73,500 hectares, is one of the protected areas at the foot of Damavand peak. Think of it, the endless view of Damavand Peak, the plain of wild anemones with its dazzling red color and cool and pleasant climate. What other combination could be more enjoyable?

دشت لار

Lar plain is one of the most important and popular destinations in the autumn trip to the north, which is located on the border between Tehran and Mazandaran. Among the tourist attractions of Lar plain, Sefid Ab or Qo waterfall and the natural lake of Cheshmeh Div Asyab, which with its blue color, is a small reflection of the sky on the ground.

This area has a variety of vegetation including astragalus, wild mushrooms, thyme and که that have grown next to the colorful flowers of the plain. Lar plain has different species of animals such as salmon in the lake, wolves, brown bears, partridges, Damavandi and Alborzi and etc.

جنگل های سبز

If you are a camper in nature and you enjoy this work, put Lar plain on your autumn trips. You can spend the night in a tent by the lake and watch the stars. Of course, remember that this trip is not possible without camp equipment.

The best season to visit the Lar Plain is June, when wild hand-made anemones turn the whole plain red, but if you are traveling in the fall, you can use the autumn scenery with warm clothes and relax in nature.

Address of Lar plain: Haraz road, Plour, Lar road

دشت لار

North Autumn Roads

Driving on the northern autumn roads is like diving into a colorful watercolor. Winding roads in the heart of nature with unparalleled views you will not find anywhere else. In the following, I will introduce some of the most important and popular autumn roads in Iran:

Chalous Road

Honestly, the autumn trip to the north with Chalous Road finds its true meaning. This winding road, also known as Road 59, is one of the most beautiful roads in the heart of Iran. The unique scenery and beautiful nature of Chalous Road has taken it out of the way of the route and turned it into a destination for fun.

One side of the river is boiling and roaring loudly, the other side of the mountain cliff is holding a tree branch with a delicate twist and is arching on the road; On this road, turning your head in any direction, your heart melts.

جاده چالوس

Considering that Chalous Road is one of the main roads in the north, most Iranians have sweet memories of group or even solo trips on Chalous Road. From the very beginning of the road, there are various villages such as Arangeh, Kondar, Adran and که that invite you with their spectacular nature.

After passing through the villages, you will reach the Great Amirkabir Dam or Karaj Dam, which is one of the most famous and important dams in the country. There are many restaurants with delicious food that you should definitely visit.

سفرهای شمالی ایران

Chadeh Chalous is about 160 km long, but it can be said that this road is not a route, but a destination. The beauty of Chalous is not hidden from anyone in all four seasons, but due to the mountainous and winding atmosphere of Chalous, it is better to be careful when driving in rain and snow.

Chalous Road on Google Map

Islam Road to Khalkhal

Asalem-Khalkhal road is a 70-kilometer road that connects Asalan Gilan to Khalkhal in the south of Ardabil. All along the road there are forests covered with lush and beautiful trees that make a fuss in autumn with their yellow and orange leaves.

If you have chosen the road from Islam to Khalkhal for your autumn trip to the north, it is better not to hurry and stop wherever you want, take a tour of the surrounding plains and forests, then continue the route again.

جاده اسالم به خلخال

There are many sights of Asalem-Khalkhal road, Shaghayegh plain, Nevar lake, Gisum forest park, Saragah lake, Kiwi waterfall and Daryabon and… are all places that you can enjoy for hours. If you are a nature lover and you want to go hiking and cycling in the heart of nature, the Asalem-Khalkhal road will be a good option for you.

The best time to travel from Asalem Road to Khalkhal is spring, summer and autumn, when the natural scenery reaches its peak of beauty. Of course, the road is very beautiful in winter, but the road may be closed due to rain and road hazards. You should know that the road from Islam to Khalkhal has no gas station and you must start your journey with a full tank.

Islam Road to Khalkhal on Google Map

Two thousand forest road

Two thousand and three thousand road is one of the forest roads in Tonekabon that the beauty of the route has turned it into one of the sights of Mazandaran. The 2,000-strong road is covered with towering trees, waterfalls and pristine springs. Along this road, there are many places of interest and villages, including the village of Imamzadeh Ghasem, Miankuh, Nosha, Barseh, Yuj, Chaldereh Park, and so on.

جاده جنگل دوهزار

Some say that the reason for naming two thousand on this road is because of its height, for example, the road of two thousand continues up to an altitude of two thousand meters. The whole road is covered with beech, van, sycamore and other trees, which enchant with their spectacular scenery in different seasons, sometimes in the hours of the day, thick fog embraces the whole road and forest and makes the space mysterious.

جاده جنگل دوهزار

If you are planning to go hiking and hiking, you can use the eco-lodges for overnight stay, otherwise you will have to bring camp equipment. Two thousand road is beautiful in every season of the year, but its unique autumn scenery, like a work of art, invites you to the heart of nature.

Two thousand forest road on Google Map

Chamestan road to Noor

Chamestan to Noor road is a semicircular road that connects Chamestan to Noor. This beautiful and pleasant road is a good option for traveling in autumn. Chamestan to Noor road is a route of about 17 km, which attracts tourists with its pleasant forest views.

جاده چمستان به نور

Chamestan to Noor road is a semicircular road that connects Chamestan to Noor. This beautiful and pleasant road is a good option for traveling in autumn. Chamestan to Noor road is a route of about 17 km, which attracts tourists with its pleasant forest views.

Chamestan road to light on Google Map

Haraz Road

Haraz Road or Road 77, after Chalous Road, is another main road to the north of the country, which has many fans due to its spectacular scenery and good weather, and is the second most beautiful road in Iran. Archaeological finds discovered on this road date back to the Sassanid era.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Haraz road with a length of about 200 km, has many tunnels including Siahabisheh, Noorani, Lahash, Siahband, Grazmal and 2 tunnels. This road is one of the busiest roads in the country due to various tourist attractions such as Damavand Peak, Tar Lake, Qaleh Dokhtar Waterfall, Larijan Hot Water, Lar Dam, Imamzadeh Ali Lake, Shaghayegh Plain, Hashem Imamzadeh. In addition, the road is full of restaurants, hotels and accommodations that can accommodate you.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

The best time to cross the thousand road is spring, summer and autumn. If you want to enjoy the natural autumn scenery, I suggest you take an autumn trip north.

Haraz Road on Google Map

Northern Autumn Towns and Villages

Usually when it comes to traveling to the north, the majority move to some of your famous cities, but the fact is that the north has many small and pristine towns and villages that many have not yet reached. If you are a nature traveler who cares about the privacy, silence and pristine nature of the landscape, read more:

Chamestan city

The city of Chamestan is one of the autumn trips to the north of Iran for autumn trips. Chamestan or in the local dialect of Mazandaran (Chamston), is one of the functions of the city of Noor and is located near Amol. The pleasant climate and pristine nature of Chamestan has made it one of the most popular cities in the country.

جاهای دیدنی پاییزی

The villages of Lavij, Ahudasht, Mirkhmand, and Gaznasra are four important villages in the city of Chamestan, each of which competes with the other in terms of beauty. Among the sights of Chamestan city, we can mention Elimalat Lake, Vaz Forest, Kashpol Forest Park, Avidar Lake, Lavij Hot Water, Shah Baluzahid Tomb and..

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Chamestan is a mountainous city, but its proximity to the sea has created a pleasant and temperate climate for the people of the city. The best time to visit this city is spring and summer, but walking in the autumn nature of Chamestan and watching its natural landscapes is not without grace.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Access to Chamestan is possible by land transport.

Chamestan city on Google Map

Ramsar city

Ramsar or Arous of the northern cities is one of the most famous cities in the north of the country in Mazandaran province, which the public chooses as a destination for autumn trips to the north in different situations. The geographical location of Ramsar and its proximity to mountains, sea and forest has created an attractive combination for tourists and has won the hearts of foresters and sea lovers at the same time.

شهر رامسر

Among the sights of Ramsar, we can mention Dalkhani forest, Javaherdeh village, Caspian coastal beaches, hot springs, Safarood forest park, Ramsar cable car, local bazaar, Ramsar museum palace, etc. If you want to visit all the tourist attractions of Ramsar, you must stay in the city for a few days. Of course, be careful not to forget the delicious northern food on your trip.

شهر رامسر

The climate of Ramsar varies according to the rainfall in different seasons. Its spring is lush and charming, its summer is sunny and pleasant, its autumn is cool and rainy and its winter is snowy and spectacular. So you have won every season you travel to Ramsar.

Access to Ramsar is possible by land and air.

Ramsar city on Google Map

Rezvanshahr city

Rezvanshahr is one of the cities of Gilan province with two plains and mountains that you can go to for your autumn trips. Rezvanshahr city has various natural and historical attractions, including Visadar waterfall, which is the third highest waterfall in Iran.

Other places of interest in Rezvanshahr include the Poonel brick bridge from the Safavid period, the Spieh Mosque mosque, the Gisum forest park, the village of Ardeh, the Parn Parn Vaskeh historical cemetery, the Shafarud bridge from the Qajar period, and so on. As it is clear in these few examples, Rezvanshahr is a city of historical and old stairs that walking on them in autumn is like walking on the path of history.

شهر رضوانشهر

The climate of this region is very humid in summer and cold in winter due to the geographical conditions. For this reason, the best time to travel to Rezvanshahr is spring and autumn. Autumn, with its enchanting scenery, makes Rezvanshahr a destination for autumn trips to the north.

Access to Rezvanshahr is by land and by private car is possible.

Rezvanshahr on Google Map

Masal village

Masal is one of the ancient cities of Iran, which is located in Gilan province. You have probably heard its name in many nature programs.

Due to its semi-humid mountainous climate, beautiful nature and tourist attractions, this village has become one of the destinations of autumn travel to the north of Iran, which receives many tourists every year. Masal means a place located next to a mountain; This village is located next to the Talesh Mountains and the reason for its naming is its proximity to the mountains.

روستای ماسال

Masal is a relatively secluded village, with lush nature, watery rivers, high plains and high waterfalls, which is suitable for a one or two day vacation. Especially if you travel to it in the fall. Among the sights of Masal village can be Olsblangah summer, Masal Sochaleh summer, Telargah summer, Espi Dasht summer, Shanbeh Rah summer, Masal caves, Masal waterfalls and.. As it turns out, Masal is a city of endless lush summers.

روستای ماسال

The climate of Masal village is cold in autumn and winter, but those who travel north in the fall do not miss the opportunity to explore the pristine summers of Masal.

Masal village on Google Map

Olsblangah village

Olsablangah is one of the most famous summers in Masal. The name of this summer is a combination of two words (Ulus) meaning tree and (Balangah) meaning high place, the combination of which means a tree at high altitude. This summer village is one of the sights of Masal, which has a unique mood in autumn. If you are not satisfied with watching the foggy nature of autumn, it is better that Ulusbelangah is your definite choice for your autumn trip to the north.

روستای اولسبلنگاه

One of the features of this area is the monitoring of natural resources and the environment. It may be interesting to know that in this area, building permits with materials other than wood are prohibited. This will help keep the area smooth and natural. This summer lacks piped water and electricity 24 hours a day. A trip to this summer is probably an interesting experience for nature tourism.

روستای اولسبلنگاه

You can prepare the natural products of the village as food and souvenirs. The best time to visit Ulsbelangah is spring and summer, but if you are ready to throw the summer view of this summer with warm clothes, do not miss this opportunity at all.

Ulsbelangah village on Google Map

Yush village

If you want to know how Nima Yoshij became a poet, maybe an autumn trip to the north and the village of Yoshij will help you find the answer to this question more easily. Yush village with beautiful nature is located in mountainous areas. Pleasant climate, colorful plains full of flowers and towering trees, springs full of water. This village, with its spectacular beauty, makes everyone a poet!

روستای یوش

Yosh village is located in Nowshahr city and among the sights of Yosh village we can mention the house of Nima Yoshij, a prominent poet of modern Persian poetry, the dome of Kia Davood, the tombs of Seyyed Amin and Seyyed Jalal and others. The best time to visit this village is spring, summer and autumn. Autumn is naturally a cold season, but the unique view of Yush Autumn will be a lasting memory for any tourist.

Yush village on Google Map

Port of Gaz

Gaz port is located in Gaz village, one of the functions of Mazandaran. This port flourished from the time of Mohammad Shah Qajar and since then it has become one of the main centers of trade and economy of the country. The historical background of this port is long and visiting it as one of the natural and historical attractions of the north is the right choice.

جاهای دیدنی شمال

Due to its historical background, Gaz port has various places of interest, including the castle, the old castle, old fire temples, various ancient hills, lighthouses, and so on. In addition to historical sights, the nature of Gaz port is also visited; Among the natural attractions of Gaz port, we can mention the port of Gaz port, Cheshmeh Gholgholi, Chalamriz waterfall, Jahan Mora forest, Baghu forest park and its beautiful beaches.

Gaz turf near the Caspian Sea has a temperate climate and is always green. The best time to visit Gaz port is spring and autumn. In these two seasons, the weather in the port is humid and pleasant, and its nature is beautiful in every season.

Gaz port on Google Map

Bandar Kiashahr

Kiashahr port is one of the suitable destinations for autumn travel to the north. This port, formerly known as Farahnaz Port, is one of the functions of Ashrafieh threshold in Gilan and is a popular destination for tourists due to its geographical location and access to Chamkhaleh, Zibaknar and Anzali Port.

بندر کیاشهر

This port was built in the ninth century AH by the order of Hassan Kia Kargia bin Seyyed Haidarkia and its name is derived from the name of its builder. Kia port has witnessed many changes throughout its history.

Sights and recreation of Kia port include Bojagh International Wetland, forest park with perennial trees, historical monuments of the Russian Fisheries House and wooden buildings, wooden bridge port and.. Travel to Kiashahr port is possible in any season, but the account of autumn trips is different from other seasons due to the beauty of the scenery and pleasant weather.

Kiashahr port on Google Map

Ashuradeh Island

Ashuradeh is the only Iranian island in the Turkmen port. This port has many amazing things to know and see. For example, the port of Ashuradeh is a place for birds to live in different seasons of the year or 40% of Iran’s caviar is supplied from the surrounding areas of the island.

جزیره آشوراده

The name Ashuradeh is a combination of the two words Assyria and Ada, which Ada means island in Turkmen. Ashuradeh means (Assyrian Island) which has undergone many political and economic ups and downs and was even in the hands of Russia until the end of World War II.

The island’s diverse vegetation includes plants such as sour pomegranate trees, shrubs, raspberries, etc. The island is also home to animals such as foxes, fish, rabbits, partridges, seabirds, and more. Many tourists even travel to this island for bird watching.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Access to the island is by motor boat. Accommodation on Ashuradeh Island requires camp facilities, otherwise you have to stay in accommodations and hotels around Gorgan. The best time to visit Ashuradeh Island and the Turkmen port is spring and summer, but the autumn climate and the beautiful nature of the island are also a good opportunity for an autumn trip to the north.

Ashuradeh Island on Google Map

Mazichal village

Mazichal village is one of the autumn trips to the north of Iran, which is suitable for nature tourism, mountaineering, forestry and off-road. Mazichal is located in Mazandaran province and near Kelardasht and as an international bird watching area has many domestic and foreign tourists.

Among the birds seen in Mazichal are pheasants, woodpeckers, owls, quails, and so on. Mazichal Protected Area is located at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level and due to this altitude has a beautiful path with spectacular views. In this secluded area, clouds move close to the ground, inspiring any dreamy nature walker.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

The name Mazichal is derived from two parts (Mazi) meaning oak and (Chal) meaning pit. Mazichal is the land of oak trees, the name of which means oak-filled pits.

This area does not have facilities and if you are planning to travel to Mazichal, you must have camp equipment and travel equipment for a few days. Mazichal is a four-season region that has its own unique beauty in each season, but Mazichal’s thousand-colored autumns are famous among nature lovers. So I suggest you do not miss the Mazichal Fall Trip under any circumstances.

Mazichal village on Google Map

Northern recreation and sightseeing in the fall

Most people think that the north of the country and its pastimes are summed up in the sea and summer, while this is not the case at all. The northern regions of the country have different and diverse recreations and places of interest for the autumn season, some of which I will introduce below:

Lovage hot water

One of the spectacular villages of Mazandaran is Lavij village where Lavij hot water is located. With the cooling of the air and the beginning of the autumn season, the use of natural hot water is a good option for traveling in the fall. Lavij hot water is one of the tourist attractions of Iran that boils from the heart of the earth. The water of this spring contains a variety of salts and minerals that are effective for treating skin problems and joint pain.

آب گرم لاویج

There are several hot springs in the village of Lavij, which have separate sections for men and women. The water temperature of Lavij hot springs also reaches 48 degrees Celsius, which is why its temperature is pleasant in the cool of autumn and winter, and it attracts many tourists every year in these seasons.

Lavij hot water address: Mazandaran province, Noor, Noor-Chamestan road (approximately two kilometers left to Chamestan), Lavij village road

Lovage hot water on Google Map

Lawton Falls

One of the autumn trips to the north of Iran for a trip in the fall is Laton Gilan waterfall. With a height of 105 meters and a width of 5 meters, this waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Iran, which was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1399.

The water of this waterfall may decrease in some seasons of the year, but it never stops. After hiking on a pristine and forested route, tourists arrive at Lawton Falls, which is nestled in the heart of nature. Even now as I talk about it, I feel like I hear the sound of water, the sound of this journey never leaves my mind, you just have to remember it sometimes.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

The source of Lawton Falls is Mount Spinas (Spine), which merges with the Lundville River along the way. Usually the highest temperature in summer is 35 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature in winter is 0 degrees Celsius.

If you do not have much time to travel, Lawton Falls is a great option for a day trip. Of course, for this trip, you must have sufficient physical preparation and equipment needed for nature tourism.

Address of Lawton Falls: Gilan Province, 15 km south of Astara, Lundville, Kote Komeh village

Lawton Falls on Google Map

Lake Chort

Lake Chort or Miansheh Lake is a lake located in the pristine and lush forests of Chort village in Mazandaran. If you are planning to travel north in the fall, Lake Chort is one of my suggested options.

This lake is the beating heart of the forest, which was created naturally by landslides and changes in the direction of springs. Chort is one of the sights of the north where you have to take hundreds of souvenir photos.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Lake Chort with a length of 380 meters and a width of 140 meters has become one of the tourist destinations in the region, which is even a good option for off-road.

One of the wonders of Lake Chort appears when the water level of the lake decreases and the old trees that were suddenly submerged reach the water. Boating on the lake, hiking in the foggy and forested surroundings are some of the recreations of this area.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

If you plan to spend the night by the lake, you must have camping equipment and warm clothes, because the nearest amenities are in the village of Chort, which is located away from the lake. The best time to visit Lake Chort is spring and autumn; Spring is the green season and autumn is the season of warm colors.

Lake Chort address: Mazandaran province, Sari, Chahardangeh section, Kiasar-Sari road, 10 km from Chort village

Lake Chort on Google Map

Lake Shurmest for an autumn trip north

Lake Shurmest is located in the alder forests of Savadkuh. This natural lake with its various amenities is one of the suitable options for an autumn trip to the north. Access to Lake Shurmest is possible by car and you do not need to be a professional hiker to see it.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

Amenities and recreation facilities on Lake Shurmest include shops, dormitories, restaurants, toilets, car park space (plus car entrance fee), boating, cycling and fishing. Boating in the tranquility of the lake can be considered a paradise.

سفر پاییزی به شمال

The best time to visit Lake Chort is summer and autumn, but the lake has its own special effect in all seasons. The autumns of this area are not many and the surrounding forest atmosphere along the lake creates a unique image. Now it is up to you to choose whether to stay overnight in your tent or rent one of the villas around the lake.

Address of Shormast Lake: Mazandaran Province, Savadkuh, Sefid Ab city, Shormast village

Lake Shurmest on Google Maps

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