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Kundar village of Karaj; Great suggestion for staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Kundar village of Karaj; Great suggestion for staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Good news for the people of the capital who are looking to get away from the traffic and crowds of the city and breathe the fresh air! Kondar village is one of the pleasant climates near Tehran, which gives life for a day trip and a trip to the heart of nature. This village is one of the greenest villages that you can go to to breathe fresh air and spend a memorable day in it. If you want to go to the plain tulips of Kander and this green village near Tehran, do not miss this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

Where is Kander village?

This village is located at km 7 of Karaj-Chalous road and is 60 km away from Tehran.

Where is Laleh Kander plain?

The field of frankincense tulips is located in the western part of the village and all kinds of tulips can be seen there.

What are the sights of Kunder village?

Chehel Bibi area, waterfall, tulip plain and numerous springs

How is living in Kunder village?

You can choose camping, villas or eco-lodges to stay in Kundar village of Karaj.

Know the village of Kander Karaj

This area is one of the villages around Tehran which is very popular among tourists because of its tulip plain. Many people travel to this village to spend weekends. It is not bad for you to visit Laleh plain of Kundar village so that you can see all the colors in one frame.

Kundar village is a pristine and untouched area that with a short trip to it, you can record memorable days in your diary and take amazing photos of pure nature and its thousand-colored flowers.

روستای کندر

Rusta It is located 24 km from Karaj and is considered as one of Alborz provinces in the country. Most of the natives of this village are engaged in gardening and delicious fruits such as frankincense grapes, pears and cherries are abundant in it. Going to this village, you will see colorful gardens where your mouth falls on the trees when you see the fruit. So be sure to try native frankincense fruits, especially frankincense grapes.

Due to the pleasant climate of this region, unfortunately, many residents of Tehran and Karaj have built various small and large villas in it, which has destroyed its rural and natural texture. For this reason, going to the village of Kander, you will see a combination of modern and old buildings, which many believe has created a beautiful paradox.

Sights of Kundar village

There are many tourist attractions in Kondar village, including Zoroastrian cemetery, numerous historical monuments, waterfalls and tulip fields. These tourist attractions give you a good feeling that you can experience in the least place in Iran. Among the Karaj sights , Kundar village is known as one of the best.

1- Frankincense Falls

This waterfall is one of the most unique tourist attractions of frankincense, which is located in the northeastern part of the region. There are various plant species around Kondar waterfall that have doubled its beauty. To reach this area, you must go to Purkan village and then 3.5 km away from this village to see Kundar waterfall.

Of course, to reach this waterfall you have to walk a mountain path, so do not forget the hiking boots. I’m sure you will not regret watching this unique area.

آبشار کندر

2- Forty babies; A place for mystery and need

In the heart of the mountains of Kundar village, there are handmade caves that can be guessed to have been built by humans. These caves were used in the past to shelter and shoot the invaders. The natives call these caves Ashkaf. Around these holes there was an area called Forty Girls.

Elderly people living in the area believe that several centuries ago, 200 girls came to the village for pilgrimage and recreation and miraculously disappeared. They say lucky girls have come to this area and made vows to make their fortunes open.

آرامگاه چهل دختر

This story has been passed down from person to person, and after 2,000 years, many people still come to this area to make vows. There are buildings in the forty girls that historians associate with ammunition dumps built by the Ismailis. In this area you can make vows, enjoy its exemplary climate and see historical monuments, in general it should be said that in forty babies you can mark with a few arrows!

3- Gada Valley River is the best offer to sit on the edge of the atmosphere and watch the passage of life

This river is seasonal and originates from Mount Liz. Darreh Gada river passes through the gardens of Kondar village and connects to Karaj river. Where this river reaches the village, there is a spring called Gol Cheshmeh. There is nothing to sit around and picnic around. This spring is still full of water and you can drink refreshing water from it.

ودخانه دره گدا بهترین پیشنهاد برای نشستن بر لب جوی و تماشای گذر عمر

If you want to sit next to an atmosphere and watch the passage of life , Gada Valley is one of the best offers for you. You can sit by the river and enjoy the sound of water sliding on the rocks. The river of Gada valley reaches Laleh plain of Kundar village; So in addition to watching different plant species, you can enjoy the cool and refreshing water of this river.

4- Different springs

There are various springs in Kondar village of Karaj, all of which are mineral. One of the things that shows that this village is very old is the collection of Murad springs. These springs are sacred to the natives and are a short distance from the Anahita Temple. In historical books, because of the importance of these pools, for many years only women were allowed to enter them.

روستای کندر

In this area, several old houses with spectacular architecture have been built. Which show the great antiquity of Kundar village. Another spring of Kander village in Karaj is Gol Cheshmeh which is located at the beginning of Darreh Gada river and water is still boiling in it.

5- Plain tulips of frankincense, the most unique tulips in Iran

When you reach the village of Kundar in Karaj, if you look west, you will see the Plain of Tulips. When you look to the left, you see a world of colors embossed on the ground. I’m sure you will be amazed to see the plain of frankincense tulips.

دشت لاله های کندر

Mr. Pahlavani with a lot of love, many tulips Planted in this plain and for the first time, tulips showed themselves in the spring of 1399. Mr. Pahlavani and a few others decided to spread a carpet of natural tulip flowers on the plain in order to increase the charm of their village. In addition to holding the Tulip Festival, they are now growing and reproducing the bulbs of this beautiful flower.

With a lot of effort, this group was able to reduce the import of tulip onions and have a say in exporting this plant. In the first phase, about 2 million aluminum tulips were planted in a 3.4-hectare plain. Of course, the field of frankincense tulips will become wider every year.

The best time to visit Laleh Plain

Early spring in most parts of the world is when tulip bulbs bloom and grow slowly. Just be aware that these flowers are only two months old, so you should not waste time visiting them. Kander Tulip Plain is ready to receive tourists every day between 8 and 20 o’clock and you can visit this unique area. Honestly, I have not forgotten to say that the plain of frankincense is the largest tulip in the country, so you must visit it.

بازدید از لاله ها

The cost of visiting this area on non-holiday days 15 And on holidays it is 20 thousand tomans. By paying this fee, you can walk in this tulip for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The officials of this region also provide tourists with the ability to buy tulip onions, and those who are interested in this flower can buy its onions.

How to get to the plain of frankincense tulips?

You will reach the village after a winding path. When you reach the village of Kundar in Karaj, you must move west. By following the signs of Lazour Farm, you will reach the plain of frankincense. This route is smooth and you can cross it without any restrictions and see the plain with a private car.

You can drive to the Tulip Plain by car and take a short walk to the entrance. In this plain, you can see colorful flowers that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

دشت لاله ها

What is the souvenir of Kundar village?

Most frankincense people are engaged in gardening and make a living this way. One of the souvenirs of Kondar village in Karaj is its fruits. You can buy lemons, oranges, mangoes, dates and dates from the villagers. There are also several carpet weavers in the village and the women of this village apply their art and masterpiece on the carpet using these tools.

You can buy exquisite hand-woven carpets in this village as a souvenir. Other souvenirs of this region include fine weaving, mat weaving, sows weaving (a kind of sandalwood), date palm weaving, etc.

بهترین سوعات کندر

Is it possible to go to Kundar village by car?

This unique village is located 22 km from Karaj and 7 km from Karaj-Chalous road. If you are from Tehran and you are tired of traffic, be sure to plan a visit to this area. You can drive to Kander village in a few hours and see its many beauties.

To reach this village, you must enter the path of Purkan village. You will see frankincense tulips after 3.5 km. The road to Kander village is paved and you can easily reach it by car.

مسیر روستای کندر

When did you go to Kander village in Karaj?

This area gets a little cold in winter due to being mountainous and you may not be able to visit it easily this season. My suggestion is to choose Bahar to visit Kander village, you may be wondering why Bahar?

This season, frankincense tulips will come to life again and you can see this sea of ​​flowers up close. If you can not see this vast plain of flowers, you will complain to yourself why you did not choose a better time to travel.

روستای کندر کرج

This village has its own beauties in all seasons, but the taste of visiting it in spring with other seasons at all Not comparable. This season, you will see exemplary weather in the village of Kondar, Karaj, and you can clear your lungs as a guest of a breath of fresh air.

Stay in Kander village or not?

Staying in this village is up to you, maybe you want to spend the night in Karaj or have a day trip to it. If you want to stay in Kander, there are several different accommodation options ahead of you. You can camp in the flat plains of the village or stay in built villas. Of course, if you want my opinion, I say that you should set up camp in the heart of nature and enjoy staying in the heart of the green plains.

اقامت در روستای کندر

Maybe you are going to this frankincense with your family, so it is better to go to real estate consultants and book furnished villas for your stay. Each villa has different capabilities and amenities. So you can choose one of them according to your circumstances and stay in it.

In addition, several eco-lodges have been built around Lazour Farm, where you can get acquainted with the lifestyle of the natives of frankincense. In these cottages, there is a charcoal chair, oil lamp and oven that you will be amazed by the old environment.

Where is Kander village?

Kondar village is not far from Tehran and you can reach it in about 1 hour drive. When you reach Karaj, you have to enter Chalous road and go 7 km to see the sign of this village.

Address of Kander village, Karaj: 7 km of Karaj Chalous road

Kunder village, an ideal environment for nature lovers

Good; According to the poet, the end of this book, the story still remains. I only mentioned a small part of the beauties of Kundar village in Karaj, the rest of which you have to touch yourself with all your being to believe me. I hope I have been able to persuade you to travel to this area clearly.

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