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Kurdistan shopping malls from modern passages to border bazaars

Kurdistan shopping malls from modern passages to border bazaars

Have you been to Kurdistan? The sound of original Kurdish music and the beating of men dancing on the ground, and the colorful and beautiful shirts of women. These are images that come to mind when thinking about Kurdistan. In addition, there are amazing nature and soaring mountains that attract every tourist. But in recent years, people have also known the shopping malls of Kurdistan, and shopping from these malls has become a double reason to travel to this beautiful city for fun and shopping. If you are not familiar with all the shopping centers in Kurdistan or you do not know which market to go to to buy from Baneh, Kurdistan, along with this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine Be.

What are the most famous markets in Kurdistan?

Kurdistan province has many markets, the most famous of which are Tanakura market and Sanandaj traditional market.

What are the names of Kurdistan border markets?

The border cities of Kurdistan, namely Baneh and Saqez, are cities where there are many border markets. Among these markets, Behesht Baneh Passage is the most famous and largest.

What is the best city in Kurdistan to buy?

Baneh is the best city to buy if you want to buy home appliances. Buying from Baneh means that you buy foreign goods at a lower price. But Sanandaj and Bijar are also good choices to buy their local fabric.

Kurdistan Markets and Passages: whatever you want at a reasonable price

Kurdistan shopping malls are very diverse. But the most interesting thing about the markets of this city is that most of the time you see things in them that can not be found anywhere else in Iran. Items that some people think are not worth buying and for some are a treasure are not known and ignored.

مراکز خرید کردستان One of the reasons The main difference is the proximity of Kurdistan province to the border, which has made it possible and easier for foreign goods to enter the city. In the following, we will get acquainted with some of these markets and see what surprises each of them has in our pockets.

1- Sanandaj Bazaar

Each of the cities of Iran has its own traditional and old markets, and in order to get acquainted with the culture and history of that city, you must first see these markets. Sanandaj Bazaar is one of the shopping centers of this city that shows you all the Kurdish culture.

The first point is the structure of the market itself, a nested market with a domed roof that protects buyers and sellers from heat and cold. This building has survived from the Safavid era and has been a place of trade and beautiful life since then.

مراکز خرید کردستان The first thing When you enter Sanandaj Bazaar, your eyes will be dazzled. Colored fabrics are hanging from the ceiling. In fact, these fabrics have decorated the market as if you were stepping into a tent prepared for a glorious celebration. These are the fabrics of Kurdish women’s clothing that if you want to turn into a luxurious and beautiful shirt for you in a few hours, and incidentally from Sanandaj souvenir

After the beautiful colors of the fabric, the fragrance of special Kurdish spices reaches your nose. Spices are truly an amazing phenomenon. Do you know why? Because each of the cities of Iran and each of the countries of the world have their favorite composition. Inhaling this perfume will forever remind you of Sanandaj Bazaar in Kurdistan Province.

Sanandaj Bazaar Address: Enghelab St., Sanandaj, Kurdistan

2- Tanakura market from Kurdistan shopping centers

Have you ever heard of Tanakura? Tanakura is actually a commodity that is imported second-hand or new from outside Iran. These goods are usually delivered to Iran in 100 kg batches and anything can be found in them. Some clothes may be completely intact and from world famous brands, and some of them may be damaged and unusable.

بازار تاناکورا In fact, the point that What makes Tanakura market so exciting is that you do not know what you are going to find. Of course, the whole market is not just clothes. A variety of shoes, sunglasses and sunglasses, sports equipment and tools, electrical appliances, and most importantly dolls and toys can also be found in this market. Tanakura Bazaar is open from 10 am to 7 pm and there is a public car park nearby.

Tanakura Bazaar Address: Sanandaj, Shohada St., below Kargar Square

3- Kurdistan Passage

If you want to choose one of the shopping centers of Kurdistan, which is in the best street of the city, Kurdistan Passage is definitely your destination. This passage offers all kinds of Kish and brand clothes, and in the evenings, it is a hangout for the city’s youth. One of the sections of Kurdistan Passage is dedicated to Ghorob restaurant where you can taste the best food and drinks of the city.

پاساژ کردستان Of course this Keep in mind that Kurdistan Passage is famous for its high prices, so if the amount of goods does not matter to you, choose this shopping center. Another point is that Kurdistan Passage is open from 9 am to 10 pm, but it can be very crowded on Thursdays and Fridays.

Address of Kurdistan Passage: Sanandaj, Pasdaran Street

4- Marivan border bazaar of Kurdistan shopping centers

Marivan is a border city located 125 km from Sanandaj. This border town is known for its border market, which is located 15 km from the city. If you are looking for electrical and electronic devices, you can easily get the tools you need from this market. But keep in mind that this border bazaar is one of the shopping centers in Kurdistan, the quality and authenticity of which can not be guaranteed.

بازارچه مرزی مریوان So if to You went to Marivan to see the beautiful scenery and Marivan sights , be sure to visit the border market of Marivan. But be careful to get the original product. Of course, do not neglect the beautiful fabrics of Marivan. You can also buy beautiful local shoes made by the hardworking people of Kurdistan as a souvenir. This beautiful bazaar is open from morning to night and you should know that the official holidays and Nowruz holidays are very crowded.

Address of Marivan border market: 15 km from Marivan city

Marivan border market on Google Map

If you have the location of this market, send it to us!

5- Sadaf Business Center

Sadaf Shopping Center is one of the shopping centers in Kurdistan in the center of this province, Sanandaj. In this shopping center, you can buy all kinds of clothes and textiles. In addition to clothes, you can also buy all kinds of Kurdistan souvenirs in this shopping center. One of the most interesting things about Sadaf Shopping Mall is that you get a chance to talk to the local Kurdish people and enjoy their warmth and beautiful accent.

مرکز تجاری صدف Another point of The case of Sadaf Shopping Center is that this center is closed on Fridays. Also keep in mind that the people of Kurdistan are strictly bound by the principles of religion and all the shops in the center are closed during the five daily prayers. So if you go to the oyster mall in the evening or at noon, be aware of this.

Address of Sadaf Business Center: Sanandaj, Pasdaran Boulevard

6- Sanandaj head market

This market is one of the oldest markets in Sanandaj. Sartpuleh Bazaar was located on the way from Saqqez caravans to Iraqi Kurdistan, and for this reason, in ancient times, the prosperity of this bazaar was much higher than it is today. Today, part of the market has been destroyed due to road construction activities, but the remaining parts were nationally registered in 1375.

بازار سرتپوله سنندج You can guess What can you buy in this market? Of course, souvenirs! One of the most important souvenirs of Kurdistan is the beautiful fabrics of local clothes and beautiful handmade shoes. Women’s jewelry is another souvenir that can be made in this market. Finally, all kinds of spices and condiments for Kurdistan can also be found in this market.

Sanandaj Sartpooleh Bazaar Address: Sanandaj, Sartpooleh neighborhood

7- Bijar Bazaar of Kurdistan Shopping Centers

Bijar Bazaar is another shopping center in Kurdistan that dates back to the Safavid era. The market was destroyed several times during the wars and rebuilt. The market is made up of different timches and parts of it still retain their former building.

بازار بیجار as from The name of the bazaar comes from, Bijar Bazaar is located in Bijar city. This market has long been a place of supply for the needs of the people of Bijar. But in addition, one of the best things you can find in the market is carpets. The hand-woven carpets in this market are all the result of the efforts of Kurdish men and women who have been working for days and months to make them. Bijar Bazaar was included in the list of national monuments in 2008 and today it is being restored by cultural heritage experts.

Bijar Bazaar Address: Shahid Ardalan St., Bijar, Kurdistan Province

8- Backgammon joinery market

Have you ever played backgammon? If you are a professional backgammon player, the quality, shape and design of the board are very important to you. Kurdistan province and the city of Sanandaj are the backgammon game centers in the country and this game is very important in Kurdish culture. Sanandaj backgammon joinery market is one of the shopping centers in Kurdistan where you can find the most beautiful and elegant backgammon in the world.

بازار نازک کاران تخته نرد Plus On backgammon, beautiful wooden boards are also made in this market. All you have to do is enter this market and the smell of fresh walnut wood and the sound of sawing and sanding will take you to another world. The interesting thing is that these exquisite boards and backgammon boards are very, very expensive in other cities of Iran, but you can find them at a much better price in the backgammon thinner market.

Address of backgammon joinery market: Sanandaj, Shohada street, next to Shohada Park, backgammon joinery market

10- The big market of the shining sun of Baneh

Baneh is another city in Kurdistan that has become famous in recent years for offering cheap and foreign home appliances. These days, one of the shopping centers of Kurdistan that you must visit is this market. Baneh Aftab Derakhshan Bazaar has an area of ​​more than two thousand meters and its parking lot can accommodate 500 cars.

Saqez from Kurdistan Shopping Centers یک The floor of this market is dedicated to electrical appliances and home appliances, and in the other two floors of this shopping center, you can buy clothes. The shops of this passage offer their goods both individually and in bulk. The prices in this passage are the best in the whole country, but this cheapness may come with risks. So when buying, gather your senses carefully.

Address of Baneh Aftab Derakhshan Bazaar: Kurdistan Province, Baneh, Varzesh Boulevard, in front of Takhti Stadium

11- Khedri Passage in Baneh

If you are planning to buy from Baneh, you have probably heard the name of Khedri Passage in Baneh. This passage is one of the oldest in the city and those who want to buy equipment first refer to this passage. Why? Because Khedri Passage is the center of preparing all kinds of porcelain and archopal dishes. In addition, home appliances and sanitary ware are also products that can be found in this passage.

Bazaar Aftab Derakhshan Baneh One of the most interesting things to keep in mind when shopping in Baneh is the Kurdish business culture. The honorable people of Baneh firmly believe in earning a lawful living and fair trade. For this reason, the prices of Baneh shopping centers are quite fair, but you can not expect a discount from them.

Address of Khodri Passage Baneh: Kurdistan Province, Baneh, 15 Khordad Square, Shohada Boulevard

12- Pasargad Baneh Passage

Pasargad Passage is one of the shopping centers in Baneh, which is located at the beginning of the city and is the first shopping center you see when you enter Baneh. This passage is one of the modern buildings of the city and has three floors. The two floors of this shopping center are dedicated to home appliances, and on the third floor, you can buy all kinds of clothes.

You can find the best brands of home appliances such as LG and Samsung and the best home and house clothes in this passage. The locals also call this mall the Passage Show, so if you want to get an address from the people of Baneh, you may have to use this name.

Pasargad Passage Address: Kurdistan Province, Baneh, Saqez Boulevard, below Tohid Boulevard

13- Golestan Passage

Now it’s time to buy cosmetics. To buy cosmetics and clothes, it is better to choose Golestan Baneh Passage among the shopping centers of Kurdistan. The mall has four floors, two of which are dedicated to cosmetics and clothing. The other two floors are home to a variety of home appliance brands. Golestan Passage has very reasonable prices and you can easily find the goods that can be found there.

پاساژ پاسارگاد بانه Address of Golestan Passage Baneh: Kurdistan Province, Baneh, Saqez Boulevard, below Pasargad Passage

14- Baneh Tanin Passage

Baneh shopping malls are not few. Each one is full of stores selling home appliances, cosmetics, and clothing. Tanin Passage is one of these shopping centers. This multi-storey passage is also located near Pasargad Passage and Golestan Passage, and you can easily reach it on your shopping route.

پاساژ گلستان One of the best things about Tanin Shopping Center is that when it comes to holidays, especially the Nowruz holiday, when Baneh is very crowded and the number of tourists shopping reaches thousands, this shopping center is the choice. It’s good. The number of shopping centers in Kurdistan allows you not to be bothered by all this crowds and the crowds do not prevent you from shopping.

Address of Tanin Shopping Center: Kurdistan Province, Baneh, Varzesh Boulevard, above Azizi Passage, Alley behind Golestan Passage

Tanin Shopping Center on Google Map

If you have the location of Tanin Shopping Center, share it with us.

15- Baneh Paradise Passage

If you want to try shopping in Baneh in a more luxurious and comfortable place, be sure to go to Behesht Baneh Passage. This shopping center is one of the largest shopping centers in Baneh with up to 14 commercial and office floors. The parking lot of this complex also helps you not to worry about the safety of your car when shopping. In addition to home appliances, cosmetics, and clothing, you can find more supplies in this passage. Attractions of this shopping center include handicraft and decorative shops. These stores are a good opportunity to find souvenirs from handicrafts in Kurdistan province. Finally, Behesht Shopping Center has several cafes and restaurants that you can take refuge in if you are tired of shopping.

Address of Behesht Baneh Passage: Kurdistan Province, Baneh, Shahrdari Blvd., corner of Qader Khanzadeh St.

letter last

In short, Kurdistan has everything you want from a unique vacation. Soaring mountains and beautiful forests, warm-hearted and hospitable people, and of course, colorful and memorable souvenirs. Kurdistan shopping malls also have many fans who come to this beautiful province from all over the country. Due to the proximity to the border and the abundance of quality but cheap foreign goods in Kurdistan Province and the city of Baneh are good choices for buying home appliances and clothing.

Therefore, do not hesitate at all and plan your next trip to Kurdistan. The last point is that if you go to Kurdistan by car, do not forget to stop in the middle of the road and get fruit from the orchards along the road. There is no greater pleasure than to take a fresh strawberry from the gardener and wash it with well water and eat it there.

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