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Lake Kavisos Hungary; Unique rock lake

Lake Kavisos Hungary; Unique rock lake

Kavicsos Lake Hungary Kavicsos lake, which is about 2 km wide, Located in the south of Budapest , it is a 30-minute drive away. Had access to this beautiful lake. The lake was actually formed on the site of a rocky mine in the not-so-distant past, which is why it is now known as Kavicsos lake. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where Lake Kavisos in Hungary is and get to know its sights.

دریاچه کاویسوس


Kavicsos lake Kavicsos lake has hundreds of islands whose photographs have been recorded and viewed by the National Aviation Police. About twenty years ago, the quarry closed and its tunnels were filled with rainwater. Since then, we have witnessed the rich nature and wildlife in this area, which attracts the attention of every visitor. In 1996, Stone Lake was sold to a private organization, but there are still disputes between its shareholders over some minor issues. More than 5,000 houses can be seen on this lake.

Although many of these unique homes are used as summer homes or shelters for fishermen, about 70 families live in the area each year. Lake Kavisus is located inside the island of Spell and is the largest island on the Danube River, spectacular and beautiful. This wonderful lake is easily accessible by road and rail. If you are planning to spend a wonderful and memorable vacation, one of your destinations can be this beautiful archipelago.

Kavicsos lake pictur

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