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Lake Shurabil Ardabil; Equipped recreation area for all age groups

Lake Shurabil Ardabil; Equipped recreation area for all age groups

The word travel to Ardabil that occurs, people are divided into three categories; Some people remember the food and traditional food of Ardabil and their saliva starts flowing, or from Sights of Ardabil such as the beautiful forests of Hiran and the ever-snow-capped mountains of Sabalan, or are from culture, art and history and travel to Ardabil reminds them of Safavid history and the “Symphony of the Dead”. Lake Shurabil is a recreational and modern area in the heart of Ardabil, where any of the above groups, a trip to it will be an interesting and unique experience for you.

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , As a genuine and fun Ardabil, is supposed to tell you about the attractions, entertainment, amenities and everything you need to know to travel to Shurabil ت کردن.

Where is Lake Shurabil?

Shurabil Recreational Areas and Tourism, and the only natural lake in northwestern Iran, in the city of Ardabil, near University Street.

What is Lake Shurabil?

There is a variety of entertainment for different age groups in Lake Shurabil; For example: boating and jet skiing on the lake, indoor and outdoor playground, cycling, zip line, karting, picnic with family, photography

What is the access path to the lake?

The path to the lake is very simple. Get to the police station and enter the lake area from the side streets.

Overview of the lake Shurabil

Shurabil Lake is the only natural urban lake in northwestern Iran, which has an area of ​​about 180 hectares and is located in the heart of Ardabil. دریاچه شورابیل You are a restaurant and cafe tourist ? Looking for a place to hang out and have a picnic with your family? Or do you love exciting pastimes like zipline and karting? You may also want to try boating on the lake; You will find all these possibilities and everything else you can think of in Shurabil. کارتینگ All these possibilities went hand in hand to make Shurabil a top tourist area Laada, to become both for the natives of Ardabil and for the travelers.

Why Shurabil?

If you are a little familiar with the Turkish language, you can guess why the name of this The lake is Shurabil.

The name Shurabil is derived from “Shura” (Ie salt and salt) is made in addition to “shovel” (meaning natural large pit of water). So the story behind the name of this lake is because of its salt water. دریاچه شورابیل

Lake Shurabil from two million years ago to today

It may be interesting to you that Lake Shurabil is almost from the first days that Man came to earth, he was here! Some geologists have speculated that the lake’s head was discovered as early as the fourth geological period, about two and a half million years ago, at the same time as humans appeared!

The lake’s water from the very beginning The boiling ground was salty due to the collision with salt rocks underground. This natural wonder of the lake caused the mud and mud of the bottom of the lake to be full of minerals. Some people even went to Shurabil to treat their skin and joint diseases to use this flower; Like the Orkhani family in the Symphony of the Dead! دریاچه شورابیل But later, when the lake water level dropped, with The freshwater flow of the Baliqli Chai River to there, the salinity of the lake was greatly reduced and its healing properties were lost; Instead, Lake Shurabil became the new home of various aquatic species, such as the rainbow trout. دریاچه زیبای اردبیل Of course, if you think of skiing on the lake, it is better to forget it, because after the catastrophe in 1993, when the ice of the lake broke under the feet of two students It was created and caused their death, skiing and swimming were banned in this lake.

Crises and problems of Lake Shurabil

Lake Shurabil was first considered for water storage in 1973 as a large reservoir, but unfortunately with the ecosystem of this region and water conversion Its salinity to freshwater, many plant and animal species became extinct there. بحران های دریاچه شورابیل Many planning and measures have been taken to develop this area as a natural tourism area within the city and a variety of amenities and recreation facilities such as department stores, hotels, amusement parks and… around This area is under construction. On the other hand, with the numerous constructions on the shore of the lake and the entry of their sewage into Lake Shurabil, its plant and animal habitats have been seriously endangered.

Is it an animal?

With the onset of autumn, Lake Shurabil in Ardabil hosts migratory birds that are gradually moving from Siberia to warmer regions. Black storks, gray geese and pelicans, crowned ducks and golden eyes, and a type of goose called a bell are among the guests of this lake. جانوران شورابیل In addition to migratory birds, native birds such as pheasants, hawks, ducks, vultures and زندگی also live around Shurabil. Although the number of these birds decreases every year, if you are lucky, you will definitely see some of them. دریاچه شورابیل

What are the amenities and attractions of Shurabil?

Since Lake Shurabil from Ardabil sights Attracting many travelers, the officials of this province have made every effort to develop and improve the facilities of this region.

These are examples of the amenities of Lake Shurabil:

  • Artificial turf
  • Children’s playground
  • Sports equipment
  • Cafe and restaurant
  • Café
  • Bazaar Handicrafts
  • Gym
  • Prayer room
  • Bathroom
  • Safe and large parking
  • Hotel
  • Terrace
  • Supermarket

امکانات رفاهیو جاذبه های شورابیل

Lake Shurabil Cafes and Restaurants

If you decide to have a quality and delicious meal instead of home-cooked food Enjoy a clean and beautiful environment, there are good Persian and Persian restaurants around Shurabil. The restaurants and cafes that are at least popular among the locals are the following options:

  • Saffron restaurant, for vegetarians
  • Amata Italian restaurant
  • Grilled Khaqan Anna Pizza
  • Turkish Restaurant Perprok

امکانات رفاهی

Handicraft market, a world of Ardabil traditions

If you pass It fell to Shurabil. It is a pity to return empty-handed. Recently, a handicraft market has opened next to Shurabil, where as soon as you enter, you will be immersed in a world of color, design and maps! It’s a good reminder of a memorable trip to Shurabil.

What amusements are there around Shurabil? It is suitable for all age groups from children and young people to the elderly. Let’s take a look at these amusements and attractions.

تفریحات شورابیل اردیبل

Boating on the lake

Wherever the sea and lake with the right depth Boating and water cruising are also available.

Lake Shurabil Debil is no exception to this rule, and if you go to the northern part of the lake, you will see a pier that has both a pedal boat and a jet ski. Depending on your mood, you can ride one of them and dive into the water. قایقرانی

Playing and playing on artificial turf and children’s playground In the vicinity of the lake, a relatively large space is covered with artificial grass for children to play and play sports. N.

Cycling and walking on the health road

The health road is the name given to the pedestrian and cycling track around Lake Shurabil. This track is one of the longest hiking and cycling tracks in Iran, which is 7.5 km long. پیاده روی If you do not want to Exercise your legs and pedal, you can have a motorbike or a bicycle Rent an electric car and ride around the lake.

The hiking trail is covered with artificial grass and has completely standard conditions even for athletes’ training.

Outdoor and indoor amusement park

شب های شورابیل Near the shore of the lake and in the Shurabil Forest Park, there is an outdoor amusement park with a variety of play equipment such as sled, frisbee, carousel, ranger, air train, barbell, jumping mat and all other play equipment that will record a new experience of excitement. he does.شهربازی روباز

Zipper and karting on Lake Shurabil

If you want to give your adrenaline hormones a boost, be sure to try the Shurabel Zipline! This 920-meter-long zip line on the lake is one of the longest reciprocating zip lines in Iran.کارتینگ If you have a headache for racing and speed, the karting track near the lake is a good place to vent your emotions. This track with a length of 6 km is located around the lake.زیپ لاین

Picnic and Durham

Family and group picnics and picnics always have a different taste. On hot weekends of the year, it is enough to take a mat and some food with you and spend it with your family and friends in the green space and pavilions in the forest park near the beach.

I am sure that breathing cool and clean air near the lake, especially at sunset, will add a breath to your soul!

شورابیل در شب

Birdwatching and photography

As I said before, if you are lucky, you can see a number of specific species of birds up close during the bird migration season (autumn).

With the view of the lake, mountains and green space in Shurabil, you can take very good photos as a souvenir. Even if you are not very good at photography, the nature and diverse atmosphere of Lake Shurabil will surely delight you.

پرنده نگری در دریاچه شورابیل

Festivals and various cultural programs

It does not end there; Shurabil also has cultural and artistic programs and festivals in its pocket. If you are interested in the culture and art of different Iranian ethnic groups, participating in these festivals, which are held on different occasions, will be an interesting experience for you.جاهای دیدنی اردبیل

When is the best time to go to Shurabil?

Ardabil winters are not less than the North Pole! The cold and mountainous climate of Ardabil, especially in autumn and winter, has made tourists less inclined to go to Ardabil and Lake Shurabil.نیمکت و امکانات رفاهی

So if you are looking for a cozy and secluded place with a view of the lake and snowy mountains of Sabalan to invite yourself for a cup of hot tea or coffee on cold days in Ardabil, autumn and winter are a good time to visit this area.

But many people think that the best time to visit this lake is from May to August. Because it has a very cool and pleasant weather and it is easier to access its entertainment and amenities.

Where is Lake Shurabil?

Lake Shurabil is located 2 km southeast of Ardabil towards Khalkhal and near Mohaghegh Ardabil University.

دریاچه شورابیل کجاست؟

Lake Shurabil on Google Map

What is the access route to Shurabil?

It does not matter if you are in the north of Ardabil or the south and west; Fortunately, the lake is in a good location near the city center and is very easy to reach.

If you have a personal car, all you have to do is get to the police station and from there enter the side roads leading to the lake.

But if you want to go to the Sun City Amusement Park and Forest Park, you have to go to University Street.

شهربازی شورابیل

If you do not have a car, you can take public transport (taxis and buses) and get off at the lake entrance. Just as easily!

You do not feel the passage of time in Shurabil

You do not have to go out of town to get rid of the worries and hustle and bustle of city life. Lake Shurabil Ardabil in the middle of the city is the place where you can take refuge and relax your mind and body by sitting on the rocky cliffs and watching the water for hours.

دریاچه زیبای اردبیل Now it’s your turn to write to us if you have any experience of traveling to Lake Shurabil.

Photo of Shurabil Lake in Ardabil

پیاده روی در دریاچه جاهای دیدنی اردبیل دریاچه شورابیل بازی و تفریح در پارک بهترین زمان دسترسی دریاچه شورابیل مسیر دسترسی به دریاچه خطر غرق شدن شهربازی شورابیل تفریح در شورابیل

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