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Lavij village; A village with beautiful nature and many attractions

Lavage Noor Village It is located at the foot of Alborz mountain range and is surrounded by Alborz mountains. The beauty and attractions of the village include spa, Hyrkani Forest , Kashpol Forest Park , the beautiful Izwa summer, Asyung forest, Nomeh pastures and meadows and Mirkhmand summer area and travelers can find villas, rental houses, inns and suites available To stay. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where Lavij village is and discover its beauties.

Journey to the nature of Mazandaran

Lavij Village Spa is one of the factors that attracts many people to this area. The presence of minerals and sulfur in this water is very useful for pains such as back pain and foot pain and improving nerve problems, and in places of Lavij Noor village where there are hot water pools, showers and bathtubs are also available.

Most travelers use the lower and marginal parts of the Hyrcanian forest, but the beauty of Mazandaran nature is in the highlands. According to the article Where is Lavij village, you should know that the height of this area reaches 2500 meters above the sea and you can see beech trees that belong to millions of years ago. In Lavij forests, different species of plants and trees can be seen that have different forest and wild fruits. There is also a spring here in every part. In spring, due to the presence of many flowers and fragrant flowers, this area is a good place for beekeeping and Lavij honey is one of the famous honeys and souvenirs of this region.

On the Chamestan-Lavij route, there is his forbidden waterfall. This place is a very beautiful combination of mountains and forests and has created a spectacular atmosphere. The reason for putting such a name on this waterfall is that this water falls from the Surdar heights where there is a shrine of Imamzadeh, and the “he” that exists in this name is called water. Initially, the name of this waterfall was his shrine, which was renamed after his haram.

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