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Let’s get acquainted with some of the most famous sights of Babol

Babol, is the second most populous city in the north after Rasht. This city has had a lot of water from the past to the present, and this feature has led to its naming as Babol. The distance of this city from the sea is about 15 km and from the Alborz mountain range is about 10 km. With us in the article The famous sights of Babol. to accompany you Let’s get acquainted with some of the top tourist attractions of Babol. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the most famous sights of Babol.

Emam zadeh Ghasem who was one of the sons of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), was one of the places that made the city of Babol religiously significant. Located in the Astana neighborhood of Babol, this court has a wooden entrance door and a valuable and very old wooden box. These two works have made this one of the most famous tourist attractions of Babol have a lot to say in terms of art.

Paul Mohammad Hassan Khan Bridge , the same attraction that was built by Mohammad Hassan Khan was called by this name. It is narrated that there was a conflict between this person and the central government, and when Mohammad Hassan Khan succeeded in capturing Babol and other parts of Mazandaran in these conflicts, in order to appreciate the people of Babol and win their hearts, he built this One of the most famous sights of Babol. It may not be possible to explain the reason for the construction of this bridge, but what is clear is the antiquity and beauty of this attraction that attracts attention.

Azrud hot water, which is one of the most significant attractions in Mazandaran province in terms of mineral, therapeutic and natural, is located in the heart of a beautiful forest valley and adjacent to a roaring river. The consensus of all this beauty in one place has made this place have a unique view. Patients who suffer from skin problems or suffer from joint pain and rheumatism, can be treated with this turquoise water and treat their diseases. Many legends have been told about this sulfurous water. The ancients believed that this water was sacred and as soon as unclean people entered, a snake attacked a person from the middle of the water and harmed the person.

There is a magnificent, luxurious and historical building in the current location of the province’s medical university. This mansion which is called was the royal palace of Babol, dates back to the Pahlavi dynasty To be. This palace has two floors and is decorated with unique and eye-catching beds. Although this building is made of precious and hard stones, but the decorations that have been done on its interior and exterior, have made this one of the famous sights of Babol a unique example in contemporary architecture.

Philband village is a paradise above the clouds and hosts tourism and nature lovers every year . This village, which is located in the southwest of the city and in the eastern part of the Hezar River, is the highest part of Mazandaran province in relation to the sea level and has a unique and mountainous climate in summer.

Babel Museum , which has the role of Anthropology Museum of Mazandaran Province, was built in 1996 by those interested in history in the former municipal building. This building, which had the function of a municipality in 1307 AH, was dedicated to this matter and continued its activities until it was reconstructed and repaired in 2003 AH and started its activities in earnest. In this museum, which is the only anthropological museum in Mazandaran province, I can see unique works, which include: handicrafts of the province, Gilaki and Mazeni clothes, night weaving tents of Mazandaran women along with Turkmen clothes and handicrafts, dishes and Pottery of the first, second, third and fourth periods BC.

Thirken waterfalls have heights of up to 9 meters. This eye-catching natural attraction is so beautiful that it makes any viewer fade away.

32 km from the city of Babol, one of the top tourist attractions of Babol. This attraction that Shiadeh Dam Has been. The main purpose of building this dam was to manage the water resources of the Babolrood tributaries. Shiadeh Dam rises in a village of the same name and delights tourists. You can travel to Shiadeh area and while visiting this beautiful dam, you can also visit a historical monument called Saqatalar Shiadeh. This work, which belongs to the Qajar period, has doubled the beauty of this region of Mazandaran.

This is one of the famous sights of Babol, which is located in Bandapi, the main residence of two tribes named “King Shah” and “Imran” and has belonged to these two tribes for thousands of years. In addition to the special culture and customs of this village that will amaze you, the presence of a reliance with the common Qajri architecture that belongs to 120 years ago, will fascinate you more. So, if you are looking to visit a place with original architecture, do not forget this village.

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