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Let’s get acquainted with some of the most famous sights of Egypt

Egypt ‘s home to ancient pharaohs and a stunning destination that draws everyone to It surprises. With us in the article Egypt’s most famous attractions Get acquainted with some of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the famous sights of Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza is the last remnant of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The building, one of Egypt’s most famous landmarks, built as a tomb for the great pharaohs and protected by the Sphinx, has amazed travelers for many years, causing archaeologists to wonder and wonder. How were these pyramids built?

There are sights in the city of Tabriz that a trip is not enough to see. While there are many Arab markets on the East Coast, the West Coast is home to a collection of temples and tombs, known as the largest open-air museum in the world. Take a few days to explore one of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions and look at the murals of the huge columns of temples to find out why Luxor continues to attract archaeologists.

Narrow and exciting streets in the area Cairo with mosques, schools and Filled buildings whose history dates back to the historical period of the Armenians of Egypt until the Battle of Marj Dabq. This is where Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar You will find; Where artisans and coppersmiths have their own small workshops and corridors are filled with pottery, cloth, spices and perfume. Around the bazaar, there are many roads that house some of the most beautiful remnants of the Islamic empire. Sultan See Hassan and be sure to head to the roof of Bob Zoyela Gate to see the best views of the area from above.

The quietest city is Aswan, located at the confluence of the Nile River. This area, protected by sand dunes, is an ideal place to stop and relax for a few days and take advantage of the cool weather. Take a boat trip to Al-Fantin Island, stroll through the colorful streets of the villages of Noban, and ride camels to St. Simon’s Desert Monastery on the west coast, or just have as much tea as you want in one of the boat restaurants.

Even in a country full of temples, Abu Simbel is something special. Outside, there are large statues of bodyguards that have given it a beautiful appearance, and inside it is magnificently and luxuriously decorated with wall paintings. Abu Simbel is famous not only for its large shape and size, but also for the way it was discovered and extracted. It was one of Egypt’s most famous landmarks due to the Aswan Dam and was submerged during the 1960s in a major UNESCO operation that lasted four years.

Ancient Egyptian Museum was a treasure trove of the Pharaohs’ world Upstairs are exhibits from the golden age of King Tutankhamun and royal mummies. Of course, everywhere you look, you can see a piece of ancient art that provides a fascinating section of the museum.

Egypt’s most unusual natural wonder is the White Desert. The gypsum mountains create a landscape that looks like a snowy land among the dry sands. The scenery here with its white boulders and pointed peaks is more than just science fiction, and for desert lovers and adventurers, it’s the ultimate weird resort.

To the west is Siva, which is considered a calming drink for the hustle and bustle of Egyptian cities. Surrounded by palm trees and countless springs, this wonderful little oasis is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt.

Alexandria is the most European city in Egypt. This seaside city was built by Alexander the Great and was the birthplace of Cleopatra and a place of exile for Mediterranean apostate traitors to spend most of their lives. Although today a little remnant of its glorious past remains, it is a good place for wandering aimlessly, touring cafes and shopping in the markets.

St. Catherine is one of the oldest monasteries in the world and is where Moses received his Ten Commandments. This desert monastery is home to a unique collection of religious iconography, art and manuscripts, some of which can be seen at the museum. A trip to this famous Egyptian landmark includes climbing Mount Sinai to see the sunrise and sunset from there.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a European-style promenade with a number of hotels, international restaurants and entertainment options. Dehb is a quiet seaside town and is extremely suitable for low budget travelers. Between the port city of Nouiba and the border town of Taba, there are bamboo cottage promenades that provide a quiet and peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Wherever you choose, South Sinai is a great place to dive.

The Temple of Osiris is one of the most fascinating artistic treasures of ancient Egypt. Its beautiful walls and columns, covered with beautiful paintings and hieroglyphic lines, are magical places and you can visit the temple without a large crowd, as it attracts fewer tourists than other temples.

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