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Loonak waterfall in Siahkal; Amazing sight in the heart of Gilan

The magical nature of Gilan has amazing places in its heart; Forests with their tall and lush trees, mountains with the strength and power of their rocks and plains with their colorful flowers each have their own characteristics. Among these natural phenomena, waterfalls especially Loonak waterfall in Siahkal looks different and different from the others. Join us in the article Where is Loonak Waterfall to inform you about the access route to Loonak Waterfall in Siahkal.

1. One of the most beautiful parts of nature is Gilan Province .

2. According to the article, where is Loonak waterfall, you should know that to reach Loonak waterfall in Siahkal, you have to cross one of the most beautiful roads in northern Iran.

3. Mark with a double arrow; Visit Loonak waterfall in Siahkal and one of the summers in Gilan province.

It is no different from any road you enter Gilan province. To access Loonak Siahkal waterfall, you have to reach the Siahkal-Dilman road. This beautiful area is full of amazing natural landscapes and the connection between the forest and the mountains will surprise you. According to the article “Where is Lonk Falls?”

Gilan is full of life. In this region of northern Iran, the symbols of nature such as forest, rain, rice, tea, beach, plain and foothills in a beautiful combination have brought natural mixtures. Continue the rural roads of Deilman to the southeast to Damash was famous and its beautiful chandelier lilies were coming. Siahkal is one of the pleasant weather cities of Gilan province and consists of three alluvial areas. , A foothill and mountainous area. Siahkal-Dilaman mountain road is one of the most beautiful roads in Gilan province. This route starts 50 km from the lush rice paddies, passes through the dense forests and ends at the lush summers.

As you approach Dillman , lush plains and summers gradually appear before you instead of forests, and the cool weather tempts you to have fun at Loonak Falls more than ever. At one corner of this mountain road is a beautiful waterfall known as Loonak Falls. Loonak waterfall in Siahkal consists of two waterfalls that flow together in the heart of nature. In the past, the width of these waterfalls reached twenty meters. This water flows from the waterfall from a height of 6 meters in the area and flows into the Shim River. Lunk is a life flowing in nature. Many young couples in Gilani make coming to the waterfall one of the main programs on their wedding day in order to commemorate the great day of their lives along with this perspective.

The location of Loonak Falls is in the heart of the forest. To see the waterfall, you have to go into the heart of nature and pass through the towering trees. As you listen to the birds singing, walk through the colorful flowers. This is a unique natural landscape that makes everyone watch. Slightly beyond the waterfall, is one of the most beautiful rivers in Gilan. This river is located in the valley and its difference with the path of the waterfall reaches about one hundred. Around the waterfall and the edge of the forest area is a good place for a friendly and family picnic. Set up your picnic area next to one of the forest trees and enjoy being with your loved ones. Bring your picnic supplies and be careful not to light a fire in the forest.

The warmth of spring and summer and the water of the waterfall provide an exceptional opportunity to play in the water and cool down in the heart of nature and a time to be happy. According to the article “Where is Loonak Waterfall”, you should know that the natural landscapes of this area are so pure and eye-catching that it gives anyone a subject for photography. It’s a good idea to have a good camera with you to capture your memories.

In the area, basic facilities such as concrete barbecues for barbecue, toilet and tap water are provided for travelers, and the access route to Loonak Siahkal waterfall is stepped and stepped. On the other side of the road and in front of the waterfall, there are a number of shops and handicraft stations. There are several trees in this area; Alder, persimmon, beech, hornbeam and fig. Many plants have grown next to these trees and the nature of this region shows itself with colorful flowers.

If you want to stay in this place, you have three options: rent local houses, get a hotel room or stay in guest houses in nearby cities. Of course, there are people who want to spend the night in nature. If you also want to spend a night in nature, we recommend that you have the necessary information about camping and staying in a tent and be sure to get the equipment you need in advance.

Chandelier lily

Susan Chelcheragh is the first plant to be registered as a national heritage in Iran. Because the flowers of this flower open upside down with white color, it has taken the name of Susan Chelcheragh. The ends of the petals are covered with prominent seeds and very tall flags and the height of this flower is about one meter. Chelcheragh lily is one of the rare flowers that has been identified in only two parts of the world. After the introduction of this flower, it was registered among the national environmental monuments of the country by the Supreme Environmental Council, and during these years, the habitat of Susan Chelcheragh with an area of ​​4 hectares has been protected.

Kooh Darfak

Darfak Peak The silent volcano of Gilan region is located at an altitude of 2733 meters in the western Alborz and has been resonating in the minds of mountaineers for a long time. This mountain is a beautiful mountain of scenery and one of the unique blessings of God. The beginning of Darfak mountain is the heights east of Sepid Rud valley, the mountain range of western Gilan reaches the border of this valley and since then Darfak peak ends with dense forest foothills and a rock wall.

Mahuri hill plain covered with mountain steppe covered by shrubby bushes and wheat fields, is the caress of the astonished eyes of the tired observer.

spring water with Danny Larikhani and Espahbodan Cave

Larikhani spring is located at the end of Larikhani forest and in the mountain leading to Deilman. The spring is transferred to the water source and its head is open to the public. There is a small plain next to the spring where people camp. Butchers, grills, groceries are active on site. In the fruit season, the villagers offer garden products to tourists by the spring. Espahbodan Cave is located in Shah Shahidan village of Khorgam sub-district, Khorgam section of Rudbar city. This cave, which belongs to the Iron Age, was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran.

  • Take care of nature.
  • Always carry a garbage bag with you and do not leave it in the heart of nature.
  • Although the north of Iran is a green and rainy region, but according to the article Where is Loonak waterfall, you should know that the amount of rainfall and the amount of river water has decreased significantly in recent years.
  • Forests in these areas have been looted by wood smugglers and land grabbers.

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