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Lorestan forest waterfall, a spectacular treasure in the heart of oak forests

Lorestan forest waterfall, a spectacular treasure in the heart of oak forests

The tourist attractions of Lorestan province and Khorramabad city are so spectacular that we can say very little about it and the words of power do not portray the greatness and beauty of this piece of paradise in Iran. Lorestan province is a rich source of tourist attractions in the country and has amazing nature. Nature in which you will enjoy the greenery and tenderness of plants and you will be mesmerized by the grandeur of rocks and geological phenomena. During this trip, Alibaba intends to travel to this province and watch one of the happiest and tallest waterfalls in Iran and the world. Our destination is Bisheh waterfall near Dorud and Khorramabad. To learn more about this valuable Lorestan jewel, stay with us until the end of this trip.

Where is Bisheh Falls?

It is located near Dorud and Khorramabad, in Bisheh village.

What are the amenities of the grove?

Restaurant, accommodation, bazaar and

What are the sights around Bishe Falls?

Gohar Lake, Plain of overturned tulips of Razestan, Oshtrankooh region and

When is the best time to visit Bishe Falls?

Early spring to mid-summer.

Introduction to Bisheh Falls, The breathtaking beauty of a natural phenomenon

Lorestan is the most beautiful land waterfalls of Iran and the world and you can see the most magnificent and breathtaking waterfalls in this province do. Bisheh waterfall is one of the natural treasures of Khorramabad city, which is located in Papi section, Sepid Dasht city and in Bisheh village and is one of the most famous places of interest in Lorestan region.

This waterfall is located 30 km southwest of Dorud and 65 km east of Khorramabad. In addition to Khorramabad, Bisheh is also one of the sights of Dorud and for this reason some people know it as Doroud Bisheh waterfall. It goes without saying that the 30-kilometer route between Dorud and Bisheh is only possible by train. If you plan to travel the distance from the waterfall to Dorud by car, your route will be longer and you will have to drive about 90 km to reach your destination.

آشنایی با آبشار بیشه، زیبایی نفس‌گیر یک پدیده طبیعی The unique beauty of this waterfall has made it one of the national monuments of the country, in The list of Iran’s natural heritage is registered and can be found at Lorestan sights . The height of this waterfall from the crown to the bottom, reaches 48 meters, and watching this tall rock, you lose consciousness. Its width reaches 20 meters and the water advances up to 10 meters after falling. The waterfall eventually joins the Caesar River.

The forest waterfall is fed by numerous springs and finally shows amazing views on tall and lush rocks in the oak forests of the Zagros Mountains. The beauty and greenery of Bishe village and the forest and mountainous texture, with the magnificent beauty of Bishe waterfall, have turned this region of Lorestan into a piece of paradise. The freshness of nature and the pleasant mountain and forest climate create a pleasant trip for every tourist.

بهترین زمان سفر به آبشار بیشه کدام فصل است؟

Weather in Bisheh

Lorestan province is one of the pleasant regions in Iran and all four seasons are beautiful and spectacular. Following this climate, Bisheh region also shows four beautiful seasons. The cool and almost rainy weather in spring refreshes the grove and the moderate air flow makes the summers of this mountainous region of Lorestan a cool and pleasant destination. Cold autumns and snowy winters are also characteristic of the mountainous climate of the forest.

Fun at the Cascade

The village and the waterfall of Bisheh have a unique nature and it is one of the first choices for sightseeing among the sights of Khorramabad and Dorud. So a trip to Bisheh Falls is not just a few minutes sitting by the waterfall and you can use this opportunity for more adventure and enjoyment of nature.

تفریح در آبشار بیشه

1- Enjoy the waterfall and the nature around it

When the forest waterfall rises in front of your eyes, you can not take your eyes off it for a few minutes and you will be fascinated by its enchanting grandeur. The large rocks of the Zagros mountain family are dressed in forest green and the fall of water from this high and lush rock attracts every nature lover.

Watching this area along with the pleasant weather and the pleasant sound of nature, conveys peace to your being. There are also beautiful scenery to watch and enjoy around the waterfall and in the heart of the oak forest, which we suggest you never miss. The Caesar River route will be your guide to go to the mountainous nature of Zagros in this part of Lorestan.

لذت از طبیعت گردی

2- Rural tourism in the forest

First of all, we invite you to visit the countryside in this green and hearty area. The village of Bishe near the waterfall has a unique nature and the rural atmosphere of this area will fascinate you. While hiking in the grove, you can take the delicacies of this area with you as a souvenir. Walnuts, curd, honey and local oil are souvenirs of Bishe village.

3- Photographing and recording artistic frames of nature

Enjoy the grandeur of Bisheh waterfall with your camera lens so that a piece of Lorestan’s magical nature becomes eternal in your photo archive. In addition to the beauty of the waterfall, the nature of the surrounding oak forests is also spectacular and you will find pure subjects for photography in the heart of this mountain forest. Do not forget to photograph the village and record the simplicity and beauty of rural life and the tenderness of nature in one frame.

عکاسی و ثبت قاب‌های هنرمندانه از طبیعت

4- Picnic and spending time in nature

The pleasure of traveling in the lap of nature is completed by spending time in it and setting up a picnic area. So on your trip to Doreh Bishe waterfall, bring some food and tea with you and spend hours along the Caesar River and the beautiful Bishe waterfall, with the pleasure of breathing in the pure oxygen of space.

Amenities around the grove

Around the Bisheh waterfall, tourists are provided with limited amenities in accordance with the nature of the area, which can include accommodation beaches, accommodation tents, health houses, parking, toilets, telephones, restaurants, grocery stores, local markets and بازار Pointed out.

Bishe village, the attractive attraction of Lorestan

Bisheh village is located in Sepid Dasht rural district and in Papi part of Khorramabad city of Lorestan. Bishe railway station is located in this village and also the spectacular Bishe waterfall is one of the attractions of this village. The lush nature of Bisheh village is exemplary and the forest greenery of Bisheh waterfall nature has also spread in this village.

روستای بیشه، جاذبه‌ دلچسب لرستان

The local name of this village is” Bishe Pourm “and if we want to refer to the census of 85, 132 families and 604 people in Bishe village Are resident. Bisheh village is one of the sights of Dorud and Khorramabad and its local souvenirs include walnuts, honey, local oil and curd.

What is the best time to visit Bishe Falls?

From early spring to mid-summer is the best time to visit Bisheh waterfall and it is better to close the bar and bandil in these seasons and go to this beautiful attraction from Lorestan. In spring, you can enjoy the freshness of nature and the pleasant spring weather of this region and witness the efforts of the forest and mountainous nature of the forest to show beauty.

The cool mountain climate in summer is a good excuse to get out of the city and head to the village and the forest waterfall. It is best to visit this mountainous nature by mid-summer at the latest to experience a more balanced climate.

بهترین زمان سفر به آبشار بیشه کدام فصل است؟

If you do not have a problem with the cold weather, we can also introduce autumn as the best time to travel, because the beautiful beauty of this season is so much that it can not be Passed easily. Autumn forest has a strange mood and you will see this magnificent waterfall in many days of the season, in May. In this season, the trees find a cover of spectacular colors to create a legendary image for you. With the passing of autumn and the cooling of the weather, the winter cold will not allow you to cool down in the mountainous nature of Doroud forest this season.

Where is the forest waterfall?

Bisheh waterfall is located 30 km southwest of Dorud and 66 km east of Khorramabad, in Bisheh village of Papi part of Lorestan province.

If you select rail…

If you are planning to travel from Doroud city to Bisheh waterfall, you have the chance to take the train of one of the most beautiful railway lines in Iran in Lorestan province. The train goes uphill in the mountains and stops at a station near Bisheh Waterfall. Along the way, this train invites you to watch the Zagros Mountains with its lush texture of oak forests.

This path is without a doubt the most beautiful way you can get to Bishe Doroud waterfall and do not feel the passage of time while watching the beauties of the path. After reaching the station and crossing the bridge, you will reach the magnificent Lorestan waterfall with a short walk. Signs at the train station take you to the bridge and the path to the waterfall.

آبشار بیشه If you travel by car

Another way to travel to Bishe Doroud waterfall is to use a private car. If you are leaving Khorramabad or the source of your movement is Durud, you can move towards the waterfall at both points. Of course, if the origin of your movement is Durud, it is better to choose the railway route, because with a personal car, the road will be much longer and you will be traveling longer.

It is not possible to use the railway lines for passengers traveling from Khorramabad. When you leave Khorramabad, you will reach your destination after about 65 km. Park your car in the parking lot near Bisheh village and walk the rest of the way to the waterfall.

طبیعت آشار بیشه Residence in the forest

During this trip you can stay in the village of Bishe and visit local houses and guesthouses. If you want a more attractive stay and closer to nature, we suggest a camp around the waterfall. There are camping resorts around the waterfall that give you the opportunity to stay in the heart of nature. You can also set up your tent on the platforms in this area and reduce your distance from nature.

Residential in the grove Equipment needed for camping in nature:

  • Travel Tent
  • Undercarriage
  • Warm and cold clothes
  • Extra shoes and clothes
  • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Mineral water
  • Flashlight
  • Power Bank
  • Garbage bags and…

 Damn beautiful and white water Other sights of Lorestan and their distance to Bishe waterfall

There are many sights in Darrood, Khorramabad and other cities of Lorestan and each of them can be a powerful tourist attraction to attract domestic and foreign tourists. In the continuation of this article, we intend to introduce a number of other Lorestan attractions in Dorud region and tell you about their approximate distance from Bisheh waterfall so that you can manage your time to go to these attractions after an adventure in Bisheh.

1- Plain of overturned tulips of Razan Doroud

Near the city of Doroud and in the heights of “Priz Mountain”, one of the most beautiful plains of overturned tulips is located in Iran. The overturned tulip plain of Razestan is located near a paradise village called “Darreh Sper” and 14 km southeast of Dorud. To go to this plain, you must go to Darreh Sper village to reach your destination after about 20 minutes drive.

داله لاله‌های واژگان رزستان دورود If you go to the forest waterfall first and then to this plain, your journey will be long. From Bisheh waterfall to Dasht, you have to drive for about 2 hours and drive about 100 km.

Laleh Plain on Google Map

2- Spar Valley

Darreh-e-Sper is one of the heavenly villages of Dorud region of Lorestan, the beauty of which we can say little about. This village is located 14 km southeast of Dorud and in the heights of Priz Mountain. The village of Darreh Asper shines among deep valleys, high mountains and oak forests and has a special nature. If after going to Bisheh waterfall, you plan to visit this village, you should know that you have to drive a long distance of about 100 km.

دره اسپر

Spore category on Google Map

3- Oshtrankooh Protected Area

Oshtrankooh is one of the unique heights of Lorestan and the highest point in the Zagros mountain range. This high mountainous region is known as the Iranian Alps and stretches from the southeast of Dorud to the northwest of Aligudarz. The plant and animal diversity of this protected area is very impressive and many ecotourism attractions from Lorestan are located in this area.

Oshtrankooh Protected Area Among these attractions, we can mention Gohar Lake, Tian Mirage and Snow Tunnel. Oshtrankooh is located in the east of Bisheh waterfall, and driving the distance between these two points by car requires 117 km of driving.

Oshtrankooh Protected Area on Google Map

4- Gohar Lake

Gohar Lake is located in the protected area of ​​Oshtrankooh, Lorestan, 35 km southeast of Dorud. Gohar is known as the jewel of Oshtrankooh and due to the lack of a car road, its pristine nature is still preserved. Bishe Doroud waterfall is located in the west of this lake and the distance between these two points is about 118 km.

Gohar Lake

Gohar Lake on Google Map