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Lotus water, a mirage that is not a mirage!

Lotus water, a mirage that is not a mirage!

Lotus mirage is not a mirage! Believe me, we do not intend to play with words and we have told you the truth. Before starting any talk about Niloufar mirage, let’s combine our definitions of the words “mirage” and “Sarab” so that in the continuation of this article, we have a correct idea of ​​this spectacular area in Kermanshah and know that this is Niloufar mirage or Niloufar Sarab.

The existence of the lake has created basic recreational and welfare facilities for locals and tourists to experience the pleasure of a relaxing few hours. In the continuation of this article, from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we will acquaint you with the different sections of Niloufar mirage and the conditions of visiting it.

Where is the lotus head?

Sarah Niloufar is one of the natural sights of Kermanshah, which is located 20 km away from Kermanshah.

What is the name of this waterfall?

Combining the water of boiling springs, a river or a lake is formed, which is called Sarab. Niloufar water is also formed due to rainfall and groundwater in the region.

What is the waterway access route?

Sarab Niloufar is located 20 km from Kermanshah, it can be reached by car or by car. You can reach Dolatabad Boulevard via Kermanshah Belt to reach your destination.

What entertainment is available at Niloufar Water?

Sarah Niloufar is a good place for a picnic for a few hours and can be entertained with activities such as boating and cycling.

First of all: mirage?

The word mirage means imagining water and settlement in a dry space like a desert that you must have encountered or encountered in various books before.

The word overflow refers to an area when water from nearby springs forms on the surface of a land, river, or lake. Sarab water is one of the cleanest and healthiest fresh waters. Niloofar Sarab is commonly mistakenly known as Niloofar Sarab, which according to the definitions we have provided to you, their literal meaning is different. Given that both phrases are common among the people of the region, we will use both words in this article.

سراب یا سرآب؟

Sarah Niloufar welfare and recreation facilities may not be very high quality, but the value of visiting this natural heritage for nature lovers is more than these professions.

A little more about lotus head

The story began when groundwater collected 20 km northwest of Kermanshah and formed a beautiful lake called Sarab Niloufar. Sarab Niloufar Lake with an area of ​​1331 square meters is located at the foot of Kamajar Mountain, in the foothills, is the fifty-fifth national natural monument that was included in the list of natural heritage of Iran in 2008. The depth of the lake varies up to 33 meters in different parts.


You have probably been asked how a natural lake in Is the country’s natural heritage located? The difference between this lake and other lakes is in its lotus flocks. In the eighties and in the warm seasons of the year, the surface of the lotus mirage was covered with white lotus flowers, which brings a unique and dreamy atmosphere to tourists. Unfortunately, we have to use the verb “was” instead of “is”, due to recent droughts, there is no trace of the beautiful lotus lake as before.

One of the wonders of Niloufar Mirage in Kermanshah is the migratory birds that migrate to this area in winter and provide a suitable space for bird lovers. It may be interesting to know that there are many stories and legends about Sarab Ab Niloufar Lake that have been passed down from generation to generation among the locals, including the story of a treasure that the ancients believe Khosrow Parviz, the king of the Sassanid era, hid in the heart of this lake.

The story of the drought in the water of Niloofar

Niloufar mirage In the watery years, in addition to being the habitat of countless lotus flowers, it was a suitable place for all kinds of water recreation and the life of all kinds of fish and amphibians. In the 1990s, the lake’s water dried up due to declining rainfall, frequent droughts, deep well drilling around the lake, and over-extraction of groundwater, and the river’s vibrant lilies were destroyed.

According to the interview of Kermanshah Regional Water Company’s Deputy for Protection and Exploitation with ISNA News Agency, we had about 300 mm of rain until June 1400. If it does not dry during the summer and the rainy season begins, the mirage situation can improve compared to previous years. He was hopeful.

Of course, recently with the increase in rainfall, the lake has improved today. And water has brought life back to it, but white lilies are not like before. According to the good news of Borna News Agency, the Agriculture and Natural Resources Campus of Razi University, with the help of the efforts of Professor Daniel Kahrizi, has started to propagate and replant the lotus flower so that if possible, they can prevent its destruction in the lotus mirage.

The current situation of the lake has improved compared to the drought, and with the efforts of the Environment Organization, measures have been taken to control water abstraction from wells and groundwater to prevent re-drought.

Facilities and welfare services near Niloufari head

Facilities and services are one of the priorities of every person to choose a place for fun and entertainment. Considering that Niloufar mirage has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Kermanshah, it is natural to expect that the basic needs of a simple picnic in this space will be met. In the following, we will introduce some of the welfare facilities of Sarab Niloufar Lake.


Sarab Niloufar has a full buffet to provide food for tourists.


Sanitation is one of the amenities of this lake with full cleanliness.

prayer hall

Sarab Niloufar prayer hall is a suitable and clean space for people who do not want to miss the opportunity of the first time prayer.


Open parking provides good conditions for storing the car for a long time. The entrance fee for parking is currently 10 thousand tomans.

What amusements are there in Niloufar water?

Sarab Niloufar, considering the amenities and conditions that it has as one of the Kermanshah sights, Suitable for fun and friendly and family get-togethers. The amusements we mention may not be very diverse and special and may not appeal to you at first glance, but the combination of good weather, pleasant scenery and friendly socializing will never be repeated.

Family picnic and picnic

There is a number of pavilions around Sarab Niloufar, which has created a picnic atmosphere with chairs, platforms and barbecues. You can relax for a few hours in the shade of the pavilion and enjoy watching the scenery and talking to each other.


One of the entertainments that can be experienced while visiting the Niloufar mirage of Kermanshah is boating with a pedal boat in the beautiful lake of the region.

The distance between Kermanshah and Sarab Niloufar is a special route for cyclists, which unfortunately, due to lack of adequate care in the long run, is damaged and needs to be repaired and rebuilt. But it is good to know that cycling is a favorite option in this area.


One of the common pastimes in Sarab Niloufar is swimming, but a swimming sign is installed next to the lake. Unfortunately, tourists do not pay much attention to this sign.


Photography and surfing in nature is another pastime in Sarab Niloufar. All you have to do is charge your camera and take a photo with a spectacular view for Instagram or a souvenir to see them later.

Places of interest near the headwaters

One of the important features of Niloufar Mirage in Kermanshah is its proximity to other places of interest in the region. Naturally, when planning a trip, you also think about the proximity and distance of the sights so that you can get the most out of your trip in a shorter period of time. In the following, we will introduce three scenic areas of Kermanshah, which are located a short distance from Niloufar Sarab Lake.

Ghazanchi village

Ghazanchi village is located about 20 km away from Sarab Niloufar. The people of this spectacular village speak the sweet Kurdish language and are mostly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Among the sights of the village, we can mention the Ghazanchi hills, which belong to the Sassanid, Seljuk period and are registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

Omar village

Omarmel village is located at a distance of about 24 km from Sarab Niloufar. This village is of great historical importance due to the existence of historical hills related to the Iron Age. Archaeologists have uncovered artifacts from the Sassanid, Seljuk and Ilkhanid eras in the area.

Biston Protected Area

Biston Protected Area is located 30 km from Sarab Niloufar. This mountainous area with an area of ​​about 40 hectares is a wildlife sanctuary that has a high biodiversity with its temperate climate. The Biston Protected Area has a variety of plant and animal species.

منطقه حفاظت‌شده بیستون

The best time to visit the lotus head

Niloofar waterfall is beautiful in every season. But if you want to visit the lotus flowers, it is better to go to Kermanshah between May and July. In general, the best time to visit the lotus mirage is spring and summer.

Visit the lotus mirage is free.

Geolocation, address and access routes to the overhead

Address of Niloufar Mirage of Kermanshah: Kermanshah, 20 km northwest of Kermanshah, at the beginning of Sanjabi region, Kamajar mountain range

Access to Niloufar Mirage in Kermanshah is possible by car or by car. You can reach Dolatabad Boulevard through the Kermanshah belt. This lake is located 20 km from the city of Kermanshah, and by continuing the route with the help of signposts, you could easily reach your destination. For easy access to Niloufar Lake, you can use its location on the map.

Niloofar Sarab location on Google Map

Lotus mirage, the holy source of life

You have probably heard many stories about the lotus or lotus flower or have come across it in various poems. The lotus flower, despite growing in stagnant waters, is a symbol of life and in different cultures it is a symbol of peace, love and peace. This flower is surrounded by encouraging and beautiful concepts from every culture and every look.

Now think about it, there is a lake in a corner of Iran where thousands of lotus flowers have grown naturally. So, the trip to Kermanshah can not be postponed any longer. Gather your luggage, move to the source of life and rest for a few hours in peace by Niloufar Lake.

Part of the information in this article has been completed with the help and tips of local farmers in the area and is not yet complete. We need your help to improve and complete the article, if you have reliable information or better photos of Niloufar mirage, please contact us via email or comments section.

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