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MacArthur Bernie Park; One of the most beautiful parks in California

Teddy Roosevelt named MacArthur Bernie Park in California as the eighth wonder of the world, and today it is as spectacular as it was in the early 20th century. If you ask people about Bernie Falls, they will quickly point out that Bernie Falls is not the tallest or largest waterfall in California. However, they did not understand these waterfalls correctly. It is very easy to go to Bernie Falls and these waterfalls offer a mesmerizing view that even seasonal photographers can enjoy their uncontrollable beauty. Join us in reading this article to know where McArthur Bernie Park is and learn about its sights.

McArthur Bernie California Park is approximately 45 miles northeast of Reading, six miles from California Highway 299 and Highway 89.

Walking: Walking is an activity that everyone wants to do in MacArthur Bernie State Park. Traveling down the valley is more like walking than walking down a few steps. The walk in the parking lot takes about 5 to 10 minutes, after which the winding path of the waterfalls will take another 15 to 20 minutes.

Fishing: You can catch rainbow, brown and brook trout in the Bernie River. Also found near Lake Britton are bass, sea urchin, carp, catfish, carp, squid, sun-ocean fish, and lute. You will find. The fishing season begins on the last Saturday in April and ends in mid-November. People aged 16 and over must have a fishing license.

Boating: You can rent small motor boats, rowing boats and double boats at the beach promenade. If you want to take your boat, first of all, rent a place to park and maintain your boat so that you do not have to take it out every day. Make a reservation or get information about rental boat by calling 5713-335-530 5713-335-530.

Camping: The park has 121 extended camps that can accommodate N trailers and vans up to 32 feet long. They also have an RV unloading station. Reservations in this park and in every state park in California are ridiculously complicated, so use this guide to make reservations. In addition to the camps, the park has 24 one- and two-bedroom cabins with propane heaters, beds and mattresses, but no electricity or plumbing. Bring battery-powered sleeping bags and lanterns. According to MacArthur Bernie Park article, you should know that the area’s restrooms have siphons and dogs are allowed to enter for a fee.

– The park is open all year round from sunrise to sunset and the waterfalls change with the seasons.

– On a sunny summer day, the rainbow is more or less visible in the fog; In autumn the color of autumn leaves is reflected in the water; On a cold winter day, small pieces of ice decorate the rock.

– Summer and spring are hot and autumn and winter can be cool.

– The park gets extremely crowded from April to October. During the holidays and all weekends in summer, the space can be very crowded due to the closing of the entrances. If this happens, try to return before 4pm.

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