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Mako Free Zone Border Markets; Convenient and affordable shopping experience

Mako Free Zone is one of the largest free zones in the country, with an area of ​​500 hectares, located in the northwestern part. This region is ranked second in the world and therefore, in front of countless free zones in the world has a lot to say. Mako region Due to the many historical attractions and numerous natural attractions of important areas There is tourism. Apart from the border markets of the Mako Free Zone and the side and seasonal markets, the region also has a suitable and temperate climate. Join us in this article to know where is the big border market of Mako Free Zone and enjoy the shopping experience from Mako.

In Mako, many small and large markets are set up every day to offer seasonal goods for sale. Apart from seasonal sales, some also sell home appliances, audio and other items whose type and scope of work has nothing to do with the change of seasons. In the central market of Mako, nothing but quality goods can be found. In fact, the effort to provide the best quality goods in this beautiful and pleasant region has caused a large percentage of tourists to go to the Mako Free Zone instead of going to neighboring countries and make their purchases at a very affordable price.

The interesting thing about the Mako Free Zone is that in the last few years, Iranian tourists and travelers who intend to go to Turkey, by visiting the border markets of the Mako Free Zone and making major and minor purchases, do not need to go to They did not go abroad and bought their goods from the same market, and for this reason, there was a significant decrease in passengers on flights to Turkey.

Although Mako is very large, it becomes a crowded and strange area every year with the beginning of a new wave of holidays; Crowded because it is difficult to find a house or room to rent, as most hotels, inns and accommodations, even those dedicated to government institutions, are crowded, and strange because the desire Shopping in this area seems insatiable and everyone is constantly shopping in the border markets of the Mako Free Zone. Most travelers to the Mako Free Zone look for a place to spend a day, as most of them come for business purposes. Of course, it goes without saying that among them are those who come to the free zone for excursions and recreation and have planned to stay in the zone for about 3 to 4 days.

According to daily statistics, between 2 and 2500 passengers travel to the Mako Free Zone, most of whom intend to buy goods for their shops and stores. According to the article, where is the big border market of Mako Free Zone? They are affordable to the Julfa Free Zone.

Common market of Sanam Bolaghi

Sanam Bolaghi Bazaar is almost stagnant. This market, which from the very beginning had many adventures behind it, against Sari Su Market has almost nothing to say. The 14,000-square-meter market was originally established with the creation of numerous small and large republics, such as the Nakhchivan Independent Republic, after the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991, followed by the liberation from war and trade relations over the past decade or two. Nakhchivan Autonomous Government, the construction of this part of the border markets of the relatively large Mako Free Zone with 30 booths was started. Sanam Bolaghi market was established in 1992 by the government of the time to prevent the entry of smuggled and counterfeit goods.

At present, Sanam Bolaghi Bazaar, which is one of the options for shopping experience from Mako, is located 30 km away from Mako, has 15 cooperatives with 3300 members and items such as wood industry, industrial products, Fruit as well as construction materials are exported from it and car spare parts and other accessories belonging to this field are imported to it. It should be noted that Sanam Bolaghi market, although it did not enjoy a certain bustle during these years, but you can find different car parts in its original and stocked conditions.

Sari Su Common Market

The joint market of Iran and Turkey called Sari Su was built in 1989 in front of Bazargan Customs Office by direct order of Mako city governorate. This bazaar, which is located in the border area of ​​Mako city from Iran and the city of Dubayzid in Turkey, was reopened and started operating in 1991, which was closed due to the lack of necessary facilities for its establishment. Sari Su Bazaar now has 30 different stalls and also has many facilities in the field of welfare and accommodation. According to the agreements concluded between the governments of Iran and Turkey, the electricity costs of this bazaar by Iran and its water costs are also from Supplied to Turkey.

This market, which is a good option for the Mako shopping experience, has housed about 20 cooperatives with 5,000 members, as well as a number of group leaders representing others. Fortunately, the Sari Su Common Market has been able to create good job opportunities for the people in all its years of operation, and has good clearance conditions due to its proximity to the customs office. According to Iranian and non-Iranian merchants and traders, the conditions for clearing goods from this area and performing its ceremonial steps are not very difficult, and the way to reach the bazaar is largely smooth.

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