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Malik National Library and Museum; A beautiful jewel in the heart of the capital

National Library and Museum of Tehran , is a large library and museum that dates back to the Pahlavi era. This property was donated by Haj Agha Hossein Malek. Haj Agha Hossein Malek was one of the greatest scholars of Azerbaijani origin. After 101 years of life with honor and pride, he finally gave up his life on August 25, 1972. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to acquaint you with the architecture and history of the National Library and Museum in Tehran.

The pillars of the National Property Library and Museum in Tehran are composed of the General Assembly, the Supervisor, the Board of Directors, the Managing Director and the Legal Inspector. One of the purposes of creating this place is to promote knowledge, implement the endowment letter of Haj Hossein Malek and spread the culture of endowment, preserve and recognize the cultural and artistic works of the past, collect exquisite collections and works of art appropriate to the endowment treasure.

This library has 19,000 manuscripts, and these rare and exquisite manuscripts are among the six great treasures of Iranian manuscripts. Many of these copies date back to before 1320 AH and are among the first books published. Apart from the book repositories, there are halls for reading and sections for technical affairs in this institute. These sections include the manuscript restoration section, the section for photography and microfilm production, the section for binding, the section for bookbinding, and other sections.

In addition to these sections, a section for the Institute’s publications for publishing manuscripts in the library and research works related to these manuscripts has been installed since 1348. One of the oldest manuscripts in the library is the Qur’an attributed to Imam Hassan (as) written on deer skin. One of the most exquisite lithographic and lead printing manuscripts is Ibn Sina’s Al-Qanun Fi Al-Tib, printed in Rome and written by Euclid Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi. Malek Library is one of the best and most comprehensive libraries in Iran and even in the world, and many researchers from all over the country come there every year to use the copies available in this library.

Coin Collection

This collection of 3,000 coins from the sixth century BC to the Pahlavi period, as well as coins from Greece, Alexander’s successors, the Byzantine Empire, the Islamic caliphs and the Ottoman Empire, is very spectacular and valuable. This part shows the peak of economic civilization.

Art Collection

This beautiful and exciting collection in the National Library and Museum of Malek Tehran has paintings by famous Iranian artists such as Kamal-ol-Molk Ghaffari, Lotfali Sooratgar, Hadi Khan Tajvidi and some painters from outside Iran, chandeliers and spectacular furniture that is a relic of the past. Is. Seeing all this beauty amazes human beings and shows the taste of every Iranian.

Lucky Art Collection

It has 86 pens, mirror frames and stickers, which are decorated with lacquer paintings. These unique works are the art of Iranian artists that are about 300 years old and can not be priced.

stamp set

This collection contains 48,000 stamps from 183 countries as well as Iran and includes the first stamps issued in Iran. These stamps are very interesting.

carpet collection

This unique and valuable collection includes 34 carpets and rugs from different parts of Iran that have been collected by weavers of the last two centuries. Undoubtedly, seeing this collection is not without grace.

Banoo Malek Collection

This collection has Qajar paintings, manuscripts, pens and lacquer hookah heads and the number of these unique and diverse works reaches 47 works. This diverse collection was donated to the museum in 2006 by the son of the late Haj Hossein Malek and an approving supervisor.

Collection of calligraphy works This valuable and unique collection, which is the work of the greatest calligraphers of Iran and Islam, including Yaghoot Mostasemi, Alireza Abbasi, Mir Emad, Ahmad Nirizi, Darvish Abdolmajid Taleghani, Mirza Gholam Reza Isfahani, is not without grace for lovers of calligraphy. It goes without saying that most of these beautiful and memorable works were collected by the late Haj Hossein Malek himself due to his great interest in collecting and were donated to the Malek Museum by him during his endowment letter No. 30753.

In the lobby of this collection, metal works including compass, qibla, astrolabe and religious bergamots as well as quotations from calligraphers such as Darvish Abdolmajid, Mir Emad and Mirza Gholamreza can be seen, which also fascinates the viewer in its kind. There is also a section in this museum where the furniture of the late Haj Hossein Malek’s house is located and an old sundial was used at the entrance of the building, which is very popular with visitors.

Address: Imam Khomeini St. or former Sepah, next to the Foreign Affairs Building

Visiting hours: Every day from 8 am to 4 pm except Fridays and public holidays and Thursdays from 8 am to 3 pm

Phone: 66751291

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