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Markar Museum of Yazd; The flagship of Zoroastrian museums

Markar Museum of Yazd; The flagship of Zoroastrian museums

Not always the tourist attractions of a city should be gardens and rivers, sometimes museums should be included in the list of attractions of a city that belong to another ethnicity and religion. What’s wrong, one should be acquainted with all religions and rituals; You should not always be prejudiced. Sometimes you have to go to the Markar Museum in Yazd and learn a lot about the religion of Zoroaster.

I suggest you stay with me until the end of this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine to find out everything about the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture Read.

Where is the Markar Museum in Yazd?

This museum is located in Markar Square, Mashhad Alley Carpet.

What time is the Markar Museum open?

The doors of the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture are open to visitors from 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm.

What’s in the Macar Museum?

There is a bible, biography, booklet, orphanage, bath and..

Who built the Markar Museum?

This museum was built by Pashtun Ji Markar for Zoroastrians about 80 years ago.

What happened to the Markar Museum in Yazd?

This place is also known as the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture. Markar Museum of Yazd is located in the square of Iranian culture and ancient Yazd. A few years ago, an orphanage was built in this area, which had almost no use of its basement. In 2015, Mr. Esfandiar Ekhtiari came, arranged the basement of Markar Orphanage and then set up this spectacular museum.

موزه مارکار یزد Now you may be wondering who built the Markar Yazd collection and in what year? Apparently, about 80 years ago, a person named Pashtunji Markar launched this collection. In this large complex, buildings such as orphanages, boarding schools, clock towers and high schools have been built.

Who was Pashtun Jay Dosabai Markar ?

Well, now is the time to get to know this great Zoroastrian man. This person was born on November 9, 2012 in an Iranian family in Mumbai, India. Markar attended Alfston School and later studied clerical work at the Dilshah Silister Internship Center. He was very interested in Iran.

موزه مارکار یزد This interest made me learn Persian And go to Saadi Golestan and Ferdowsi Shahnameh. Markar spent a lot of time reading these books and memorizing them. A job that only a person interested in Iran can do. After graduating, Pashtunji started his career as a businessman and was able to make a lot of money in a short time.

This famous person became the president of the Zoroastrian Association of Iran Bombay in 1317 after several years. Unfortunately, something bad happened to Markar. His wife was surrounded by villains in the mountains of India and was forced to lower herself from the heights of the region. After this incident, Markar never even thought of getting married.

پشوتن جی دوسابایی مارکار چه کسی بود؟

In 1301, Markar built an orphanage for orphaned Zoroastrian children. Of course, this collection is still working, but not like before. Pashtun Ji was always concerned about the education of Iranian children, especially Zoroastrians. This way of thinking caused him to build the Markar collection in Yazd. In 1312, he built the Markar girls ‘and boys’ school in Yazd so that Zoroastrian children could study there.

Various sights of the Markar Museum

There are various sections and sights in Markar Museum of Yazd that I am sure you will not regret seeing. It is a pity to go to this museum and not see all its parts. In this museum, there is a guide who explains everything to you so that you can get better acquainted with the objects displayed in the museum.

Imagine going to a place with winding closets and corridors, every corner of which points to an interesting and important knowledge about Zoroastrians. Let’s go to these corridors together and see what secrets are in the corner of this museum?

تاریخچه و زندگی‌نامه When you go to the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture, You will find nested corridors with various books on the windowsills. Each of these books tells the reason for an event or the biography of a Zoroastrian elder. If I want to name the books and inscriptions of these corridors, I have to mention the biography of Pashtun Jay, the Bible of the Gathas, inscriptions about Ashura, and so on.


The Gatha Bible is one of the most important treasures of the Markar Museum in Yazd, which visitors will encounter after getting acquainted with the biographies of Pashtunji and other Zoroastrians. Many people go to the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture to see this book.

Celebrations and Ceremonies

I’m sure one of the most interesting parts of this museum is the celebrations and ceremonies section. In this section, you will get acquainted with Zoroastrian customs.

In the corridors of the Markar Museum in Yazd, there are various statues and sculptures, each of which is covered with Zoroastrian costumes so that you can better understand the type of clothing worn by these people. There are also statues of men and women in the museum whose costumes are for special occasions.

دیدنی های موزه یزد


In one of the corridors of Markar Museum in Yazd, Zoroastrian shrines are explained and you can get acquainted with the important places of pilgrimage of this people. In this part of the museum, the guide explains to you where each of the shrines you see in the photo is located.

Important buildings of Zoroaster

Well, I do not think there is anything else you want to get acquainted with, except the important buildings that are very important to Zoroastrians. It is not bad to get information about these places as you visit the Museum of Zoroastrian Culture and History.

The patient museum guide gives you photos and addresses about these important buildings.

بناهای مهم زرتشت Other parts of the museum building

The architect of Markar Collection has tried to make this building so that a particle of sunlight enters the building, that is, when you enter the complex, even in the heart of the basement, you get a good feeling from the corner of the building and with all the energy of the environment You feel. Of course, the beauty of this collection is not limited to the beautiful sunlight.

The architects of the Markar complex have thought of everything for the peaceful and comfortable stay of its inhabitants. A reservoir, Gavroo route, Pakneh and Qanat road have also been built in this historical complex. The good news is that most of these sections are still quite solid and you can easily visit them to get acquainted with their interesting architecture.

سایر بخش‌های بنای موزه Orphanage

The orphanage was one of the most important places for Pashtun Jay. As I said, this great figure built the Markar Orphanage so that orphaned Zoroastrian children would not be left empty-handed. Of course, although this collection is still active, but the level of activity is not the same as before.

Old bath

A bathroom has been built in the corner of the courtyard. Although the appearance of this bath is completely renovated and new, but overall this bath is very old. The old bathroom of the Markar Museum was one of the best parts of its time.

Visitors to the Markar Museum in Yazd can spend an hour or two exploring the Zoroastrian customs and people of 80 years ago.

بنای جالب موزه

The best time to visit the museum

Yazd summers are very hot and I do not know if you can visit Yazd sights this season . I suggest you choose autumn and winter to visit this historic city. When you go to this city, be sure to buy Yazd souvenirs especially sweets and handicrafts to make souvenirs of Have a brick city in your home.

It is natural that many people go to this museum in spring and autumn. For this reason, the museum is usually crowded these days. If you want to visit the museum on a quiet day to see the history of Yazd in peace and quiet, you can choose the middle days of the week. But be aware that museum nights have a different mood.

I suggest you try the Markar Museum in Yazd at night. At night, the weather is more favorable, and the unique lighting used on the walls of the museum makes the museum more beautiful.

بهترین زمان بازدید از موزه

Where is the Markar Museum in Yazd?

There are two ways to access the Museum of Zoroastrian Culture and History. One of the doors of this spectacular museum is located in Markar Square of Yazd and Mashhad Carpet Alley and the other is located in Montazer Ghaem Boulevard, Milad Alley. You can go to the museum in your own car or choose public transport to reach the Markar Museum in Yazd.

In any case, the museum route is very convenient and straightforward.

Marker Museum on Google Map

See what happened to the Zoroastrians at the Markar Museum in Yazd

I have a suggestion for you, do not tell us that we have seen this museum, why go to it again? I have to say to those who say this, the Markar Museum is more beautiful every day than it was yesterday, and if you can go to it but do not go, you have wasted half your life. The beauty and historical attractions of this museum are so great that its founders have recorded all the descriptions in both Persian and English so that foreigners can also understand the depth of its history.

This museum is undoubtedly one of the most important places to visit when traveling to Yazd.

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