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Markoh Castle of Mazandaran; A building with amazing legends

Undoubtedly, when the letter from We visit Markoh Castle in Mazandaran Slowly Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where Markouh Castle is and learn the secrets and treasures of Markouh Castle.

Markoh Castle of Mazandaran was located on the east side of Katalam, not on a low ground but on the top of a mountain called Markuh. In fact, Markouh Castle in Mazandaran, because of its location on top of this mountain, seems to have borrowed its name. But more interestingly, in this area, it seems that Markuh is the chosen name that not only the castle and the mountain bear its name, but also the name of the village that is located on the northern slope of the mountain is also known as Markuh. Some believe that because snakes have passed through this mountain and its surroundings a lot, and on the other hand, due to the local dialect, the word snake was commonly used, so Markuh is named after this mountain, village and castle.

However, the naming of Marko Govi ​​drew different opinions. For example, others say that because in ancient times people had a ritual of love and words such as “Mar”, “Mehr” and “Mahar” were in their local dialect. , Perhaps it is possible to theorize about the choice of the word snake, which was taken from the mother and the seal, and said that perhaps this ancient castle was located as a sacred temple among the people and today, it looks like a castle.

The construction of this castle belongs to the third, fifth and eighth centuries, but there is another possibility that even the original construction of the castle dates back to pre-Islamic times. However, what increases the dependence on the third century regarding the construction of the building, are characteristics such as historical documents, the type of architecture and the study of the similarities with the buildings of the third century AH. According to the article “Where is Markoh Castle?” You should know that Markoh was a military base in different Islamic periods and seemed to have protected many soldiers against invading enemies.

To reach the treasure of Markouh Castle, 311 steps in front of you. The fort, which covers an area of ​​600 square meters, could accommodate 100 soldiers and shelter them to face the enemy. What still attracts tourists from this building throughout history is the 4 side fences and of course the display of its support towers. When you reach the top of Markuh Mountain and the remnants of the castle appear before your eyes, think a little in this area. You are at a height where you will have a 360-degree view; As you will see the Alborz Mountains on the horizon from the north of the sea and from the south.

If you study historical monuments in terms of the type of materials used in them, be aware that stone, mortar and plaster are the materials that have kept Markuh alive. The broken pieces of pottery will surely catch your eye when you visit the castle, but what these pieces of pottery seem to tell historians is the story of the drinking water supply of the people stationed in the castle, who use them to use springs farther from the castle. Have done.

There is a belief among the locals of Markouh area and it is nothing but saying that there was a road in the castle that led the soldiers to the village. However, research shows something different from examining this hole, which is contrary to local beliefs. The results of the findings are based on the fact that this hole was not a tunnel and in terms of use, it has been considered as cold water in the past. A person named Mirza Hassan Khan Etemad-al-Dawlah, who was watching this fort, has brought a story with the subject that there is a tin house at the top of the mountain. In such a way that when a stone is hit on it, the result of this collision is a horrible sound to the extent that its sound will be heard up to half a farther away. Etemad-al-Dawla mentioned Markuh in the form of a mountain in Tonekabon with many caves.

Do not be surprised, both names are a manifestation of a spectacular area. If you are planning to visit the treasure of Markouh Castle, Ramsar Road to Tonekabon is the route you should take and go southeast of Katalam so high that you can see a tall but unique mountain. According to the article, where is Markouh Castle? You should know that after this, you have a path in front of you.

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