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Martinique Island; Mysterious beauty in the heart of South America

Martinique Island; Mysterious beauty in the heart of South America

Many of you, if you are going to travel abroad, choose most European countries for this purpose. Of course, your choice is very smart, because these countries are both very green and very modern. But if you are thinking of diversifying your travels, we have a good offer for you. You may not have traveled to South America before. So you probably do not know that there is an island in one of the countries of the continent that will bring you wonderful nature. The name of this dream utopia is the island of Martinique in South America. If you want to experience indescribable tranquility among the tourist attractions of Martinique, join us until the end.

جزیره مارتینیک

The first thing you need to know about Martinique in South America is that if you are afraid of a volcano, do not go to this island at all. The reason for this warning is that Mount Pelee, with a height of about 1397 meters, is still an active volcano that may start operating at any moment. Of course, this is not so serious and dangerous today that it will hinder your journey. In fact, it should be said that it was the eruptions and volcanic activity that created this beautiful island. If you look inside and other characteristics of the island of Martinique in South America, it should be said that a large part of the island is made up of tropical forests.

The percentage of these forests is about 43% of the total area of ​​Martinique tourist attractions, which is about 1080 square kilometers. Another area of ​​the South American island of Martinique includes the plateaus and steppes, which are located next to tropical forests. The importance and cultural difference of the region is so great that it attracted travelers and tourists to this island. This culture, which is actually a combination of the cultures of Africa, France and India, has been so fascinating that it can be talked about for hours.

با جزیره مارتینیک

Many of you probably love port cities, because in our own country, Iran, such cities are more important than others. Venezuela and Martinique are no exception and have ports with more than Other places are considered and visited by the public. One of the famous ports of the island is the port of Fort de France, which is also a stop for ships. But other attractions of this port include historical places and attractive museums, which are very surprising due to being a port. In fact, the many hotels and restaurants that exist in this port are not as strange as these places and museums.

After visiting and staying in this city, if you are looking for suitable souvenirs for your relatives, we offer you handicrafts and tropical goods that you can get from the crowded shops of this port.

Fort de France

It can be said that the greatest destruction of the mountain eruption is related to the destruction of the city of Saint Pierre, which until 1902 was considered the main city of Martinique. But now only the ruins of this historic city remain. In addition to all the ruins, the presence of a restaurant that serves local food can be very enjoyable for any tourist. Of course, the old Caron Ppantations sugar factory, which dates back to the 17th century, can also be visited as a tourist attraction.

Saint Pierre

You can find your favorite restaurants and bars in the small village of Trois Ilets and enjoy your food along with the beautiful scenery. Ice cream shops, clothing boutiques and pizzerias in this village are also prominent and have a great reputation. So, in this part of Martinique tourist attractions, you can properly meet all the needs of your stomach and taste the best food. Of course, do not worry about your accommodation at all, because there are several resorts and hotels for your relaxation.

Trois Ilets

The island has many and varied beaches, each of which is located in a separate section and has a different use. Of course, this does not mean that parts of the island are different and only one part is worth seeing. In fact, each part of the island has its own unique beauty and experience. For example, if you go diving on this island, Anse Noir beach can be very suitable for you. But the beach of Anse des Salines is more popular among tourists, which is also very suitable for them. Another beach famous for its black sands is Anse Ceron Beach, located in the north of the island.

سواحل مارتینیک

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