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Mazandaran Versak Bridge; Strategic building in northern Iran

One of the historical and beautiful sights of our country, Paul Versk Mazandaran that by walking on it we can easily travel to when foreigners and non-natives were working in our country. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where the Versailles Bridge is and to become more familiar with the construction stages of the Versailles Bridge.

In northern Iran, many people, including Germans and Americans, tried to build a bridge to cross the train in the north and the Alborz Mountains, but each of them for some reason could not complete the construction of the Versak Bridge. Meanwhile, a man named Jürgen Sachsild of Denmark signed a contract with Reza Shah, who ruled Iran at the time, to build the Versak Bridge in Mazandaran, the same contract that has been in place in Iran for 87 years. Using his power and education, this person was able to build a 900-kilometer railway in northern Iran.

Iran at that time accommodated different types of European engineers in their hearts, each of whom had a plan in mind and with the help of each other were able to create this beautiful bridge. The train crossed the railway line in northern Iran in such a way that the train first entered the village of Abbasabad and from there entered a famous mountain and then entered a tunnel called Gdog. The factor that prevented any engineer from completing the construction of this bridge using his mental effusions was the difficult and steep slope of this bridge.

According to the article Where is the Versak Bridge? If we pay attention to the aerial images of the Versak Bridge in Mazandaran, we will notice that the mountains in northern Iran; It has three railway lines in its heart, which today have the name of three gold lines. If you look closely at this area, you can easily see that there is a large span bridge in the Versailles Valley. The construction of the Versailles Bridge was completed 82 years ago and has been used by everyone since then.

If you have traveled to the village of Abbasabad, you must have seen two strong and majestic mountains. It should be said that these two mountains are connected by the Versak Bridge in Mazandaran, which is only for the passage of trains and you can not cross it by car and other means. If you are very interested in seeing this bridge, all you have to do is call a travel agency and buy a Tehran-Sari or Tehran-Gorgan train ticket. This beautiful bridge has been used both in attracting tourists and in various transportation industries, and it is not only for passenger trains! To reach Versak Bridge in Mazandaran, it is enough to reach 85 km of Ghaemshahr and 45 km of a city called Ziraab to fascinate your bridge with its beauties.

The building blocks of this work are: reinforcement, brick, washed sand and cement. If we want to talk about the volume and area of ​​this beautiful and old bridge in the north, we can boldly mention the figure of 4500 cubic meters. Considering the value of money and expenses in the last 80 years, at that time exactly 2 million and 600 thousand Tomans were spent for the construction of this bridge! With such expenses in the time of Reza Shah and the creative and safe mental exudations of competent engineers, today we are witnessing such a strategic building in the country. Whatever we talk about the length, width and volume of this huge building, we will still leave something to be desired. So, according to the article Where is Versk Bridge, you should choose this bridge as a tourist destination for once, so that its wonders will deceive your eyes.

Robsovich was the creative and ingenious person who designed such a project. Originally a skilled and famous Austrian, he was born in 1893 and died in 1975. The engineer’s name is also abbreviated and written in English as L. Von Robcevidc. After the construction of the Versk Bridge was completed, they talked to this person, and in his own words, he spoke about the awesomeness of this bridge, which became famous all over the world, because one of the Made the most impossible possible! It goes without saying that in the meantime, Hans Otto Nutter was chosen as the supervisor for the project’s engineers.

This person was born in 1856 and died in 1954. It is safe to say that he had so much knowledge and knowledge in the field of mathematics and bridge-building that he was entrusted with the construction of all railway lines and bridges throughout Iran, and he handled this responsibility well.

Everywhere in the world, a bridge with a height of more than 61 meters is built, its name is recorded in the Guinness Book. The Versailles Bridge was also one of the honors of the Iranians, who put their name among the other bridges in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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