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Meet some of the most famous hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya is a region that, due to its various tourist attractions, Beach and sea, water sports, zoos and theme parks and numerous shopping malls attract more than 5.5 million foreign tourists throughout the year. Since this area, like any other tourist area, has numerous accommodations and hotels, you will probably have doubts in choosing your place and accommodation. With us in the article famous hotels of Pattaya Join us as we explore some of Pattaya’s top hotels. Definitely, getting to know the most famous hotels in Pattaya will be useful for you.

If you are interested in the sea, you are definitely looking for a hotel that is the shortest distance from the beach. Therefore, it can be said that this hotel can be a good option, as it is a 6-minute walk from the beach. Of course, it should be noted that the distance to Suvarnabhumi Airport is 84 km. There are also various recreational activities in or around the hotel, including a water park, and children can use their own playground. But listen to the unique facilities of this most famous hotel in Pattaya, which includes free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel, equipping the hotel rooms and suites with air conditioning and refrigerator, and equipping bathrooms with shower and hairdryer and private parking. Are.

To all this can be added the ocean view of some units, which can be a very important option. Restaurant and food facilities can be added to all these facilities. However, keep in mind that pets are not allowed in this top Pattaya hotel and you can not take your pets with you on this trip.

If fun is very important to you and you want to enjoy your food outdoors and facing the beach, this one of the famous hotels in Pattaya can be a good option. In addition, during your stay you can continue your sports training and use the hotel’s well-equipped gym. In terms of proximity to the beach, this hotel has a good location, as it is two minutes walk from the beach and is located a few steps from the city center. In terms of proximity to the airport, it should be said that if you plan to travel to Suvarnabhumi International Airport by car, you will be on the road in an hour and a half. This famous hotel in Pattaya, in addition to the sun terrace and gym, also has an indoor pool and in addition has a very polite and hospitable staff who will welcome you warmly.

If you want to get a lot of facilities for a relatively small fee and have a pure experience, you can open a special account on this hotel, because in addition to facilities such as free Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, spa and There is a garden, a business center and a laundry, a well-equipped gym for travelers who can use it with the hotel’s daily tours, while the friendly and very warm behavior of the hotel staff doubles the pleasure of your trip. . But listen to the unique appearance of the large rooms of this hotel, which are decorated with warm lighting and fixtures with golden designs, evoking a classic European design. In addition, it is very close to the beach and Central Festival Shopping Center.

This is one of the most famous hotels in Pattaya in terms of accessibility and the distance to Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok will not be more than an hour and a half. It also has a restaurant called Circle, which serves a variety of authentic Thai and even international cuisine. The possibility of using the room service is also available for this case from the top hotels in Pattaya, and you should be satisfied about this.

The rooms are decorated in one of Pattaya’s top European-style hotels, and Pattaya’s tourist attractions are less than a mile away. In addition, this is one of the most famous hotels in Pattaya with a restaurant called Cherry, which serves international cuisine and is located on the ground floor. Close to the beach, the hotel is just a six-minute walk from the beach and 86 km from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Large rooms have some of Pattaya’s top hotels with free Wi-Fi, spa and outdoor pool.

If you are looking for an option that meets all the expectations of a family, you can open a special account on this one of the most famous hotels in Pattaya, because this hotel, in addition to having a children’s club and family suites, has a private balcony. , The experience of having breakfast at the Executive Club, along with a panoramic view of Pattaya, which for many can be the only reason to stay in one of the most famous hotels in Pattaya. By staying in this famous Pattaya hotel, you can aim at several goals at once and even enjoy golf, a day trip on the island and water sports.

In addition to all this, we can mention the existence of a gym and 4 outdoor swimming pools and equipping the spa and free Wi-Fi in public areas. The hotel is also very rich in terms of location and access, as it is located in the Beach Road area, a few steps from the central beach of Pattaya Festival and it will not take more than a minute to walk. . It is also very easy to reach the airport and after an hour and a half, you can reach Suvarnabhumi International Airport. You can also hold your celebrations and ceremonies in this hotel and enjoy your party enough. The hotel is equipped with four restaurants and room service, while all rooms have a beautiful view of the sea.

It can be said that the relatively high price of this hotel located in South Pattaya is due to its very special facilities and services, as this hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, barbecue, restaurant and free private parking and free Wi-Fi. All rooms are equipped with TV, coffee maker and private bathroom with free towels and toiletries that are easily and abundantly found. In addition, a 24-hour reception and proximity to the airport can be another feature of this famous Pattaya hotel, as it is only 31 km to Utapao-Rayong jkih International Airport.

You can also take yoga and aerobics classes while staying in a Thai-decorated hotel. Other facilities at the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool, spa, 5 restaurants and free parking and proximity to the beach, as the hotel is a three minute walk to the beach.

If you are looking for accommodation with high facilities and low cost, this is one of the best hotels in Pattaya can be the best option, because first of all, excellent facilities and services such as swimming pool, modern rooms with classic design, air conditioning And it has free Wi-Fi and, secondly, it is a short distance from the Central Festival of Pattaya. The distance to the beach is five minutes. Other good facilities of this hotel include equipping all rooms with TV, satellite and safe. In addition, there are free hairdryers and toiletries in the bathroom units that can get a lot of attention. The hotel is 84 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, close to North Road.

One of the unique features of Sabai Resort in North Pattaya is that it has three swimming pools and is located among the tropical gardens. The hotel is also a great place to go shopping and shopping, as it is only a 7-minute walk from the beach and 300 meters from the restaurants and shopping malls of Central Festival Pattaya. But, listen to the decoration of its rooms and villas, which are a combination of traditional and modern Thai decorations and are equipped with air conditioning, TV, satellite and private bathroom.

If you want this trip to be one of the most memorable trips of your life, Royal Cliff Grand Hotel can be a great option for you, as it has many facilities. Let’s go to the main point and count these facilities as follows: 24-hour reception, luggage storage, airport shuttle service, laundry, free Wi-Fi, gym and outdoor pool, massage facilities and sauna. In addition, measures have been devised for the well-being of travelers interested in sports, and facilities such as ping pong tables, tennis courts and billiards are available for them.

In addition to what has been said, if you are planning a business, you can easily count on the hotel’s business center and meeting room. Bathrooms offer free showers, hairdryers and toiletries, and the restaurant serves a variety of Thai and international dishes. Access to this hotel is also very convenient, as it is less than 86 km away from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and it seems convenient in this respect as well.

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