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Mehrangar Castle of Rajasthan; The peak of architectural glory in India

Mehrangar Castle of Rajasthan is a building related to the 15th century and the era of beauty and chivalry. Mehrangar Castle is one of the best protected examples in India and its towers are 400 meters high. have. Join us in this fascinating article to know where Mehrangar Castle is and get acquainted with its features.


The castle was discovered by Rajput in 1459 and has been owned and operated by the Jeddah royal family ever since. You can see the magnificent Mehrangar Castle and its walls, which rise along the adjacent high plateaus from almost the entire city. Mehrangar means the castle of the sun and according to a legend, the royal family of Jeddahpour was revealed to the earth by the sun god.

After a long walk from the city to the castle, you will reach the main gate and after entering, you will reach a ramp which is covered with 7 smaller gates. In one of these gates, called Loha Bridge, I see large iron nails embedded in wood, and small red carvings on the walls are reminiscent of a historical event. The carvings were painted on the walls by Maharaja Man Singh’s wives on the day of his funeral in 1843. The royal palaces of the castle are used today as a museum.

These pavilions are beautifully connected by roofed courtyards. In the past, pavilions were decorated with antiques, artifacts and works of art. In this castle, miniature paintings, bricks, textiles, weapons and furniture have also been tasted, and in one of the rooms of this castle, a collection of beds and cradles with intricate patterns can be seen. Each inch of the Maharaja bedroom, also known as the Mirror Room, is decorated with paintings, engravings, brickwork and mirrors.

General Information

Mehrangar Castle in Rajasthan is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm to receive its guests and its ticket is 600 Rs for foreigners, 400 Rs for foreign students, 100 Rs for residents and the elderly, 50 local students. It is a rupee. According to the article “Where is Mehrangar Castle”, you should know that the audio guide that is given to you when buying a ticket includes a greeting and a history of the life of the head of the Rotor tribe, Maharaja Guy Singh.

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