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Meymand village of Kerman; A village from the heart of one story was not one!

Meymand village of Kerman; A village from the heart of one story was not one!

Watching photos of Meymand village in Kerman is like reading a story with the famous phrase “there was one, there was not one”. It seems that hundreds of Farhad Koohkan have fallen in love and shaved the rocks out of love. -baseItems lwptoc-light lwptoc-notInherit “data-smooth-scroll =” 1 “data-smooth-scroll-offset =” 32 “>

Meymand village of Kerman is very different from the villages you have seen so far. Strange architecture and houses that are stacked on top of each other in the heart of the mountain, has made the trip to the village of Meymand in Kerman a travel plan for every tourist. This architecture and sculpture, while simple, reflects the power of the mysterious art of ordinary people, a collection that takes a long time to build with today’s facilities.

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine I am going to tell you about Meymand village of Kerman. I may not be able to put the image of this village in words, but I will do my best to provide you with everything you need to know about your trip to Meymand village in Kerman. In the following, I will explain in more detail where Meymand village is, what its history is and when it is suitable to visit it.

Where is Meymand village?

Meymand village is located 35 km northeast of Shahrbabak in Kerman.

How far is Kerman from Meymand village?

The approximate distance from Kerman to Meymand village is 240 km.

Does Meymand village have a residence?

Meymand village has several ecotourism resorts, including Dastkand Meymand ecotourism resort, ancient Meymand, Tila residence in Meymand village, Meymand stone house residence, Meymand traditional guest house and..

Where is Meymand village?

Honestly, I do not know where to start introducing the rocky village of Meymand in Kerman. With a simple search, you will probably find that this village is one of the Kerman sights , which is 38 km away. It is located northeast of Shahr-e Babak in Kerman, but what about after that? Apart from the physical location of this village, there are many things that you will probably be surprised to hear.

Meymand village of Kerman is a rocky village [1] , meaning that its entire structure is carved by humans in the heart of the mountains and rocks. Now, how and when, with what facilities this natural historical attraction was formed, there is a lot of talk and hadith that I will talk about.

روستای میمند

Meymand rock village with an area of ​​420 km, is one of the most important sights of Kerman, with its strange architecture and several thousand years old, Iranian tourists and It attracts a lot of foreigners to this province. This village was included in the list of national monuments in 2001 with the name of Meymand Rock Village and in 1394 AH with the name of Meymand Cultural Landscape in the UNESCO World Heritage.

One of the important features of this village with its antiquity is its residential nature; The flow of life in Meymand is still established. Due to the unavailability of the village, most parts of it are pristine and unchanged, and everything is the same as it was from the beginning. Therefore, the experience of traveling to Meymand village of Kerman will be a different experience for you.

Why is the architecture of Meymand village like this?

As you know, the first human settlements were in the heart of the rocks, by building such houses in the heart of rocks and mountains, humans left a very valuable memory for the future. There are several rock villages in the world that Kandovan are among the most famous in East Azerbaijan, Cappadocia in Turkey and Dakota in the United States. are; Meymand village is also a unique and very old example of the world’s rock architecture.

روستای میمند

It is interesting to know that the builder of Meymand village His motivation for choosing such an architecture and structure has never been determined, but according to a study of Meymand village by Dr. Gholam Ali Homayoun, there are two general theories about the time and reason for the construction of this village:

The first theory attributes the construction of Meymand village to the eighth and seventh centuries BC. In this case, Meymand village is one of the remnants of the Medes and Aryans of this region. At that time, the religion of love was prevalent around Kerman and the mountain or rock as a place of birth, residence and worship of Mitra was considered one of the sacred elements. With these explanations, it was possible to build such a building as a temple in the heart of the mountain.

روستای میمند

With this explanation, the second theory about this amazing village is more probable. The village of Meymand has witnessed numerous killings, looting and fires over the centuries, but unfortunately, due to the remoteness of this natural attraction, it is not mentioned in historical books except for a few cases.

روستای میمند

Architecture of Meymand Rocky Village

Meymand village is located in the heart of the mountain so much that you will not see any trace of it until you approach it closely. In the adjacent hills in the shape of a circle, several watchtowers in the shape of a castle have been built, which overlook the Meymand Fortress. In the past, people probably heard about enemy attacks with the help of watchtowers and forts.

This natural attraction is built on pumice rocks; Pumice is a type of volcanic ash in which wind and rain create small and large cavities over time. By expanding these holes, man also creates an amazing village like Meymand.

جاهای دیدنی کرمان

Details of the special architecture of this village No matter how little I say. To begin, it is better to see what has been said about the architecture of Meymand village throughout history:

In a footnote on page 288 of the book of the Prophet of Thieves and also the book of history of Kerman, Dr. Bastani Parizi states: “Meymand is one of the famous and old villages of Shahrbabak. It is located in the heart of the mountain, it has three or four rooms and a total of about three hundred alleys are buried in the heart of the rock. In fact, it is a diagonal skyscraper that has been dug into the rock for thousands of years. “Rooms do not have heaters

روستای میمند

As mentioned, Meymand village is a kind of oblique skyscraper. The structure of the houses in this historical attraction is such that the roof of each house is the floor of the other house. Meymand alleys are very different from our perception of the alley; This is no longer a narrow path with skyscrapers.

The alleys in Meymand are in fact the same horizontal path on the slope of the mountain that is very faint; They do not have a very stable condition and structure because the movement of stones and the involvement of residents affect its shape.

Keys and interior of the village

The alleys lead you to the heart of the hill to reach the house. Here every house is called a kitsch. Meymand village has a total of 406 rooms and 2560 rooms. Kitchens include one or more rooms and stables. It is interesting to know that the structure and size of the alleys of Meymand village are not the same; The largest kite has an area of ​​about 90 square meters and the interior space of each may be square, rectangular or circular, depending on its location.

The tail of each key (key) is mounted on the wall next to the door, in which the key is placed and the door is opened. The key is actually the same brain today. The entrance surface has a protrusion of 15 to 20 cm, which prevents water and soil from entering the house at a distance of one hand.

روستای میمند

The interior of Kiche is the most attractive part of the village ; For the room, niche, utensils, chest and… suitable place in the interior of the rock is carved. Kiche temperature is usually 5 degrees cooler in cold seasons and 5 degrees warmer outside in cold seasons. Space light is provided by a short entrance with a height of 75 cm. The different parts of the house are separated by a fabric curtain and the floor of the house is covered with felt, carpet, kilim and carpet.

In the past, a wood-burning stove for cooking and daily chores was installed inside the kitchen without a chimney; This device was called (didon). The lack of a chimney made the areas around the stove and the ceiling black, but it also had a benefit. This layer on the roof became insulated and extended the life of the kite. Today, when these stoves are no longer used, parts of the roof of the stoves have fallen off.

داخل خانه های روستا

What does Meymand mean?

The exact meaning of the name Meymand and the reason for naming this rocky village are not known. Based on various speculations, there are different scenarios for choosing this name. Some consider Meymand to be a combination of the two words (may) meaning wine and (mand) meaning drunk; Given that this historical attraction dates back to pre-Islamic times, people started digging rocks after drinking May and drunkenness to form this village.

Some people also know the name of Meymand from concepts such as Meymant and Mubaraki. In the other case, some people consider the word (may) as a modified word of bag or mag; Magh in ancient Persian and Avesta expresses concepts such as God, great and ،, (mand) also means artist, scientist and ‌. Now it is up to you to experience which of these meanings after traveling to Meymand village of Kerman.

جاهای دیدنی کرمان

What are the sights of Meymand village?

Due to the different atmosphere and special structure of Meymand village, each of the different parts of the village can be considered as one of the sights of Kerman. All the sights of this village are run by the local people and there is no need to pay when visiting them.

Meymand Fire Temple or Anthropological Museum

As I said, one of the theories of the construction of Meymand village was related to the time when people were Mehrpars. This helped to form the ancient fire temple of Meymand; The antiquity of the area and the existence of a place near the village called the Avesta Temple proves that this area had a fire temple; But even the oldest people in the village do not remember to use it as a fire temple. These days, the space of the fire temple has become an anthropological museum and it is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of the people of this region during a trip to Meymand village of Kerman.

روستای میمند

Meymand traditional bath

Meymand Traditional Bath is a unique version of the old traditional baths. At the end of one of the alleys, there is a corridor that takes you to the bathroom. You will first enter the locker room, which has a pool and three platforms around it.

The bath treasury, like the rest of the village, is carved in stone. In the middle of the treasury is a pit for heating water, and the space under the bathroom is the fireplace and the place to light the fire; The heating of the bathroom space was provided by the fireplace. Bathroom lighting was provided by a special vegetable oil burning flame, mouse lamp and light reflection on the dressing room marble, but today this problem has been solved by electrification.

In the past, it was customary for a person called a bath standing in front of the treasury to wet the body of the bath clients with a container of water. After cleaning, the clients were allowed to take a bath in the treasury.

Other places of interest Meymand

Most of Meymand buildings are residential, but there are other places of interest that are used daily by the villagers, which will be attractive to any tourist. Other places of interest in Meymand are:

  • Mosque: The mosque of Meymand village is one of the historical buildings that was built during the Qajar period. The interior of the mosque has no windows to provide light and all its lighting is provided through the entrance of the mosque.
  • Hosseinieh: Meymand Hosseinieh consists of several kits that are located right in the middle of the village. This husseiniyya, with an area of nearly 200 square meters, has no decorations due to being rocky.
  • School: Meymand has a school in the heart of the mountain. The school in Meymand village has five classrooms and a large yard that is surrounded by a pile of stones.The best time to visit the village

The best time to travel to Meymand village of Kerman is the first half of the year. If you want to get around the extreme cold and heat of Kerman and visit the natural attractions of Kerman safely, we suggest you plan your trip for early May to late June and early September to early October.

Accommodation in Meymand village

When traveling to Meymand village of Kerman, you should choose a place to stay for the night. The tourist nature of this village has led to the construction of various accommodations to accommodate travelers and tourists. All accommodations have a very traditional and old structure and have the basic facilities needed for overnight accommodation for travelers.

جاذبه های کرمان

Accommodation rooms do not have toilets and bathrooms; Public service is provided 50 meters from the rooms. Some rooms in each residence have a bed in the form of a bed and some have duvets and mattresses. Considering that there are common features between the accommodations, I will introduce some of the accommodations to you in the following:

  • Dastkand Meymand Eco-Resort
  • Ancient Meymand
  • Tila residence in Meymand village
  • Meymand Rock Resort
  • Meymand stone house residence
  • Meymand Traditional Guesthouse

The cultural landscape of Meymand village, the peaceful life of the people with nature

On the way to Meymand village of Kerman, there is an interesting position that is not without grace. It is true that this village is one of the sights of Kerman, but in the structure of this natural complex, there is a concept that has made it different from other natural attractions of Kerman. The concept I am talking about is known as the cultural landscape.

اقامت در کرمان

Cultural perspective refers to phenomena that are influenced by human beings or vice versa. These phenomena are created or changed in human interaction. The cultural landscape in the village of Meymand in Kerman is a unique phenomenon in the world that made this natural attraction a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Accurate knowledge of the people of this village about nature and the surrounding environment has caused life in the village to be a regular routine during all these years. The people of Meymand try to take advantage of all the natural elements available, including water, vegetation, soil, and with the least intrusion or capture or damage to nature.

جاهای دیدنی کرمان

The climate of Meymand has caused the life of the residents to have a special kind of special alley during a year. In this region, a year is divided into three parts, which move to three specific settlements in the region according to the climate and conditions. Three seasonal settlements include Khatunabad plain, gardens and Meymand village. All behaviors, constructs, food, clothing, or even people’s lifestyles are shaped by this. The friendly interaction of man and nature in the way of life of the people of this village is quite attractive.

Travel to Meymand village

Village address: Kerman province, 38 km northeast of Shahrbabak, Meymand rock village

Meymand village is located between the cities of Sirjan, Shahr Babak and Rafsanjan and there are different ways to visit it:


If you plan to travel by plane, you should go to the nearest airport in Meymand, which is located in Sirjan; Continue the route to the village itself by taxi.


The nearest train station to Meymand is Khatunabad station, which is approximately 60 km away from this village. If you plan to travel by train, you have to take the rest of the route by taxi to Meymand.


If you are going to use a bus to travel to Meymand village in Kerman, it is better to know that Shahrbabak has a direct bus line from Tehran, Kerman and Yazd. You can take direct buses to Shahr-e Babak and take the rest of the way to the village by taxi.

روستای میمند

private car

To travel to Meymand village of Kerman by car, there are several suggested routes that can be said to be the shortest and safest route:

Access from Tehran, western, northwestern and northern cities of Iran: The best route for these cities is Yazd, Mehriz, Anar, Shahrbabak and finally Meymand. This route is about 290 km and it takes about 3 hours to complete.

Access from Kerman: It is a suitable route for traveling from Kerman, the cities of Kerman, Rafsanjan, Sarcheshmeh, Shahrbabak and Meymand. According to this route, the distance from Kerman to Meymand village is 240 km.

Access from Shiraz: If you are in Shiraz and you want to visit the rocky village of Meymand, it is better to use the route of Marvdasht, Sivand, Saadatshahr, Herat, Shahrbabak and Meymand. This route is approximately 390 km.

In general, the distance from Shahr-e Babak to Meymand is common to all routes; Meymand village is 35 km away from Shahrbabak with a completely asphalt road. Enjoy the different nature of this area while taking this part of the route, because there is no opportunity that is always available.

What is the distance from Kerman to Meymand village?

The distance from Kerman to Meymand village is approximately 240 km. For better access to this village, you can get help from its location on Google Map.

Meymand village on Google Map

A rift in the heart of the mountain, a rift for life

Be sure to read this article to get acquainted with one of the man-made wonders. Kerman province may not be a permanent destination for people to travel to, but if we take a closer look at its sights, we will encounter a sea of ​​surprises that the experience of visiting should not be underestimated.

The details of the architecture of the Meymand village area are so great that each of its parts must be examined separately. Unfortunately or fortunately, the complex structure of the village is such that it is not very easy to access, so the nature of the village remains completely pristine and remains a deserted and unknown natural attraction.

The natural mountainous location of Meymand, the beauty of the houses built in the mountain crevice and the flow of life of the rural people of this region are three spectacular parts of Meymand village that it is not enough to say and hear. Given this, it’s better not to talk any more and give you a chance to go to your luggage.

[1] The word is most often used to describe a man-made cave or city inside the earth.

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